Among many rhinoplasty methods, why should you have a structural rhinoplasty at TMV Gangwhoo? Let’s find out the reasons below with Gangwhoo!

The growing society leads to economic abundance, which leads to an increase in the demand for beauty products. Everyone wants to beautify themselves by being thoughtful in dress, walking, and gestures. But owning a beautiful face is always a great advantage when stepping out on the street, at work, out in society.

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WHAT IS ANY Structural Lift

?Structural Rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty technique that combines autologous cartilage with artificial cartilage for the purpose of total reconstruction of the nose, this technique helps to lift the nose. Effectively raise the tip of the nose, removing most of the defects in the nose. This is the most advanced rhinoplasty technique at present, which other rhinoplasty techniques have not yet applied.

A face that wants to impress all eyes is determined 80% by the nose. Therefore, many people prefer and choose the structural rhinoplasty solution to upgrade their less charming nose shape. There are many rhinoplasty methods to choose from, read the article below to see why you should have a structural rhinoplasty and not other methods of rhinoplasty.

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Natural beauty under every angle

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Naturalness is always the top factor that people who like to beautify themselves want to have after rhinoplasty surgery. Most people in the East are born with a flat nose and a low bridge of the face. And their concept of a beautiful nose is the complete opposite of that trait. They want a much higher nose. However, a high nose does not mean natural beauty.

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A naturally beautiful nose is a nose shape that is in harmony with the face, not too high, the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose are gently curved to form a soft S-line.

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Structural rhinoplasty is a newly born method for comprehensive rhinoplasty, so it thoroughly improves the disadvantages to bring a natural beautiful nose shape from any angle.

Currently, there are 2 nose shapes that are very popular with beauty believers: S – line and L – line, when you come to Gangwhoo to use the structural rhinoplasty service, your doctor will advise you to suit your shape. Which nose and why you should choose structural rhinoplasty to have the most harmonious nose shape with the face.

The reason why you should have a structural rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo is because this solution uses autologous cartilage and bio-cartilage with 99% compatibility with the body, ensuring a beautiful and delicate nose shape, long-term maintenance. .

After being implanted in the nose area, the cartilage will adhere to the surrounding tissues to create a stable connection. The nose will be stable after 3-6 months and can be used for a lifetime if there are no problems.

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Not only applied to the first nose shape with cosmetic intervention, but also the risk cases that cause the nose to become complicated due to previous damaged rhinoplasty such as red ball of the nose tip, nose tip collapse, nose wing collapse, wave exposure, nose deviation, etc., under skillful and meticulous hands in each stage of applying the structural rhinoplasty solution of the medical team Gangwhoo can completely overcome. This is the reason why you should lift the nose structure that customers are “suffering” because of their damaged nose after lifting.

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With the structural rhinoplasty technique – all defects in the nose will be solved, giving customers a standard, natural-beautiful nose shape:

Upturned, short, low nose; Broken nose, concave, protruding nose; Thin skin in nose area; Large, raft, big nose tip; crooked, deviated nose;