The hotel is one of the most popular places to stay and is used by many people. When it comes to hotels, many people picture it as a great place to rest with quality services. However, that is not enough to say about the hotel. In today’s article, let’s learn about the full concept of what a hotel is!

1. What is a hotel

?Hotels are now extremely popular and present in every province. Even so, what is a hotel concept? not fully understood by many people. We would like to provide you with basic information about the hotel’s concept as follows.

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What is a hotel is something that many people are interested in today.

The word “hotel” can be understood in many different ways, of which the following definitions are most commonly used:

A hotel is an accommodation business with a full range of amenities and services to meet the needs of rest, dining and entertainment. Nowadays, hotels also provide entertainment needs as well as other services during their stay at the hotel. Hotel is a type of business that operates legally with the purpose of making revenue. profit. In terms of construction, the hotel is understood as a solid architectural work with many bedrooms. Inside the hotel, there are a lot of equipment and furniture used for the purpose of bringing the most comfort and satisfaction to guests.

2. Popular types of hotels today

When it comes to hotels, people often refer to their classifications. The way to divide the types of hotels depends on many different criteria. Specifically:

2.1. Sort by star standard

The star standards of the hotel are given to distinguish the level of perfection in service quality. Accordingly, the more stars a hotel has, the more diverse services it offers to meet the rest needs of its guests. Of course, the higher the hotel, the higher the room rate.

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Can be classified according to the stars of the hotel.

According to this classification, there are the following types of hotels:

1-star hotels2-star hotels3-star hotels4-star hotels5-star hotels

2.2. By room size

When it comes to the concept of a hotel, people often also refer to the division by room size. Currently, this division is understood as follows:

Small hotels with 1 to 150 rooms Medium hotels with 151 to 400 rooms Large hotels: 401 to 1500 rooms Mega hotels with a very large number of rooms about over 1500 rooms

2.3. According to specific customers

​The division by customer characteristics is also one of the most common classification methods.


Resort hotel

This hotel model is usually built close to areas with natural resources such as mountains, forests, lakes, etc. Visitors to resort hotels are mainly groups of guests for the purpose of rest and relaxation.

Resort hotels are often located near natural resources such as rivers, sea, mountains, etc.

Commercial hotel

This type of hotel is often concentrated in big cities and commercial centers. The object of frequent use is business guests, with short stays, but currently serving mainly tourists.

This is one of the most popular types of hotels around the world for mainly business travelers on business trips or short-term tourists.

Airport hotel (Airport hotel)

Airport hotels are often located near international airports, mainly for pilots, flight attendants or guests waiting for transit flights with short stays.

The name helps us to know where the hotel is located, the area close to the airport, the main objects here are cabin crew, guests waiting for visas…

Casino hotel

As for casino hotels, they are often designed and built on a very large scale, equipped with high-class furniture and have a full range of casino services to target guests with entertainment needs. playing cards… Guests stay at casinos for a relatively short time.

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For those who have gambling entertainment needs, Casino hotel is the most ideal place compared to other types of hotels.

Budget Hotel (Hostel)

These are small-scale hotels with basic equipment, usually for backpackers or people who need to stay overnight. They are usually located at train stations, bus stations, markets…

The type of hotel for ordinary guests, with a reasonable price to serve tourists.

Apartment hotel (Condotel)

With full facilities like an apartment for visitors, full function rooms for guests’ dining activities such as dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen… Objects of stay are guests traveling travel by family type, professionals on long-term business trips accompanied by families.

The hotel apartment is designed with a full range of functional rooms: living room – kitchen – bedroom that other types of hotels do not have.

Roadside Hotel (Motel)

This is a type of service that provides overnight accommodation at the roadside for customers traveling by car, motorbike, etc. to stay overnight.

Motel is a type of hotel that is quite popular in many countries around the world and has also appeared in Vietnam in the past few years.

Floating hotel

With boats with architecture not inferior to a hotel on the mainland and in addition to accommodation and food services, there are also entertainment and beauty services. Floating hotels are often not fixed in one place, but they move from one region to another or travel between countries.

The floating hotel has an architecture that is not inferior to other hotels on the mainland.

3. What is the hotel’s product

?Although the business is no longer strange. However, when it comes to what the hotel’s products are, many people don’t really understand. To clarify this issue, the hotel’s products can be understood as including the following elements:

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3.1. Commodity products

Products of the hotel can be catering.

Commodity products are understood as a group of tangible components that the hotel provides such as drinks, souvenirs, food, …. The products and goods clearly show the nature and quality of services of customers. Therefore, hotel managers are very focused on this type of product.

3.2. Products and services

Products and services are products that are produced with material or spiritual value. They can also be understood as business products that create experiences, feelings of dissatisfaction or satisfaction, etc. Hotel service products include 2 types:

Main service is room service and food service according to customer’s needs during their stay at the hotel. Additional services are extra services outside the main service such as: car service. , health care services, spa,…

The hotel’s products and services bring the perfect experience to the guests.

3.3. Package service of hotel products and services

Although there is a classification between hotel products. However, in reality, most hotels now integrate to produce both types of services. They are collectively known as package services to bring customers the best satisfaction.

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Hopefully, the above explanation of Vinapad will help managers better understand the concept of what a hotel is? And the types of hotels in the world. From there, it can be applied in better operation and management.

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