Installing Proxy to ensure security for access on the Internet environment increases, because the need to convert Proxy to foreign websites is increasing. So you know about Proxy and how it works?

Currently, the number of searching and installing Proxy to ensure the security of access on the Internet environment has increased, because the demand for converting Proxy to foreign websites is increasing. So you know about Proxy and how it works? Please join Hosting Viet to find out what a Proxy server is in the following article.

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What are proxies? What is a proxy server?

Proxy acts as a door to connect users and the Internet. It is a computer system or a router that is isolated between the sender and the receiver. The proxy has its own IP and a fixed access port.

For example: A Proxy server address is then IP address and access port 8080.

With the same task as a web filter and firewall, the Proxy server provides shared network connections, cached data for the purpose of speeding up access requests.

Proxy servers are capable of providing security and different functions, depending on the user’s policy settings.

What are the features of Global Proxy Server

?The Proxy Server offers many important features such as:

Firewalls and Filtering

Proxy servers work at the Application layer (this is layer 7 of the OSI reference model), and have application independent filtering. If configured correctly, the Proxy server will improve the security, as well as the performance of the internet. It can be said that Proxy can perform many high security capabilities that ordinary firewalls do not provide.

Connection Sharing

Proxy server provides a scalable and efficient solution for accessing the Internet. It replaces the act of assigning each client with a direct internet connection. Thanks to Proxy, all internal connections go through one or more proxies, which are then connected out in turn.

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There are 3 methods of caching websites, improving the quality of the internet thanks to the Proxy server:

– Improve bandwidth and, at the same time, increase scalability.

– Increased responsiveness to clients.

– Increase the ability to serve access even when offline.

What is Proxy Operation

?When a web access request comes from a client, it first goes to the Proxy server. At the Proxy server, the data will be processed by the system according to the request and collect the responses from the web server. Then all the data is returned and displayed on the user’s browser.

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Besides, the Proxy server also encrypts the data so that they are not read in transit. As a result, Proxy has the ability to prevent illegal access based on IP address.

Classification of Proxy Server

Proxy servers are divided into the following 4 types:

Transparent Proxy (Transparent Proxy)

During operation, Transparent Proxy performs IP address mining and identifies web access requests. This transparent proxy is often used by businesses, schools, and public libraries, for the purpose of filtering content thanks to how easy it is to set them up on the client-server system.

Anonymity Proxy (Anonymous Proxy)

Anonymity Proxy does not transfer IP addresses to websites, so it has the ability to enhance security, prevent information theft, or save users’ browsing habits. At the same time, Anonymous Proxy also helps prevent websites from serving advertising content based on the location of Internet users.

Distorting Proxy

Distorting Proxy also works similar to Anonymity Proxy. That is, it secures the Internet visitor’s IP by sending a wrong IP address to the web server. As a result, users can access the blocked website, by appearing in a different location from the actual location.

High Anonymity Proxy (High Anonymity Proxy)

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This is the most secure type of Proxy when accessing the web. Specifically, High Anonymity Proxy periodically changes the IP address that appears on the web server. Therefore, it is very difficult for the web server to track the owner of the traffic.

What are the advantages of Proxy

?There are quite a few advantages for individuals and organizations to choose to use a Proxy server:

Control internet usage: When a Proxy server is set up in a business or household network, administrators can easily monitor members’ internet access. Besides, thanks to a good security mechanism, the Proxy will deny access to the websites that have been set up by the administrator. This helps improve the work efficiency of employees, or parents easily restrict children from accessing unwanted websites. Save bandwidth, increase speed: Proxy server has a cache backup feature, so it easily receives and handles thousands of hits at the same time. Of course, this not only improves access speed, but also saves significant bandwidth. Increase security: You can easily use Proxy server to browse Stay private without fear of being left behind. By configuring the proxy to enable encryption of web requests, your transaction cannot be read by others. In addition, through the Proxy server, you also avoid malicious websites. Access blocked resources: By logging in to the Proxy server in a different location, you will be able to extract resources from blocked websites.

What are the disadvantages of Proxy Server Address

?Although quite useful, Proxy server still has some limitations such as:

Access speed is slower than actual: This situation occurs because the access must go through the Proxy server instead of accessing it directly. Risk of attack: In fact, there are a number of Proxy servers created by hackers to serve bad purposes. So, if you accidentally use this server, the risk of being hacked is very high. It may be necessary to use a different Proxy for each protocol: Because the Proxy server is required to understand the protocol to determine whether actions are allowed or not. Therefore, sometimes, you need a Proxy for each specific ritual. When there is no Proxy for the new service, it is very difficult to get them into the system. At this point, the best way is to put it outside the firewall. Because if placed in the system, it can become a security hole.

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What is the difference between NAT and Proxy

?As shared above, the Proxy server represents the user’s computers when accessing the system. Meanwhile, NAT has the function of changing the original address of the traffic. In addition, one more difference between NAT and Proxy is that NAT works on the network layer (layer 3) and Proxy works on the transport layer or higher (at least layer 4).

Proxy server installation instructions

How to set up the Proxy server as follows:

Instructions for installing Proxy for Firefox

Step 1: Open the Menu item on the toolbar and select Options.

– Step 2: Scroll down to the end, select Connection Setting, then select Manual proxy configuration. Then you fill in the following information:

HTTP Proxy or HTTPS Proxy: IP address, port of HTTP Proxy.

Instructions for setting up Proxy for Chrome

Step 1: Open Chrome browser, click Settings.

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– Step 2: When the Settings window appears, select Show advanced settings. Then you scroll to the bottom.

– Step 3: Click on Change prox settings. Click Connections and click LAN settings to complete.

Above are the sharing and instructions of Vietnamese Hosting about what are proxies and how to install them on popular browsers. Hopefully, the article gives you useful information in securing the Internet experience.