Currently, there are quite a few customers who are wondering and sending a lot of feedback to the consulting department to ask about the process and procedure of buying a house in Vinhomes. The apartments are now quite diverse and are the number 1 choice of those who are in need of buying a house in Vinhomes projects.

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Because the number of customers has a relatively large demand for apartments, it is important for customers to understand the process and procedures of buying and selling apartments. The following article will help you better understand the process of buying and selling apartments at the Vinhomes project of Vingroup.

Who do you work with when buying a house in Vinhomes

?That’s one of the most frequently asked questions by customers. It is easy for them to wonder like that. Because buying a house with a very large amount of money, the usual transaction wants to work directly with the investor. However, at Vinhomes Hanoi project or all other projects, Vinhomes is not a direct sales unit but is distributed through F1 agents.

Who is the best consultant for you when buying an apartment in Vinhomes?

Some customers reacted harshly and asked to work directly with the investor. However, that’s because the customer doesn’t understand. The investor is just a unit that manages the goods list, sets up sales policies and completes legal paperwork with customers. All home buying procedures must be thoroughly guided by the consultants of the Agents.

Instructions on the process of buying a house in Vinhomes:

For the process of buying a Vinhomes apartment, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Make a reservation to buy an apartment

This step, takes place before the sale of the project. Real estate consultants of will advise on the project and inform you of the apartment buying and selling procedure to help you book in advance. Booking amount : 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 VND / 1 apartment (Deposit depends on each project)

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You can:

Priority to keep beautiful apartments – beautiful floors Enjoy preferential policies and extremely good discounts Get refunds if there is no need to buy later.

Step 2: Sign a deposit contract to buy an apartment

This step takes place during and after the sale. Here, our experts will advise and assist customers in making a deposit.

Deposit amount: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 VND / 1 apartment location For customers who have reserved a place, the deposit will be converted to a deposit.

Deposit documents to prepare:

IDID: Minutes of reservation (if reserved).

Step 3: Sign the apartment sale and purchase contract

Sign an apartment sale and purchase contract only when the project has completed the construction of the foundation. When the foundation has not been completed, just sign the deposit contract as in the previous step.

Time: Take place from 3 to 5 days after deposit.

Sign a contract to buy and sell an apartment

Contract form

Sign a deposit contract when the project has not completed the foundation. Sign the purchase contract when the project has completed the foundation.

Real estate specialists Vinhomes and related departments support Customers in making contracts and completing all procedures for buying and selling apartments.

Customers pay the first installment right after signing the contract (in full 10% of the apartment value)

The Customer receives the contract directly or the company will send a guarantee by post to the address specified by the Customer.

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Step 4: Pay according to the payment progress

The consultant will update the progress and send actual photos of the project you are monitoring.

The customer will receive a request for payment 7 days in advance of each installment. The customer is responsible for paying on time as stated in the contract schedule and not later than 15 days from the payment due date.

Pay according to the payment progress

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Cash Bank transfer (Depending on each project)

Step 5: Receive the apartment handover

At this step, the investor will notify the delivery date to the customer about 15 days in advance.

You bring your CMNH (citizen identification), the original sales contract when you go to receive the handover.

The delivery department of will work with the Customer to re-measure the area to complete the apartment handover procedure. If there is a problem that is not the same as in the contract, the customer has the right to ask the investor to do it correctly before signing.

Signing for the handover of the apartment.

Step 6: Get the certificate of land use right (pink book)

Receive the certificate of land use right The customer will work with the Investor to complete the documents to receive the certificate of land use right after receiving the house handover about 1 – 6 months. The customer needs to provide all necessary documents. To complete the house purchase and sale procedure with the Investor, the Customer pays the relevant fees (Registration fee, certificate issuance fee, house number address issuance fee, …) Customer pays the final payment and receives the pink book when available. Notification.

Buy a Vinhomes house and get a car with Vinfast Voucher:

3. Gift program: Depending on the value of the apartment, customers will be given 1 of 3 types of vouchers as follows:

Apartment rental/sale price (VAT and KPBT not included) Vinfast Voucher value Applicable car model Rental/purchase price of apartment is less than 1.7 billion VND 70,000,000 Vinfast Fadil car Rental/purchase price of apartment from 1.7 up to 2.5 billion 150,000,000 VND Vinfast Lux A Apartment rental/purchase price over 2.5 billion VND 200,000,000 Vinfast Lux car SA

(*) The above apartment rental/sale value has not been deducted from other incentive programs according to the investor’s sales policy

Voucher is NOT redeemable for cash or deducted from the selling price of the apartment.Voucher is NOT identified by customer. Customers have the right to transfer, give, gift, exchange. Voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue to the date of receipt of the vehicle. In case the customer cancels the sales contract/contract, the voucher must be returned to the investor. In case the customer has used the voucher, the amount corresponding to the published price of that voucher must be refunded.

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4. Conditions for receiving gifts:

Customers will receive a gift when completing the procedure of signing the Sale Contract/Lease Contract.

5. Terms of use:

Voucher identified by vehicle type. Customers are not allowed to use vouchers applicable for this car model to buy cars of other car models.Voucher is only applicable to car purchase contracts signed with VinFast showrooms or distribution agents during the validity period of the voucher. .Each car can only use 01 Voucher for payment. Voucher can only be used once for the final payment upon receipt of the vehicle under the sales contract and cannot be used to pay for any deposit. Voucher is used to pay for equity at the request of the Bank if the customer borrows money to buy a car. Customers need to sign a car purchase contract with VinFast’s showroom, distribution agent; Make a deposit to buy a car according to VinFast’s sales policy and register an expired voucher for final payment when receiving the car.Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or any other benefits.Voucher is allowed to use used simultaneously with VinFast’s “2-year interest rate support” program.

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If you want to receive advice on the process of signing a sales contract, please contact HOTLINE 24/7 or fill out the form below so that we can contact you as soon as possible.