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Until now, not only business owners, but also are very hesitant to establish grass-roots trade unions because many businesses believe that grassroots trade union activities are both time-consuming and labor-intensive… workers are also not interested in joining grassroots unions. They think that this is only a waste of time, having to pay union fees, while the benefits that unions bring to themselves are almost nonexistent. But that is a wrong and somewhat outdated view; If a grassroots trade union organization can really maximize its role and capacity, the benefits that trade unions bring are really great for both businesses and employees, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life. improve production and business efficiency of enterprises. Specifically:

* For employees:

Trade union is not only a place to live, but also a place to solve problems of employees with enterprises, consult with businesses in organizing shift meals for employees. In addition, the Trade Union also contributed ideas to enterprises on the working environment, working hours and rest time of employees; Request enterprises to re-check the health protection system and fully equip workers with labor protection equipment according to the right job for employees.

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(Workers Conference)

Trade unions play an important role in representing and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

Trade unions join with enterprises in signing labor contracts for employees, coordinating in building collective labor agreements, labor rules, giving opinions so that enterprises can pay social insurance premiums. health insurance, unemployment insurance, building a program of periodic health check every year.

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In recent years, when the economy has developed and the living standards of workers have been gradually improved, the role of grassroots trade unions in enterprises has been promoted. Trade unions have the opportunity to cooperate with businesses in organizing cultural activities, physical training and sports, sightseeing tours, holiday regimes, visiting and encouraging when sick and building. regimes and policies for employees and their family members…

(Organize sports festival for employees)

* For Businesses:

When an enterprise changes its structure, rearranges labor and personnel, or improves investment, technology and equipment in service of production and business activities, the grassroots trade union can take over the ownership of the business owner. capture the thoughts and aspirations of workers and workers; Reflecting on encouraging opinions, encouraging employees to be self-conscious and conscious in their work and production, thereby helping the Enterprise in arranging labor in a reasonable way to maximize the efficiency of resources, as well as terminating labor contracts for cases that do not meet the requirements of the Enterprise.

Trade unions are the bridge in resolving conflicts and conflicts between employees and employers such as strikes, complaints, and lawsuits that have caused significant damage to enterprises. When there is a dispute such as unilateral termination of the labor contract, labor discipline, strike, etc. The grassroots trade union will hold a dialogue to reconcile the interests of the employee with the employer in private. acting as an independent entity, mediating labor dispute settlement, restricting workers or employees to voluntarily quit their jobs, work without full responsibility, do not respect commitments, labor agreements…

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(Regular dialogue organization)

Thereby affirming the role of grassroots Trade Union organizations in enterprises, if effectively promoted, production and business activities in enterprises will be promoted. Employees are automatically protected about their rights and enjoy other benefits from the superior trade union, thereby bringing practical benefits to the enterprise as well as to the employees. At the same time, it creates a driving force for the enterprise to develop sustainably and to build a strong workforce, contributing to improving the competitiveness, reputation, image and brand of the enterprise in the market.