What is real time? It has a meaning and an important role in your Marketing campaign. Not only in the Marketing campaign, any plan or event in life, if not on time, is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

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What is Realtime?

What is real time?

What is real time? Real time is simply understood as real time. In applications or software, you send messages or use, it will record the time that you are active.

In fact, the real time in the system does not completely coincide with the outside. But this deviation is too small, so it is considered as the system time at the same time as the external time.

Real time

For businesses, really understanding customers is extremely important. For an administrator or marketer, time is extremely important. It greatly determines the outcome of the campaign. Each campaign or plan needs to determine a reasonable time for implementation.

A typical Real time story in Marketing

Oreo brand is one of the famous brands in the world. They created a promotional photo: an Oreo, surrounded by darkness. The tweet that accompanies this image is You can still score in the dark (“You can still dunk in the dark”) on Twitter.

This ad campaign may not have received so much support. If it didn’t run around the time of the 2013 American Super Bowl, it’s considered one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen.

Brand selling OREO

After that period of time, there were many other brands that tried to follow Oreo but to no avail. However, some companies still leave an impression on customers by choosing the right real time.

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“You can still dunk in the dark” – Oreo

Real time in Marketing is one of the important factors. Determining the right time, you must know what your customers want and need. From there, it is immediately necessary to respond to them with facts or images.

In fact, the Real-time Marketing campaign is not about the event or hot news. Sometimes the real time of a successful campaign is interactive on media tools or social networks.

Marketing failure if real time is not at the right time.

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Content marketers certainly can’t release an image or content about an event next week. While that event is hot this week, customers are hungry for information about it.

Learners are definitely the ones who are ahead, ahead of any or any event. Although real time is a necessary condition, it is not enough. At the right time without a clear plan, the campaign is very difficult to succeed.

In marketing, very little chance of success is due to luck. Always remember, real time is not only timely interaction with customers but also the content inside it, A clear, complete plan is not to be missed.

What’s wrong with the wrong timing?

In the above example, there are some companies that are late but still successful. The AMC brand understands that customers do not want to spend too much money on junk food when watching movies. They included Oreos in snacks when watching movies at the theater. They got big sales after that campaign.

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The mission of Marketing is to satisfy the needs of customers.

With the increasing amount of information about Marketing, they forget that the mission of Marketing is to meet the needs of customers. Your product or service is supposed to be perfect. If the customer’s needs are not satisfied, at the wrong time, it will also fail. Real time affects a significant part of the results of marketing or business campaigns.

Consumers are really savvy. They don’t like to watch mass advertisements. Every day, they appear too much in front of them. In order for the customer to be satisfied, the advertisement must be different. Marketing forms that bring messages to individuals via email, will be appreciated.

Satisfy customer needs, attract them to you

A few years ago, people used to say that it was easier to get out of a plane crash than to get out of an advertisement. Advertising is rampant, not aimed at the needs of customers. Therefore, with a marketing campaign, the content is good in real time, meeting the needs of customers.

Effective real time is not marketing every time frame, moment, or event. Real time is really the right time, in time to suit the needs of customers. An effective real time is a well-prepared process. It must be combined with other tools such as media, social networks, blogs or other channels.

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Hope the above article helps people understand what real time is. An effective Real time Marketing campaign takes time. Wish everyone choose the right time.

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