Polyurethane, also known as PU, is known as one of the materials produced in the heat-resistant and insulation industry with a long history in the world. In recent years, new PU is being gradually put into use and sold in Vietnam market. PU is one of the important chemicals in the building materials industry.

So what is PU? What practical applications does Pu have in industry and human life? What is PU Panel? Let’s find out detailed and useful information about this chemical with Vikorsteel.

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I. What is PU chemical insulation. Pu has very high durability, resistance to natural agents, very good weather such as: hot sun. rain, wind, dust, oxidation, etc., but no corrosion and loss.

In addition, PU is also not affected by organic and inorganic substances in nature. PU is considered an effective material that can replace rubber in the future. Taking advantage of these outstanding properties, people have applied PU material in many human life products such as: PU Foam, PU Panel, PU leather, etc.

Polyurethane Chemicals

II. Chemical formula of PU material

What is PU Chemical? PU is composed of hard and soft segments in the molecular structure. The hard segments of PU are made up of Disocyanate and the soft segments are made of Polyol. Below is a picture describing the chemical formula of PU:

Chemical Formula of Polyurethane

III. Outstanding characteristics of chemicals Polyurethane (PU)

– Very good abrasion resistance, used as a paint coating on building materials such as corrugated iron, panel, .. The abrasion resistance of PU is compared better than some metals or plastic rubber. – The ability to not be affected by tearing when using high – No adhesion by materials such as grease or organic solvents – The ability to withstand the impact of weather and the natural environment is very High and durable, not affected by oxidation, ozone or sunlight – Good electrical insulation – Withstand strong impact force and good elasticity

IV. Unexpected application of PU material in industry and daily life

1. Insulation Panels PU Panel

PU panels are insulation panels with cores made from PU, with a thickness ratio of 50 200 mm, wrapped by two sides of colored or colored stainless steel corrugated iron with a thickness of 0.3 mm 0.6 mm. linked together by camlock.Panel PU is often used in the installation process of cold storages, freezers, clean rooms, cool storage in many electronics assembly, food processing and manufacturing plants. seafood at supermarkets, commercial centers,…

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2. PU Foam Foam

PU Foam is a special type of foam made from PU. Often used as partitions for construction panels, partitions, furniture, bed cushions, car interiors, sofas, large-sized handicrafts, etc.

3. Insulation PU sheet

PU corrugated iron, also known as PU corrugated iron, is a type of corrugated iron with an insulating PU layer combined with a metal layer to effectively resist heat and noise. PU corrugated iron is often used for roofing, factory spaces, warehouses, factories, and factories. At the same time, Pu corrugated iron is also used in effective large-sized arenas and stadiums.

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Above are the sharing of PU chemicals, explaining what PU is, what application characteristics PU material has through the products of Panel PU, PU Foam, … of Vikorsteel.

We are currently a manufacturer and supplier of PU insulation, PU Panel, Polyol chemical products with good expansion, high surface stability, suitable hatching time. Used in the production of corrugated iron sheet, insulation panel, refrigerator insulation, specialized cold room…

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