Most construction sites define the rack as a roof installation for safety. According to Wikipedia, parapet has many meanings. You may hear “parapet”, “barbet”, “roof” (this is the low wall on the roof of a building, located on its perimeter). The purpose of parapets is to reduce the risk of a person falling from the height of the house, to resist the wind and keep the roof cover intact, to cover holes in the roof surface.

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Classify parapets

Experts consider the following types of parapets:

Non-protruding, smooth, located on different edges of the roof of the buildingHas a lower fastening, closed with a special visorTwo floorsIn the form of handrails, which serve as an openwork fence

The installation of the racks depends on their material base, it happens:

ConcreteBrickMetalReinforced Concrete

Note: the choice of material for mounting the bracket is also determined by its heat resistance. Parapet as an installation from a rich accumulation of snow is made of galvanized steel, copper, metal.

The most popular are parapets bricks. Their installation begins after the construction of the ceiling. These parapets are half a meter high, have a special hole in the mat and a functional grip bar. Usually, such racks are installed with metal handrails, and in total they have a height of one and a half meters (plus or minus 30 cm).

Safety installation rules

Among the rules, the main thing is to follow the principles of security. About the rest:

Parapet should have a height of not less than 1 meter 20 cmLow buildings, whose height does not exceed 10 meters, can be without a stand, while tall buildings are required.At the junction of the walls of the building and the support must have a waterproof tape made of stainless steelOn the waterproofing tape for drip welding (same condition is required if coating of PVC, TPO material)Height of parapet from 50 cm provided a protective structure in the form of an apron is firmly fixed by a metal rod with self-tapping screws.

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Necessary building materials:

Cement solutionsBrickReinforcing metal rods Mounting strap Sealed, rain-protective media (roofing material)Self-piercing screws

Stages of parapet building

Only strict observance of the stages of parapet laying will give good results:

The bases of the parapets – overlap and cover the roof, it is necessary to start with itSome reinforcing bars are laid (height is more than half a meter)Piling is carried out (material is chosen independently establish or consult an expert)Masonry is connected by a fence

The word “parapet” is of French-Italian origin, its literal translation would sound like “chest guard”. In construction, the term “parapet” means a small fence (wall) along the perimeter of the roof of a building (both residential and public). In other words, this is a kind of continuation of the wall overhang on the roof. Such a barrier is designed for both flat and pitched roofs.

Types of parapets and their functions

Experts distinguish several types of parapets, depending on the construction design:

flat (with a flat surface, additionally equipped with a sprinkler for drainage); ridge (shielded with an extra visor); complex (skate with a built-in dropper, bent under the visor); simple or two slopes; shaped (in the form of a balustrade).

The choice of shape of the parapet fence depends on its functional purpose. Consider the main functions of lining panels for the roof of any building:

Protection: from disruption of the roof covered by strong winds; from fire in the event of a fire on the next building; from the free origin of precipitation to maintain roof integrity. to personalize design solutions (decorated with decorative elements in the form of stucco moldings, curly coatings, etc.).

Depending on the material of manufacture, that fence is brick or metal.

Materials for the manufacture of parapet fences on the roof

For roofs of public buildings, parapets should be made of metal materials:

steel – stainless, galvanized or powder coated with special paint (to increase life and give the necessary gloss); copper; various alloys (provided by relevant building codes) – aluminum, metal finish.

The thickness of the metal structure should be from 3 mm. In addition, it is coated with a special paint to prevent corrosion. Also these designs require equipment with struts and struts, since they are attached to the roof with their help.

This parapet, used on the roof, combines two basic functions – both protective and aesthetic.

Brick is used most often in the construction of residential buildings. Parapet from this material is built directly during the construction of the house. Features of brick fence are:

small height; metal apron; groove for installing roofing, fixed by a special strip.

In addition, block concrete and monolithic reinforced concrete can used to create a parapet.

Installation features of roof parapets

Russian construction follows special building codes and regulations, adopted by local governing bodies in the form of technically oriented acts – SNiPov. According to these standard indicators, the height of the pads can be different – ​​60 cm, 90 cm, 1 meter 20 cm. These criteria depend on the slope of the roof and the height of the border:

if the slope is up to 12%, the height of the parapet fence on the roof is allowed above 10 meters; if the slope exceeds 12%, the support can be more than 7 meters.

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Such standards are provided by fire safety for roofs with flat roof types, balconies and corridors, as well as open stairs, etc.

Each on its own represents a parapet. Some of the form of a solid wall of half a meter high along the edge of the roof. Others saw strong stone fences along riverbanks and other bodies of water in the city. Cast iron railing on the bridge, graceful but strong balcony, curved wall along the edge of the roof of the old building – this is also a parapet.

Parapet snake on the roof

Parapet on the roof in the form of a balustrade

Recently, another meaning has emerged: decorative elements from various materials that cover the fence from the effects of bad weather have begun to be called.

Even from a simple investigation of species, two basic functions of this architectural construction become clear.

Protect the roof and the safety of the people. Parapet along the edges of the roof reduces the risk of workers falling from height during repairs, prevents the fall of foreign objects from the roof (branches, construction debris). It is necessary to install visors on flat roofs in order to “seal” the lower edge of the roof rolled in them. This does not include wind and flow damage of the waterproofing layer. Decorative function. Decorative parapets not only decorate the building, but also allow you to hide all technical means on the roof – ventilation, antenna, air conditioning.

What are parapets

?The design and appearance of parapets depends on their location and purpose. They can be flat and gable, curly and in the form of balustrades, covered with decorative patches and without them. Materials for manufacture are also different: metal, stone, brick, concrete.

The shape of the parapet wall (especially on high-rise buildings) is usually simple, and variety is achieved by installing different linings of steel, plastic, copper.

Height of roof parapet

The minimum height of the roof paneling according to the SNIP is determined depending on the slope of the roof, the number of floors and the “attendance”. Partitions with a height of at least 1.2 m are installed on roofs and mining works higher than 10 m, on flat roofs and where “feet does not step”, a metal fence or railing high 0 ,5 m.

All fence structures in height, large and small, protective and decorative, must be well fixed. Not just the walls, but all the accompanying elements.

Decorate the function of parapets with your own hands

When building multi-storey buildings, we cannot interfere in the construction of parapets. Another thing is private construction. There are many opportunities for design to your liking. These are not only the coverings on the roof, but also the walls holding the decoration on the slopes, the decoration of the tides on the foundation, the decoration of the brick fences and pillars (also a type of parapet).

There are several possibilities for this.

First, choose a design material and call a team of tinsmiths. You will only have to see the work progress.

The second way is a bit more complicated and requires you to work with metal. It is necessary to receive dimensions and purchase finished products – they are sufficient in the construction market. Then place them to their destination. The difficulty is not only in owning the tools but also in understanding the design – what it serves.

Common settings for finishing parapets include fixing brackets and a metal parapet plum with a plastic coating. Installation is carried out after completion of work on the wall of the fence. The stand is fastened with anchors to the parachute. They are drained and riveted. Subsequent drains are laid on top of each other, the joint is smeared with a sealant. A variation of the formation of a seam on the joint is possible.

Another way to fix the upper exhaust involves installing mounting strips on both sides of the bulkhead. In this way, you can install a backing board on the uneven surface of any fence wall.

Similarly, ebbs are placed on the foundation of the house and the brick fence.

Particular attention is paid to the correct installation of the droppers and the formation of abutments with vertical surfaces. Otherwise, water running on the wall will negate all your efforts.

When constructing a building, much attention is paid to the construction of the roof. It means more than just decorative design its, but also functional features. Roof shingles are a construction along the edge of a roof, built for the safety of builders. It is necessary for flat or sloping roofs. Depending on the purpose, you can use different methods to attach the bracket.

What is a roof baffle

Parapet images allow you to better understand what a design should look like and what tasks it can do. A dense gasket protects the roof from strong winds. In extreme cases, bad weather can partially damage or break the roof.

Parapet is an element of a building that performs a decorative function. It can be seen on the roofs of high-rise buildings, behind it in private houses can be hidden air conditioning or other communications. Parapets of the photo.

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Types of architectural works

There are different types of designs:

Figure; simple; complex; plane; in the form of a ridge.

This figure looks like a railing for the roof, it has intricate lines and curves. Simple consists of two rays. As for the complex, its exhaust is under the top and the drainage is on both sides.

The apartment has drippers from different sides. And the last variation in the shape of a ridge has a covered canopy, which is a lower support.

If the building is tall, for example, a high-rise building or an office center, you can not do without an apron from rain, which is usually made of metal, sheet steel, copper hoods and concrete panels.

The parapet can be made of different materials. Usually it is built of bricks. It can be placed directly on the top of the roof. The minimum height of the structure is half a meter, the maximum is unlimited. Inside is a carpet, covered with a pressed bar.

In addition, roofing sheets are made of the following materials:

concrete blocks; metal; monolithic reinforced concrete.

To make it more durable and last longer, it is possible to supplement the structure with metal or wooden reinforcements.

It is mandatory to install metal handrails during construction. They will have a larger height, and the total height will be at least 1 meter.

Preparing for installation

Metal appliances are easiest to install. It takes only two elements: the main part, called the regiment, and the bends (straight or curly). The installation is mounted at an angle of 90 degrees.

Before starting work, you need to prepare all the materials and tools. To install you need:

bricks and mortar for styling; belt clip; armature; tools for fasteners; metal caps; apron to cover the parapet assembly.

The parapet for the roof needs to be installed according to all the rules so that it can perform its protective function. Parapet should be at least 1.2 meters. If the building is low, then it is enough to install a metal fence. Safety devices are required if the height of the building is higher than 10 meters.

If the structure is adjacent to the soft roof, then in this place it is necessary to lay a waterproof carpet. The material is fixed with special crutches. In addition, an additional waterproofing mat is required if the roof is covered with PVC material. He will keep the drip.

Creating a galvanized steel structure, more than 0.5 meters in height, you need a protective apron. On top of the apron is attached a metal strip, it is fixed with screws, after which all seams are sealed.

Building efficiency

The parapet is installed at the end of the construction, when the roof is completely covered and the floors are installed. Each row of parapet is reinforced, the height of each bar should be 0.5 meters and higher. If not, it will have another fence.

To keep it good, you need to make a strong fork. This place needs waterproofing.

The roof layer can be tucked into the groove, prepared in advance or placed on the shelf surface. Collage photo.

You need to focus on the following principles:

Recently, polymer films have been used in place of felt roofing during isolation. They are better able to deal with their function and more durable.

Why not install it yourself? If you make a mistake during installation, for example, if the connection is poor, then the bracket can quickly loosen. In this form, he is unable to perform his basic protective function.

Much attention is paid to the choice of materials. In case of poor quality materials, they can be destroyed by corrosion. Experts should assess the rainfall norm in this area, the water load on the roof, calculate the area.

When installing racks on the roof of a building with a height of more than 3 floors, climbing equipment is required. It’s a group of professional installers, buying it to build yourself is completely unprofitable.

If the shape of the roof is complicated, then the problem becomes the alignment of the tides. If both the horizontal and the inclined part must be attached at the same time, the ebb is manufactured to order using a single cloth. The same goes for other forms of irregularities.

Security on the streets, at work and at home is the main requirement for a life entirety. The construction industry is actively promoting this issue together with ZhEK employees and regulatory agencies, as the level of accidents on roads and roofs exceeds the permissible limit. Construction builder and road builder are struggling with this problem with parapets.

What is the Parapet that builds it

It is this word that comes to us from the French word “parapet”, and this word is also found in Italian, defined as “noble wall”. In our everyday language, the parapet denotes a wall extending over the roof and road that performs the safety function of falls and accidents, like a railway on a bridge, roof, stairs and altitude. Often when building private houses, between the second and first floors, it is used to create a recreation area, instead of a balcony, because umbrellas allow in this case to expand the space. In other cases, it narrows the space and somewhat restricts it.

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According to SNIP, the device of parapets is necessary for the roof:

with a height of more than 10 m (up to the eaves) and a slope of up to 12%; with a height of more than 7 m and a slope of skates more than 12%;

History of parapet development in buildings

The first time the parapet began to be used in the construction of buildings at the end of the 15th century in France in the town of Staibulin. Later, this idea was picked up by Greece, Spain and Italy. The building’s Turkish partitions are decorated with national and religious figures and drawings. Since the twentieth century, there has been a violent “boom” in the development of the automobile industry, which has introduced many rules and regulations for public conduct on the road. So there are rules of the road. The main principle on the road has always been considered the safety of the life of pedestrians and drivers. And the bridges, the uneven roads, in contact with the pavement, carry a great danger to society. At high speeds, the car often enters a pond, stock, a river due to the fact that there are no limiting factors on the road. To this end, invented curbs and roadside fences. With the goal of eliminating accidents on buildings and multi-storey buildings in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, architects necessarily used this element of “insurance” on the roofs of buildings. house and balcony. To this day, builders and architects follow this building code. And also on balconies and bridges use rails, which is also a subspecies of parapet.

What are the parapets of the building:

flat, their surface is completely flat, they are equipped with a discharge pipe, responsible for dividing the water flow, divorced in the opposite direction; skate, attached from below and covered with a visor sunny; complex, the water in them is drawn from two different sides, and the drops are bent under the visor; simple, has two slopes; shape, externally reminiscent of a balustrade.

Types of Parapets

Fences; Basic; For roofs and roofs; Sidewalks; Roadside.

Fences often have some ornament or pattern, as it ends the structural scheme of the fence. The use of a forged metal fence not only adorns the external appearance of the fence, but also ensures the safety of property and does not penetrate into private territory.

The foundation strengthens the structure and provides more space to use it for waterproofing purposes. This species is also commonly used in playgrounds: in sandboxes and play areas. In this case, the parapet shows the role of the boundary of the playing field. When building professional pools, it is necessary to create a gasket for it, which helps to hold the pool water.

Curb and curb differ only in height, but in general, roads run on highways and on roads. The curb protects pedestrians from vehicle attacks on the sidewalk, and the roadside protects the vehicle from dangerous road sections: a bridge, rest, a sharp and dangerous descent, a road faulty. Road traffic rules dictate where the road map must be present in useful conditions, equipped with special night vision lanterns.

Method of manufacturing parapets

They make a parapet from almost any building material. For office buildings, lightweight construction of metal pipes, covered with plastic or glass, is often used. Safety regulations require that racks on the roof of a building be at least 0.60 cm high. On an unsafe roof, the construction of metal pipes ensures safety on the roof.

A fairly common form is forging parapets from metal products: the type that produces not only aesthetically, but also has the longest operating time. Stainless steel forging products. The most common type is made of bricks or their concrete blocks. This species is considered the most affordable, economical, from a material point of view, and simple in construction. Only here requires regular maintenance of the appearance with the help of special solutions and paint. This type is used in the construction of roads and private houses.

As for roofs and roofs, screens are mainly used in the construction of high-rise buildings, because the roof is not safe for residents and surrounding people, and also organize the collection of wastewater. Usually, this type of parapet has special connections with sewage drains.

Important! Parapets on a flat roof can be combined, consisting of several different materials. For example, metal rails are often installed on concrete or brick foundations.

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To entrust the fastening and structure of the parapet is best to professionals, despite the fact that it is not so difficult to take it out on its own. The whole point is the quality and safety of attachment. Basically, companies specializing in installation work carry out the installation and installation of brackets on any part of the building. They also provide a guarantee of job safety and this insurance. Thanks to special fasteners, this kind of work is done with the main purpose – to protect people from accidents.