1. What is a ref link?

Surely you have come across the term Link ref (referral link), but “What is a ref link?” A ref or Referral Link is a referrer in the form of a URL. With a referral link, businesses can promote their brands, web content or products. Link refs contain affiliate IDs that allow businesses to track how visitors get to their website. These links are mounted on an affiliate partner website that, after a conversion is completed, the affiliate websites will receive the previously agreed commission.

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To understand and use link referrals, you need to know more about the term referring traffic. Referring traffic is the number of people who have visited your site through external links. Usually, these visitors simply view information about the business, product or service. Next, they will receive promotional ads, feel excited and decide to choose products. The more visits you receive, the higher your chances of closing more orders, helping your business increase revenue.

2. Is the ref link the same as the referral code

?What is a ref link? So is the ref link the same as the referral code? Not necessarily. Referral code is a collection of letters and numbers for identification. Referral code is part of the referral link. Each referral link has a unique referring code that distinguishes them from other referral links. A referral link is made up of the link the website URL is pointing to and the referring code.

3. How to create a referral link

You have 3 ways below to create and run a referral link for marketing campaigns:

You attach URL affiliate IDs directly and send them to partners

Affiliates with you can add your affiliate ID to the bottom of the website containing your products or services


Affiliates actively generate affiliate IDs that point to your websites. You can completely check and track the data related to the link they created

Make sure your partners can share this link via email or on social networks. These URLs should contain a link to the page, and the code often contains the partner’s name and email address, allowing you to keep track of the number of shares.

4. Ways to generate referral traffic

There are two ways to generate referral traffic, which are organic and paid:

Natural: Blog posts, social networks, forums, messages with embedded natural backlinks to provide knowledge, share

Paid: Paid traffic comes from blog posts, posts or on ads created to drive conversions and increase sales.

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5. Notes with Link ref

Sometimes, ref links are used for malicious purposes. In some cases, the referring URL does not tell the truth about the business, giving false information to users. There are ref links attached with malicious code to steal and exploit unauthorized information from users. Limiting the bad effects of toxic ref links is extremely difficult. Some browsers have tools that automatically block links to fake addresses, alerting users if detected early. However, some browsers do not have these features, it is inevitable that users can click on the above links or paste them in the search window to lead to malicious websites.

If your site contains a ref that contains bad or poor content, this can even backfire. Users are always looking for useful information to solve their problems. In order to improve the user experience, Google has low ranking algorithms for websites that transmit poor quality content, Before linking an external link on the website, please consider checking the content, make sure they carry quality information, relevant to the content of your post. Post in-depth content with good backlinks to rank your post well.

6. Link ref formats

There are many forms of using ref links for different purposes. Here are some examples of link refs:

Blog and Review: These types of links work in the form of reference links. These links are attached to the page for the purpose of providing useful and necessary information for readers to supplement the given content. Social networks: Journalists, celebrities, influencers , … These people all have influence, prestige, and voice to a certain community of people, it is not too strange to put the ref link of the business to appear on their personal accounts. : Two companies with similar customer groups can completely cooperate and exchange with each other to expand the potential audience to access products, services and brands.

7. Referral program

7.1 What is a Referral program?

Besides the above ref link formats, the referral program is a picture Marketing method many companies use today. Get new traffic to the page, increase sales opportunities from your own customers.

According to Social Media Today, the referral program is the second best source of quality lead revenue, a marketing method that “cannot be surpassed”. Operate in the form of word of mouth marketing, simple and easy to reach a new group of potential customers through sharing. Customers, employees, partners, anyone can be a “messenger” that every time they create a new order for a business, they will receive a commission.

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Simply put, a referral program is a process of instructing and rewarding individual partners for spreading your product or service.

7.2 How does the Referral program work?

The process of running a referral program is not difficult. The 3 basic steps below can help you bring in incredible profits for your business.

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Step 1: Send your partner a referral link

Each partner will receive their referral link after accepting to join the referral program. Each link will have a different code to help businesses distinguish, evaluate results and reward commissions.

Sending separate code to partners is not difficult and can be done automatically with supporting software. Your old customers or employees are most likely willing to share the referral link as soon as they join.

Step 2: Partner shares the link

Please note this link can be shared in many ways, on many different mediums. The simplest and most common is usually via email or social media, besides sending the link directly via text message – a form that is becoming more and more popular.

The referral software can make the implementation of the referral program extremely simple. These software have the ability to automatically record the shares of users.

Step 3: Referred objects click on the link

The most important part of this process is whether or not the referred person clicks on the link. Usually, the link will be embedded as an image.

For example, a person shares a ref link on their personal Facebook page. These messages will be hidden with the link, but instead, the viewer when interacting with the image will be directed to a corresponding landing page.

7.3 Why should I run a referral program?

Referral program offers great benefits that you will definitely want to set up for your business. Let’s find out why so many businesses have taken advantage of this strategy and achieved positive results:

Information from friends is always more reliable: 92% of customers in many different fields tend to trust recommendations and reviews from acquaintances.


Easy promotion opportunities: Reach potential customers on close, easy-to-share channels. According to a survey from Olapic, 76% of individual participants said they generally trust content shared from “ordinary” users more than those shared by big brands. Most social network users have heard about products, services, and brands shared by friends and colleagues.

Strengthen the connection between customers and businesses: When sharing about your products and services with friends and relatives, your customers will give reasons why they buy products and strengths. of products, services and brands.

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Partners feel they are part of the business: Especially, old customers when working in the referral team will feel like part of the business. They have a certain dedication in creating new customers, increasing sales, spreading your brand. When they receive a thank you, favor or commission from a business, they will happily continue to support your brand and recommend your products to friends.

Increase the rate of old customers: Customers who agree to join the referral program mean that they have a high probability of continuing to buy and stick with the business for a long time. Saving marketing costs, ensuring revenue, and the rate of old customers staying with the business are extremely important factors.

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Positioning loyal customers: Customers always want to be appreciated by the brands they love. Referral campaigns can help you locate loyal customers. Accumulate many points of purchase, send many referral links, share your content regularly, etc. From there, businesses will have special customer care strategies, making them feel appreciated. Best regards


7.4 How to make an effective referral program? 7.4.1 Using support software

As mentioned above, referral software can be an effective support tool for you. Easy to deploy and manage data, you don’t have to do too much. Automatically generate code, record shares, clear statistics to help you see the effect as well as individual contributions.

7.4.2 Offer well-deserved rewards

Giving worthy gifts can attract and motivate partners. You need to really understand your customers and employees, offer appropriate policies, care, and stimulate them to share more actively.

7.4.3 Reminding and promoting referral program

Referral program is a marketing campaign, so you also need to actively promote it. Referral brings great business efficiency, but if you hide it, or ignore it, you will not get good results.


Above are the basic things about Link ref you need to know. What is a referral link? How to create a referral link is what? Link refs are an important factor you can take advantage of in increasing website traffic, earning leads, and improving your chances of generating conversions. Besides, you can completely consider applying a referral program to your business’ marketing strategy. Not difficult to implement, get impressive results, definitely referral program will help your business. Good luck!