Due to the need to live, work and study in big cities, people who migrate to work here are required to go to the police office in the area where they live to declare and apply for a temporary residence registration book. . In order to ensure security and order, the competent State agencies must make these policies. So what is KT3? Things to know about KT3? Follow along with the article below.

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What is KT3?

An indefinite temporary residence book (what is a KT3 book, ie long-term temporary residence) is a book for those who register to be granted a book in a province or city directly under the Central Government, other places than where they registered. Resident.

What is KT3?

The KT3 book is issued when a household or individual comes to live and work in another place. The KT3 book will determine the temporary residence of that citizen. The maximum period of temporary residence registration is 24 months from the date of issuance. At the end of 24 months as required, citizens have to go to the police station in the area where they live to declare a request for an extension of their residence time.

Temporary residence book form KT3

When a citizen has registered for permanent residence in a province/city but has registered for a long-term temporary residence in another province or city, he/she is fully entitled to the same rights and benefits as a permanent resident in the place of registration of KT3. .

Conditions for issuance of KT3 books

To be granted a KT3 temporary residence book, citizens must meet the following conditions:

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Have an ID card/citizen ID Have a permanent residence in another province or city directly under the central government. If the subject has a house or owns land in a province or centrally run city, it is mandatory to declare temporary residence. KT3.Have lived in the place where temporary residence registration is required for KT3 for at least 30 days.

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Application for temporary residence KT3

Once you have fulfilled the above conditions, you should start preparing documents. Because the number of documents is quite small and not much, so to make the application faster, you should carefully prepare the following documents:

01 demographic declaration form (under HK01 form) 01 notification of change of household registration, population (under form HK02) ID/CCCD (show the original and submit 01 copy) Documents proving the new registered residence KT3 such as: certificate of house ownership/land use, house purchase papers… If you borrow papers for registration, you must clearly state the person’s opinion on temporary residence registration, date and sign.

Application for temporary residence registration KT3

How long does it take to make a temporary residence book

?According to the provisions of Clause 4, Article 30: Registration of temporary residence, citing law on residence 81/2006/QH11, the time to make a temporary residence book is as follows:

“4. The head of the police station of the commune, ward or township within three working days from the date of receipt of all the papers specified in Clause 3 of this Article must issue a temporary residence book according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Public Security.

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Temporary residence books are issued to households or individuals who have registered for temporary residence, valid for determining the temporary residence of citizens and for indefinite duration.

The adjustment of changes to the temporary residence book shall comply with the provisions of Article 29 of this Law. If the temporary residence book is damaged, it will be exchanged; if it is lost, it will be re-issued. If you come to temporarily reside in another commune, ward or town, you must re-register.”

Thus, it only takes 3 days after registering to make a KT3 book, people can immediately own an indefinite temporary residence book quickly.

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So the above is all information about: What is the KT3 temporary residence book? Things to know about KT3.Each individual and family should strictly comply with regulations on temporary absence. This action partly demonstrates the responsibility of Vietnamese citizens in addition to building a civilized life.