A beautiful day, while entertaining by watching melodrama on Youtube. Suddenly, an advertisement appeared at the climax, cutting off my emotional circuit. Calm down, I’m curious what it is. It’s basically about a certain kid who quits his job at home. Since knowing Binomo, it can both travel and earn money, buy a lambo car, buy a villa. WTF? At such a young age, he bought a house and bought a car, really? Soon after, I determined to find out what Binomo is with a life-changing desire, and this article was born.

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Pros and cons of Binomo

What is Binomo?

Binomo is an exchange that offers binary options products, allowing players to profit from the up/down movements of the market. There are many types of markets supported by Binomo, from forex, commodities, stocks, indices to crypto markets and many more.

Calling it a binary option, it’s just a mouthful, but in fact it’s like a fortune. Binary in computer language it is 1 – 0, representing true – false, in this case can be understood as increase – decrease. Players will bet on the trend of the market, if right, they will win money, if they are wrong, they will lose money.

Just like other markets, players who want to win need to equip themselves with market analysis skills, analyze graphs to be able to make accurate decisions, increase the probability of winning. Don’t think that with every 2 selection doors, the winning rate will be 50 50 :))

Pros and cons of Binomo


Small minimum deposit amount: Only need to deposit 125,000 VND to start participating in Binomo, small amount for you to experience without risk Support for many markets: You can choose the market you love such as stocks, securities, virtual currency, gold, etc. Quick withdrawal orders: Withdrawal orders are processed quickly.

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No analytical graphs: Unlike other exchanges, Binomo does not provide charts and technical indicators, so users will find it difficult to analyze trends. Time to bet is too little: time to bet price trend is only 5 minutes max, so it’s almost impossible to predict :))

Is Binomo a scam

?Many of you who are new to Binomo and intend to invest in Binomo ask this question. If you understand fraud in the sense of burning money, not paying, then No. However, to be able to make money from Binomo like the advertisement I mentioned above is not feasible. Sitting at home is also easy to make money to become a millionaire, buy a house and buy a car, wake up, my friend.

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No scam but you still can’t earn money, here’s why:

Binomo only provides price and bet graphs in minutes, even seconds. There is no basis for analysis in such a short time, even experts are helpless, unable to analyze price trends. If you can analyze it, then you’re a saint, not a human

Excessive advertising, making thousands of dollars/day, or becoming a millionaire thanks to Binomo quickly and easily. This shows that Binomo is aimed at players who have no financial knowledge but want to get rich fast, called gamblers for short. These are the losers, it’s easy to lose all your money

Binomo has introduced a strategy to play Martingale. It’s called a quick fight. That is, bet $1, if you lose, double to $2, $4, $8… However, assuming you bet $1, you won’t be able to predict until the 8th time, you get $64, minus the total of your previous bets of $63, So that’s a profit of $1 =)).

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If everything was so simple, then just sitting and plowing all day wouldn’t make any profit. However, in Binomo’s policy I found this paragraph again: “The client acknowledges that when using the company’s services, the only reliable source of information about the quote streams is the company server. Quotes displayed on other trading platforms should not be considered a reliable source of information. Seriously, like this, it’s very likely that it manipulates the price =)). I bet only for a few seconds, it changes a few units who can control

These are the reasons why, although the odds seem to be 50 50, if you rush into the game, there is only one way to get to the dike. It’s all just fiction.

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How to play Binomo always wins

As you can see, there are many convenient portals for you money. The easiest is to top up via Ngan Luong or use a credit card

Choose a payment method, the next step you will choose the amount to deposit, there are many levels with different types of discounts for you to choose from. After choosing, then click pay as usual

Binomo Trading Guide

As soon as you log in, you will see the trading interface. Look out for some essential functions to start trading

Select the type of trading assetSelect the amount to betChoose the bet timePredict up/down

Note: Please manage your capital well and avoid trying to eat sticky rice. Just play for fun, don’t lose too much. You can’t be where’s the millionaire with Binomo

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How to withdraw money from Binomo

In case you win and want to withdraw, press the Deposit button

Next, switch to the Withdrawal Tab and follow the instructions. It’s the same as the Deposit

One of the advantages of Binomo is that it is very quick and easy to withdraw money, without worrying about losing money. The important thing is that you can win enough to withdraw money or not


Hopefully, my research about Binomo can help you have the best overview of Binomo. Personally, I still recommend that you do not participate in Binomo investment, the decision is still yours. Don’t be fooled by fictitious advertisements. If you want to invest, it is best to choose other markets with more potential, such as the cryptocurrency market.