Sagittarius, also known as Sagittarius, is also known as “Sniper” and “Archer” in the 12 zodiac signs. Abundant energy plus a passion for discovery, Sagittarius is the most traveling and most traveled sign of the zodiac.

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– Location: Between Scorpio to the west and Capricorn to the east.– Order: The ninth constellation of the twelve zodiac constellations.– Other names: Gunner, Archer.– Symbol: Archer. (Arrow’s Arrow) Sagittarius, originally a ferocious horse-headed monster, comes from Sumerian legend. However, in the legend of Rome, it turned into a gentle and lovely Chiron. This sign can therefore be playful, but also a formidable opponent in any conflict.– Element: Mars.– Ruler: Jupiter. The constellation is considered the luckiest of the bunch. zodiac ring. This sign will bring Sagittarius wealth, growth, optimism, adventure, travel, sports and love of animals. Symbolizes the thunder god Jupiter. (Zeus)– General characteristics: An unstable, fickle person.– Keywords: Philosophy.– Symbolic stones: Multifaceted diamond, skystone, turquoise, jade.– Symbolic colors. : Blue, purple, yellow, green.– Symbolic flowers: carnation, chrysanthemum, iris.– Symbolic metal: Tin.– Fragrance: Musk, violet.– Animal: Horse, deer, peacock, swan.

General meaning: People born in the year of Sagittarius are enthusiastic and optimistic, knowledgeable, free-spirited, their philosophy of life is smart, wise, and enjoyable. They have trust, love to learn and empathize with others. They are kind, honest, know how to treat, so they are liked by many people. Their hunches are quite sharp, so they can guess the schemes and tricks to deceive them. They love adventure, love to change their place of residence, so traveling and going far are their hobbies. Their weaknesses are fickle, impatient, emotional, so they are easily dominated by others. Because of this fickleness, they are seen as being unscrupulous, indecisive, and sometimes irresponsible.


Note: If your date of birth is at the beginning or the end of the zodiac, there may be a shift in the sign (That is, when you are in this sign, sometimes in the other) This also means that you will have a characteristic of both arcs. The way to choose a sign is: Usually we will choose the sign that the date of birth belongs to that sign. But in fact, if you find a sign that suits you better, that sign will be your main sign.

Legend of the Virgin’s Palace

Sagittarius has the image of a centaur with a bow and arrow in his hand, symbolizing Chiron, who taught many heroes in Greek mythology such as Jason, Theseus, Achilles etc. Famous but Chiron lives in a cave in the countryside. village. Unfortunately, Heracles shot an arrow at Chiron by mistake while he was taking action to destroy the evil half-human beasts that ravaged the mountains. Chiron used all his medical skills to heal the wound but failed because of the venomous arrow of the Lernean Hydra, the multi-headed snake. As a god, Chiron only suffered, not died, even though he wanted to die. Prometheus witnessed this tragedy and sought to help him by transforming Chiron from god to human so he could leave the earth to go to heaven, the symbol of the constellation Sagittarius.

Legend of Sagittarius

The Arabs envision two flocks of ostriches in this constellation, one walking and the other coming to the Milky Way to drink water.

The Sumerians 4,000-5,000 years ago considered this constellation a symbol of their war god Nergal.

symbol of the mother’s bow

Achilles’ half-man and half-horse Chiron was stabbed to death by Heracles, in one of his pursuits of the enemy. Regretted for acting rashly, Heracles raised the Chirons into a constellation in the sky. Chiron was the most outstanding centaur of his kind, he trained many heroes of Greek mythology, he was not only knowledgeable in many fields, but also had high martial arts with excellent archery skills. Because of that, people often see the constellation Sagittarius raising a bow to aim, so it is also called the constellation of Gunners.

Sagittarius sign


Stumbling, breathing the free air in nature greedily, sending off golden autumn, welcoming the cold of winter, Sagittarius can’t wait to go out to the open horizon that Sagittarius craves. People of this sign have an open personality, open-mindedness, focus on cultivating culture, and at the same time do not forget to look at the world. Sagittarius physically is in real life, but thought is leaping, now and then, making one feel that Sagittarius is close at hand, but on the horizon; makes people feel both like-minded with Sagittarius, and at the same time not compatible with Sagittarius personality.

Sagittarius personality traits

Sagittarius is a person whose mind needs calm. Sagittarius is full of enthusiasm, strong feelings towards life. Sagittarius never compares the personal gain and loss, but likes to do many things at the same time. But reckless behavior often causes trouble for me. Sagittarius is always ready to take risks whether in thought or action. Optimism towards life, the future and love keeps Sagittarius forever young.

On the road of life, all efforts of Sagittarius are to help people get out of difficulties. In addition, an optimistic spirit, a healthy body and a cheerful spirit will bring good fortune and widespread sympathy to Sagittarius. Sagittarius knows how to comfort and encourage themselves as well as those around them and lift their spirits.

People of this sign often have a deep interest in things happening in the world, love to travel, like to socialize with friends. Sagittarius is tolerant and generous but does not want others to threaten and interfere with his sacred freedom. Sagittarius hates obligations, it is better to give up the benefits received than to be tied down.

Sagittarius likes to always have friends in the house to come and try to help them, so Sagittarius will know a lot of influential people in society, always being supported and supported in life as well as in life. Karma. Sagittarius destiny often has connections with foreign countries or travel, often bringing good fortune, friendship and benefits to Sagittarius.

Even in adverse conditions, optimism always does not betray Sagittarius, but helps Sagittarius get out of trouble faster than others, which is a special advantage in the personality of Sagittarians. Sagittarius is very interested in the singer world, news or stories affect the singer world, Sagittarius likes ideological views with their own interpretation, knowing how to express good ideas.

Sagittarius is enthusiastic, hospitable, gentle, easy to approach, honest and loyal, open-minded and has a generous personality, very praised by everyone. Sagittarius is cooperative, has an instinctive idealism for life and career, which will encourage Sagittarius and those around them, and increase the atmosphere of harmony with everyone. But Sagittarius’s opportunism, conservatism, self-contradictory mindset, and Sagittarius’ work with little regard for other people’s abilities will make others disgruntled.

After going through unstable and precarious years, from the age of 40 onwards, Sagittarius people often switch to a normal life trajectory, live a peaceful life, become respectable citizens. and model parents in the family, either the president or leader of a certain cause. Honor occupies a very important place in the eyes of Sagittarius. Middle age is the golden age in career of Sagittarius, Sagittarius has the ability and opportunity to achieve success on their own.

The easiest way is to recognize people born under the sign of Sagittarius. You find that person in the middle of the loudest group at every party. He was telling funny stories, and everyone around him burst out laughing.

Just like their symbolic image, Sagittarius is in some ways self-contradictory. From the perspective of horses (Mage), their character is wild, primitive; not subject to constraints, easy to satisfy; but from a human (Human) perspective, they have high aspirations, rich in philosophy, not to be outdone. Any actions they take are influenced by these two factors, so they become unpredictable, sometimes even making people feel strange. But fortunately they are full of energy, affirmative, energetic, agile, optimistic, determined to rise, but these are combined with their animal excitement, so That makes them attract the attention of many people. In this world, it can be said that there are not many people who smile, but Sagittarius can always smile freely.

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If a Sagittarius is locked into four walls, they will feel unsafe. They have a gregarious nature, so they never stop searching for their natural pleasures. They always have a playful attitude towards any difficulty. They do not like to do ordinary jobs, when they have the intention of making others excited, they will firmly grasp the bow and gallop. They never look back, nor do they wish to live in memories, they are not subject to any constraints, they are always looking forward, seeing if there is a chance. When the opportunity came, they shouted at each other after trying, while flying like flying. People born under Sagittarius consider themselves lucky to be born under this sign. This mindset may sound unrealistic, but it is acceptable, partly because their notion of not being able to lose their chances keeps them winning over and over again; half is because when the opportunity has come, they do not look ahead, but always seize the opportunity like an arrow always flies forward.

Sagittarius has a beautiful face and fair skin, their whole body exudes arousal and vitality, so on the emotional aspect, they are not backward people; In battle, they are not weak. Although they are not fully prepared, their beautiful attacks and success make people admire and praise. When others are amazed at their success, Sagittarius begins to give them a lecture, the subject of which is “the meaning of life”.

Because they think that this is also an opportunity to speak and convey their views and thoughts. Some Sagittarius intellectuals have said a lot about the secret of their success, these secrets of success confirm that there are still many things that have not been passed down to the world. Sagittarius philosophies sound like rhetoric, but we also have to admit that Sagittarius has the foresight to see things that other people don’t notice.

Anyone who carefully observes the Sagittarius figure will find that they do not pay attention to makeup, clothing, and home decoration. For them, dressing in a way that makes them look healthy and comfortable is the most important thing.

Entering Sagittarius’s house will feel like being outdoors, they like light and large space; It doesn’t matter how they arrange the layout, they just need to be convenient. A lot of Sagittarians are sports-loving by nature, so in the arrangement you can see the trophies they use to brag about their accomplishments.

Sagittarius often values ​​their body, even if the training conditions must be the same. Those who live near them feel a great deal of tension, as they expect the other to join their ranks, and wander with them in their wildest dreams. Underneath their polite and courteous exterior, they still have the close animal companionship, upbeat optimism, although they appear foolish at times, their nature is generous.

Seeing you, Sagittarius leaves the crowd, steps forward, pats you on the shoulder, and says loudly, “Well done. At your age, it’s still good to be in this form.” Surely you cannot be pleased with such comments. The next time you meet, seeing you cold, Sagittarius is sincerely surprised. What is going on? Is that what you mad at him? He didn’t say anything bad, even praised him.

Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that the Sagittarius is telling the truth. The person really doesn’t want to offend you, and sincerely apologizes if that happens. Sagittarius is smart, quick-witted, funny, and outspoken. The only quality not found in Sagittarius is tact, while Sagittarius himself is convinced that he is an exemplary diplomat. That’s why the above surprise happened.

Archers usually have a slightly large, well-shaped head, with a high and wide forehead. Open face, goodwill. Movements are usually quick, but somewhat clumsy. When talking, the Archer can swing his arms, knocking cups on the table. Walking in a hurry, it seems that your feet do not touch the ground. However, at that time, he could accidentally slip out of his bag, making important documents fly out, and then quickly rush to pick them up.

Sagittarius has bright and quick eyes. In terms of stature, they fall into two categories: tall-muscle type; and the kind of size – bold people. The tall type looks something like a noble horse. When they were young, many people often had stubborn hair hanging down in front of their foreheads, reminiscent of a horse’s mane. Later, when he changed his hairstyle or became bald, he still had the habit of shaking his head as if he wanted to shake his hair, or making involuntary hand movements as if he wanted to fix his bangs.

Sagittarius is very mobile. They cannot stand or sit still, but always want to run somewhere. Being very fond of changes in life, they are passionate about traveling and traveling.

Supported by Jupiter, the distinctive character of Sagittarius is extraordinary courage. People who are typical of this sign often enjoy risky careers. And if their work is not adventurous, they will choose for themselves hobbies or extreme sports. They like speed, love to ride horses, race cars, fly planes… Many famous test pilots were born in this sign. In the blood of Sagittarius is the attitude of defying fate, playing with death.

Sagittarius are multilingual, impulsive people. What they think in their heads is what their tongues say. Carelessness in words sometimes costs them.

Although a Sagittarius (completely unintentionally and unexpectedly) can make you very upset, you can’t stay mad at this person for long. Sagittarius tells you the truth not because they want to provoke you, but because they sincerely want to help you. Sometimes it’s good to listen to Sagittarius’s opinion, which at least doesn’t contain any flattery.

Archers are usually in a cheerful mood. But inherently a fire sign, that person can suddenly “burn up” when someone presses them or behaves casually. In the Archer’s personality, there is an element of disobedience to power, and there is always a desire to rebel against all imposed habits.

Archers rarely overlook the crossroads on the road and never ignore when someone begs for help. In love In that case, the man Archer was ready to join the fray, and the woman would scold the criminal until he regretted having encountered the Archer.

Unfair accusations against an Archer of any dishonest behavior would likely set him on a rampage. That person rushes at you with punches so that the next time you have to think about whether to make up nonsense or not. However, when he saw your injured face, he quickly apologized and tried his best to heal and soothe the wound. The problem is that the Archer first speaks and acts, and then thinks.

As passionate people, Archers often dedicate themselves completely to the work they have devoted their lives to. Those who attempt to make fun of what the Archer truly values ​​- runs the risk of making himself a dangerous enemy. The Archer’s sharp arrows are laced with bitter satire that will pierce any armor to hit the target.

In the character of Archers, regardless of gender and age, there is a bit of childish color: innocence, innocence, recklessness and optimism. Archer refuses to admit that life is something serious. If that is the case, then the Archer will be very upset. Having the nature of Jupiter, the Archer is always opposed to all that is established and routine, because it is boring to see such things.

If you are not in a hurry to harm yourself, the Archer has the ability to live a long life to old age and still be sharp and intelligent. Common pain points in Archers are: hips, lungs, liver, hands, and shoulders. Many people because of the passion for speed have had accidents and been injured in the head. But it’s hard to catch a Sagittarius lying on a hospital bed for long, and recovery is often surprisingly quick. The gloomy mood usually dissipates before it has completely enveloped Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius are natural red and black players. People born under this sign rarely pass up opportunities to try their luck in the lottery, casino, or sports betting. Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are their favorite cities.

Among the unpleasant features of the Archer, it is worth noting: explosive temper, different, sarcastic, impulsive, and in addition – lack of moderation in eating and drinking. Sagittarius are exceptionally generous people. Lend you money, they never ask when you will pay, but patiently wait until you have the conditions to do it. Sagittarius women are usually happy to adopt orphans. When there are feral cats, stray dogs come to the house – they never chase them away.

Sagittarius has an extraordinary memory. They may detail to you what happened on, for example, April 14 5 years or even 10 years ago. They can wonderfully remember the smallest details of books or movies they have seen since childhood. However, they easily forget to forget gloves, wallets, or keys…

Sagittarius does not like to lie. And when forced to do that, the lie is clearly visible on the face for everyone to recognize.

According to astrologer Linda Goodman, life for Sagittarius is a theater. Or even better, a circus, where Sagittarius is the comedian leading the repertoire.

In a brilliant sky-blue robe, his face brightly colored, he stepped onto the stage with eyes sparkling with joy and glee. Stumbling his long-toed shoe on the carpet, he clumsily fell to the ground, then immediately stood up, and to the applause of the audience, he performed dizzyingly superior acrobatics. On his hands were emerald-faced rings, and at his feet tied a string of tiny rattles that rang with a clear sound like bells from a distant church. Puffing cheeks painted crimson cherry, he cheerfully blew into the horn and polished aluminum.

Blissful, brave and poetic, Archers are as joyful as their iconic holiday – Christmas. The stone that brings them luck – turquoise. Sagittarius’s carefree soul raises its bow to the sky, and the arrow pierces the clouds, through the stars, to the birthplace of dreams.

Features of Mother’s BIRTHDAY

11/23 TO 1/12

Sagittarians born during this time period are influenced by Neptune. They are brave, independent and sensitive, with good judgment. They are very skilled predators and excellent sportsmen.

Personality characteristics: Tolerance, tolerance, absolute independence in thought and action. Everything Sagittarius has a huge influence on others. Sagittarius has a creative spirit, but their actions are sometimes extreme and irrational. People born on these dates may have 2 development tendencies: 1 is to become a successful adventurer or banker, Sagittarius will overcome difficulties with their courage and love of freedom. . The other tendency is careful idealism, which will make Sagittarius focus on social, philosophical or religious work.– Motivation: Independent spirit.– Lucky Stone: Amethyst, sapphire, tiger eye, quartz.– Important years of life: 36, 40.

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Sagittarians born during this period are influenced by the moon. They are temperamental, imaginative and creative, and love to travel.

– Personality characteristics: Straightforward, outspoken, stubborn. Sagittarius’ emotional range is quite large, quickly reaching heights of enthusiasm, but suddenly also falling into the depths of disappointment. Sagittarius is always ready to step on the path of conquest of the miner. Whether at work or in life, Sagittarius is always in a state of high stress. Sagittarius’s mind always has a lot of ideas and ideas, working neatly is a guarantee for success in Sagittarius’ career.– Motivation: Enthusiasm.– Lucky stone: jade blue, blue-white onyx, opal.– Important years of life: 15, 30, 40, 45, 60.

12/12 TO 21/12

Sagittarians born during this time period are influenced by Saturn. They are persistent, sensitive, love luxury and very gourmet.

– Personality traits: Has a personality that makes others happy, sincere, trustworthy, very enthusiastic with people. The energy and intelligence of Sagittarius is very abundant. Sagittarius’ hunches reach the point of foresight. Another characteristic of the Sagittarius personality is a strong will and independent spirit. Sagittarius has outstanding achievements in sports career, receiving everyone’s sympathy, Sagittarius has hot feelings, without friendship and love cannot live.– Motivation: Intuition.– Lucky stones: garnets, sapphires, rubies, sapphires.– Important years of life: 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 75.

WOMEN’S Palace

Pure and natural qualities like a fresh breeze, an irresistible vitality and a spirit of freedom, are women of the Sagittarius sign. She is a “girl” with a simple mind, likes to exercise, and is full of joy in her heart. Her heart is always directed towards pure, idealized love. Just like Sagittarius men, she does not want to be subjected to any emotional constraints.

Female Sagittarius

After living a free, carefree single life, if she builds her own family, she will become a gentle mother and the pillar of the family. She needs to be respected by others, her work wants to be appreciated and appreciated, she cares for her husband’s happiness and respects her own independence.

The things she says often make you unhappy. Sometimes her words even make your hair stand on end. But when she realizes the “effect” has just caused, she will correct it with a joke, or a kiss.

Sagittarius women don’t see life with rose-tinted glasses. Because of this, her views may appear too harsh. She is so honest that sometimes you wish she lied a little. Because not everyone, not always, wants to hear the bare truth, and for many people flattery is preferable.

She is very independent, indifferent to family relationships and prefers to live alone. Perhaps this special feature explains why the female archer is so passionate about traveling and not used to being at home often.

If you want her to do something for you, don’t order, but ask. Even when she was young, she refused to listen to her mother’s orders, why do you think she could let you do it? Don’t hope. Sagittarius would never sacrifice their freedom, their individuality, or their habits at any cost.

Deep down inside, she was a gullible child. Her worldview is so pure that it is easy to be deceived by others. This claim of astrologers may seem a bit strange, because Sagittarius women are intelligent and logical thinkers. But the point here we are talking is not about intelligence, but about the heart. Two completely different things. Sagittarius’ intelligence is capable of solving all the difficult problems of life. But her heart, alas, was utterly weak, and for that reason she suffered at times.

In Sagittarius, words and actions are completely consistent with inner thoughts and feelings. Such “straightforwardness” can cause others not to understand her, leading to discord and resulting broken lives. But the will of Sagittarius never gives up. Her pride and optimism help her weather the storm and glory out of the most tragic circumstances. Her heart may bleed, but you never know, because she’ll laugh more than ever.

Only night and night, her pillow will be wet with tears. But no one saw that, and everyone thought that everything was fine with her as usual.

Talking about the wife born in Sagittarius, astrologers say that, like the men of this sign, she is not one for marriage. Therefore, you must have a lot of delicious bait to seduce her.

There is no reason for her not to hurry to get married. First of all, she may not want to affect what she is doing. Shouldn’t be persuaded her. Either way, she will only act according to her will. Wait until the times and circumstances are in your favor.

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For example, suddenly she is bored with work. Or you’ve been assigned a job in another locality (remember her passion for traveling). In short, if you are patient, you will win this round.

Sometimes you find her a little harsh, but that’s just the way she looks. In fact, she was terribly romantic. Sagittarius can cry while watching a movie, reading a poem with tears in their eyes. She will keep all the letters she receives from you, the withered rose left over from the bouquet you gave her on the day of your engagement, and the ticket to that first concert when you first met.

Regarding her housewife talent, the situation here is somewhat worse. Sagittarius dislikes cleaning, laundry, and other arduous duties in the home, although she does try to maintain a relatively clean state there. So a maid – will be a very valuable gift. That benefits you, her, and your family. Cooking also never gave her an intense excitement. It certainly wasn’t her favorite job. If she puts all her energy and willpower into making your own meals on weekdays, then at least on her days off she wants to eat at restaurants.

It’s rare for a Sagittarius to be in a bad mood. When angry, she can become cynical. But she doesn’t hold back for long and often forgets her anger sooner than you realize it. Men of the melancholy, pessimistic type – not suitable for Sagittarius. Moodiness can make her sick.

The children are very happy with the Sagittarius mother, because in her house most of the time it is as fun as the circus. You know, the joy, the laughter and the optimism – the perfect environment to raise children. Add to that honesty, courage and intelligence. The only thing that can be considered a weakness: lack of discipline, discipline.

Your Sagittarius wife loves to invite and host guests to her home. She does it better than any other sign of the Zodiac, including Leo. Her kindness, innocence and hospitality are so attractive that everyone finds them very cozy and comfortable.

Sagittarius women are people who live by their souls. You’ll see it clearly when one beautiful day she confesses to you that she’s been looking for you her whole life, all her life, and how happy she is to have finally found you.

Men’s Palace

Enthusiastic, optimistic, always with big ambitions. Whether in love or in thought, his vision is always towards the horizon, to distant countries.

Male Sagittarius

He has a very high independent spirit, likes to do things on his own, doesn’t like being constrained by others. About his feelings, he was very sincere, being a person in the middle of love, the fire of love burned in his heart from a very early age. His life is full of opportunities, good love is waiting for him. He is very carefree and open to the people he loves, and wants everyone around him to be satisfied and happy.

When he picks up a glass of wine, he will develop a strong affection for family and society. He likes to give opinions, likes to arrange other people’s lives, but respects each person’s independence and his complete freedom of action. If his family life is very happy and satisfactory, then his feelings will be faithful. He likes everything with a clear source, doesn’t like ambiguity and is right.

The following may annoy you, but it’s been a statistic over the centuries: Sagittarius men are elusive, both literally and figuratively. They move like horses, and disappear like arrows.

First of all, Sagittarius is often in a state of being busy. Sometimes he is helping someone who is unfortunate enough to be in trouble, sometimes he is running somewhere in a hurry, and if he suddenly stops at one place, he is definitely not alone but in the middle of a crowd. crowded and he was telling a joke. So you need to run fast or squeeze to get close to him.

The basic characteristic of the Sagittarius man is an unshakable optimism, a firm belief in his victory. This quality stems from the fact that he receives so many gifts of fate. For example, if he followed the expedition in search of gold, gold might not be found, but he happened to find uranium mines. Or, you might see something glittering on the sidewalk hundreds of times, picking up just a piece of foil from a gum, and he in that case picking up a gold ring. Such frequent luck cannot but lead to a spirit of optimism.

Sagittarius men have countless friends, acquaintances, and almost no enemies. This factor also cannot fail to leave an impression on his cheerful and happy nature.

And now we come to the question of love. Women often misunderstand Sagittarius’ relationships, they tend to think it’s more serious than it really is. Sagittarius is very amorous, a breeze enough to make him fall in love with someone. But that doesn’t mean he will fall in love for the rest of his life. When a guy gets close to a girlfriend – in many cases it’s just a passing pleasure. So if the object of the fun doesn’t understand his true intentions and tries to get a hold of him, he’ll either run away, so fast she can’t even blink, or he’ll explain everything as nothing more. joke.

But if you’re a smart girl, whose head exists more than just wearing a hat, and if you still want to lure him into your net anyway, in this regard, astrologer Linda Goodman has the Can give you some suggestions.

Do not be jealous and suspicious. Just let him spread his wings. Don’t ask him where he’s gone, don’t get angry, and don’t threaten to leave him. Give him complete freedom, try to see the world through his eyes, and accept his rules of the game. Try to be the woman he wants to see. Mobility. Love sports.

Going to picnic with him. Be generous, innocent and love life. Let him understand that in you is a freedom-loving soul, just like in him.

Convince him that besides him, you have tons of interesting things to take care of in this world. Sure, when he believes it, he’ll soon tell you that’s just the type of woman he needs.

At this point, you need to “warm up” him a little more. Tell him that, after consideration, you are generally not against living with him if (the “if” should be emphasized) he has a commitment not to do anything to infringe on your freedom. Otherwise, “it is with great regret, we will have to part”. Here, it wouldn’t be bad (it took some pre-organization, of course), if your phone suddenly rang from one of the fans. And right in front of Sagittarius, you answer the phone, tentatively agreeing to a date with “the other guy”. Then, slowly turning off the phone, you give your Sagittarius a lovely smile and say, “No matter what, we’ll still be good friends.”

Trust me, soon after this conversation you will be his wife. Being not a person who attaches great importance to family relationships, Sagittarius will not force you to bear the burden of responsibility for your husband’s family. In response, do not torture him with your family name.

Once you’re married to a Sagittarius, continue on the path that led you to marriage. Allow him to be away for as many evenings as he wants. Do interrogation, where he was. If he sometimes boils like a pressure cooker, give him a breather. Don’t listen to rumors, trust him.

Archer is an avid sports fan. Therefore, you also have to watch TV shows with him. If you have good looks and a playful personality, he will invite you as a guest.

If you c