It is very important to ensure the safety of the power grid system as well as the electrical equipment in that home or building. It is necessary to need an anti-current and anti-shock aptomat, which is part of the switchgear product group. RCBO Schneider is also one of those switches. Today we will learn what is RCBO Schneider? It is an electrical device used for anti-shock or anti-current detection, so it is very popular in both civil and industrial buildings.

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What is RCBO Schneider ?

RCBO is also known as leak-proof aptomat, Residual current cicuit overcurrent is the English abbreviation of RCBO. It is an MCB 2P sized leakage current device with overcurrent protection added. RCBO is the best leak-proof aptomat and has the main function of interrupting the current when it detects leakage current and especially electrical equipment problems.

What is the role of RCBO Schneider

?RCBO Schneider is equivalent to ELCB or also known as anti-shock circuit breaker, it is a type of circuit breaker and has short circuit protection function, it protects over load and protect the current against current detection problems or electric fires, especially RCBO Schneider has the role of protecting the safety of users of electrical equipment.

With the main function of Schneider RCBO is to cut off the power when there are leakage current or overload voltage problems, helping to overcome the situation of short or fire. In cases, when the current is overvoltage, the fault current is high, making the aptomat able to disconnect the power.

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Thus, in the event of a short or a fire, there is no need for Schneider RCBOs because conventional aptomats are also capable of interrupting the current.

For example, in the case of electric fires, electric motors or other electrical appliances in the home, the current is very small but still causes fire. In this case, the Schneider RCBO Aptomat cannot be protected.

Construction of RCBO Schneider

RCBO is an electrical device that combines RCCB and MCB in electrical equipment, which is designed to provide the best protection for people to overcome the fire situation caused by electrical equipment.

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RCBO is commonly used with rated current of 30mA used for people protection, property protection for people from any fire in case of broken insulation. RCBOs protect conductors from overloads and short circuits, and are available with B and C curve characteristics.

Panasonic RCBOs are manufactured using modern technological lines, insulating materials and resistant to strong impacts in all installation conditions. Panasonic RCBO has the best anti-current leakage effect, anti-shock for users of electrical equipment in different spaces. Panasonic RCBOs are capable of very precise and precise operation, they are also very durable and perform very well in a variety of conditions.

Application of RCBO Schneider

RCBO Schneider has a very wide range of applications and is extremely popular. It is used in large projects such as offices, companies, industrial parks and other civil works. Therefore, RCBO Schneider is the most perfect choice of consumers.

Installation of a Schneider RCBO requires a few rules

– Before installing the RCBO, it is necessary to calculate the entire power consumption. This is to know what the maximum amperage is.

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– Calculation must pay attention to all cases of load increasing current in the starting state.

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– Select the appropriate type of RCBO, ie the number of amps is not too high compared to the calculated result.