Today, traditional advertising on TV (TVC – Television commercial) is no longer a powerful communication channel as it was 10-20 years ago. In its heyday, TVC was a unique opportunity for you to promote your products and services to millions of potential customers.

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Now, the story has changed completely.

Main content of the article 1. What is TVC? 2. The barriers of TVC3. 10 Steps to build advertising TVC4. Some famous TVCs in Vietnam

What is TVC?

TVC – Television Commercial is a word used to refer to forms of advertising on TV. TVC advertising method has been used in the marketing communication strategy for a long time, as a communication channel to distribute different messages to the target audience of the business.

Undeniably, TVC is a very expensive form of advertising. But in return, it brings a great trust from customers because of the notion that businesses that can advertise on TV – official channels will be very reputable and professional.

However, TVC is increasingly losing its throne in the “advertising village” because of the rise of Marketing Online, the barriers are:

Existing barriers in the digital era

Before we dive into the building blocks that can make your business’ TVC more appealing, you need to arm yourself with ways to deal with the roadblocks that can make a new marketing campaign worse. of the business failed.

1. Ad skip technology: Before the rapid development of TV program recording devices (such as Roku or Tivo), more and more people use the fast forward function when the TV program is interrupted by a few interruptions. advertising minutes.

Even if your business spends hundreds of millions to secure a solid advertising spot during prime time, there is no guarantee your ad will reach the millions of potential customers out there.

2. Too many things distract customers: Before the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, smart handheld devices, etc., there are too many factors that can make customers not focus on TVCs on television. Your ads can reach millions of people, but maybe only 1% of them are actually tracking your ads.

3. Psychology of “prevention” of advertising: People often have a “precautionary” mentality with all types of advertising. People are surrounded every day by dozens and hundreds of advertisements for all kinds of different products and services. And then the ads destroy and destroy their favorite programs even more.

Are customers willing to linger for a few minutes just to watch 30-60 seconds of your brand introduction video? Or immediately change the channel without any regrets?

Will TVC really work anymore

?TVC will, to some extent, still work (just less than 10-20 years ago). If you want to implement TVC campaigns in the present time, you need to equip yourself with the necessary skills to attract attention from potential customers.

How do customers pay attention to your ad? How do they not switch channels and not be distracted by other entertainment? How do you still get your message across without annoying your customers? These questions should be considered in the plan to build a marketing campaign – communication through TVC.

Once you understand how to communicate through TV advertising, as well as see the potential opportunities from this method, you can come up with creative and outstanding ideas that can turn off a single customer. Who wouldn’t be seduced by your business’s advertising spot.

10 steps to build an effective TVC advertising spot

Here are 10 basic steps to help you establish a good TVC strategy:

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1. Big idea – what is your big idea

?TV advertising can be very expensive. From buying a fixed time frame to introduce products, to buying an advertising spot in the prime time frame, it all consumes a large amount of budget in the business’s wallet for Marketing. So, what is the big idea that customers expect from your product / service?

Let’s take a look at the advertising spots that have made waves in Vietnam in the past time. Like Tiki, for example, just passing an advertising spot during the Tet season, with the slogan repeated by Truong Giang: “Oh my god, can you believe it”, emphasized the fact that the items on the page are discounted to 91% on this occasion.

Netizens were immediately buzzing with the comedian’s catchphrase in the ad. The views of Tiki’s YouTube ads have reached 1.5 million (as of May 2019). There are still no statistics on the main TV channels.

There is no reason why your business should not create a viral effect from creative advertising spots. Do something great, and customers will notice to you immediately.

2. TVC advertising script must be good and impressive

Once you have a creative idea, you have to write an impressive script for TVC. Of course, you don’t have to be a great scriptwriter to do that successfully. You need to pay special attention to how to convey the message that the business wants to send through that advertising spot, from the tone, rhythm, and meaning of the story.

Remember, you only have a very short amount of time to clearly convey the message you want to send. Don’t make your story long and complicated. Make it short, concise, and clear.

You need to be clear about what your business is promoting, even if your customers are in the next room and can’t watch your TVC live on TV. And you also need to be aware of TVC’s time limit. Advertising time will have to fall from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the time frame and how much you spend on broadcasters).

In short, pay attention to the limited time and frequency of promoting your products, and build short, concise and clear advertising content.

3. Should the human aspect be emphasized in advertising

?There are many impressive advertising content that does not require the presence of humans (for example, TVC advertising Vinamilk’s cow’s milk, or spot “What’s hot” by Beeline). But also so that your business should not underestimate the power of human images in advertising spots.

To ensure that TVC becomes really professional and attracts a lot of attention, your business should consider using professional actors or celebrities with good acting to participate in commercials.

4. Hire professional TVC advertising agencies

You want your TVC product to become professional? Hire an agency that specializes in TVC production and let them do the work for you. They have the ability to cover the entire pre-production stages of the ad, from writing, shooting, and editing.

Your business should consult the price before choosing a partner manufacturing company. Of course it’s money, but consider all aspects to best fit the resources your business currently has.

5. Plan each scene

Once you have the commercial script, know the actors involved in the commercial, and all the aspects involved, you start the first steps in shooting and editing the commercial spot.

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To make things go smoothly, plan out all you can during filming and editing. For example, your ad should have 10 scenes, 8 sets in the living room, and 6 sets in the bedroom.

Because of the limited advertising time, during the filming process, you absolutely have to decide to cut the scenes that are cumbersome, or in your opinion are not necessary to appear.

6. Audio and video must match

During the editing process, you must ensure that the image and sound in the ad spot match.

Surely the audience will not be satisfied at all if the image of a car is appearing on the TV screen, without hearing a sound of the engine or hissing gas.

7. Limited time compliance

If your business has purchased a 30-second TVC spot on a broadcaster, the spot you’re filming and editing should be 30 seconds, no exception.

Therefore, all the most important and outstanding things of TVC must be conveyed fully and clearly in this limited time fund.

8. Use CTA in ad spot

With limited funds and resources, you probably cannot build a TVC advertising clip purely for the purpose of increasing brand awareness, but it must also help businesses increase revenue. Therefore, you must have your own strategy. That strategy is to use CTAs – calls to action effectively.

The CTA here can be a call for customers to immediately call the phone number A B C to use the service or listen to a consultation from the care operator to find out more information. Or CTA can also be calling customers to A B C supermarket to immediately take the product home because there is a promotion.

Note, CTA must be short, convey the full message as quickly and easily as possible so that customers can have the data and take the next actions such as: using your business’s services/products (no. phone, address, website,…).

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9. Choose a reasonable TVC broadcast time frame

The time advertising is aired plays a very important role in reaching and capturing the attention of customers. An advertising spot at 3 a.m. will most likely only help you burn through your business’ marketing budget faster without reaping any significant benefits.

Don’t forget to choose the right TV channel to broadcast ads of your business. Sensitive advertising on children’s channels is both offensive and does not help businesses reach their target customers correctly. (and certainly not reviewed)

10. Maintain a stable TVC broadcast frequency

Your business needs to ensure that the frequency of broadcast of TVC advertising spots is stable, can maximize the reach to the target audience, and is suitable for the budget that the business has spent on it. partner television stations.

To support TVC, your business needs to build supporting tools, such as landing pages, websites, flyers, customer care call centers, to be ready to receive customers after they follow your ads. career on TV.

Some famous TVCs in Vietnam

In Vietnam, big brands soon realized the importance of advertising in spreading business messages, expanding brand recognition and stimulating consumer behavior. Here are the 5 most famous TVCs in Vietnam:

1. Dien May Xanh – Want to buy a TV

?In the late 2016s, the television screens of millions of Vietnamese people suddenly appeared the image of green people dancing on funny tunes with repeated messages. Repeat for 30 seconds advertising: “You want to buy TV – Go to Dien May Xanh“.

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Immediately, this TVC caused controversy among the public and industry insiders. People think that this is a unique and strange idea and applaud. Others consider this a ridiculous idea, a setback in creativity.

Although there are people who praise and criticize, it is undeniable that this TVC’s influence on the Vietnamese public is undeniable. It contributes to the success of Dien May Xanh brand as it is today.

2. Vinamilk – 100% pure fresh milk

Nowadays, it is not difficult for you to come across Vinamilk advertising spots with the participation of cows. So where is the origin of this ad sequence?

Going back to 2006, Vinamilk launched TVC with the image of funny cows dancing, not forgetting to convey the message: “100% pure Vinamilk fresh milk”.

This TVC’s contribution is huge for Vinamilk. It turns a Vietnamese dairy brand into a giant, competing equally in brand recognition with famous dairy businesses in the world.

3. Saigon Special Beer – Maybe you are not tall…

Today, wherever you go on the streets of Vietnam, you can also see people using Saigon beer for fun. Contributing to this popularity was its TVC Saigon Special in the early 2000s.

The company’s message is very clear: You may not be tall, but others still have to look up. It not only shows the characteristic yeast of the product that is not inferior to any beer brand, but also conveys the message of self-respect of Vietnamese people to friends from all over the world. Small but mighty!

4. Bitis – Nurturing Vietnamese feet

Before Son Tung and Bitis’ Hunter, none of us did not remember the iconic Biti’s with shoes that have endured over time. This brand made that impression in the eyes of the public, all of whom were advertising spots “Craising Vietnamese feet” nearly 20 years ago:

The message Biti’s wants to convey here is: The Vietnamese shoe brand has been and always accompanies, closely follows, and protects the feet of Vietnamese people in every period and every step of the way.

5. Coca Cola – Refreshing the New Year with joy

Last in the list of famous advertisements in Vietnam is the Coca Cola brand. Taking advantage of the distinctive red and vibrant colors of Tet, Coca has launched TVC to express the warm reunion spirit of Vietnamese people from all over the world.

Today, every New Year comes, Coca Cola launches a new TVC spot, continuing to emphasize the core value that the company still pursues: Connecting love in each Tet to spring.


In the face of the stormy development of new media channels, TVC advertising still proves its value. What makes the success of TVC advertising spots is: simple, concise, conveying meaningful and pure Vietnamese messages.

However, TVC is not without its own challenges. The shift from traditional advertising channels (on TV, radio) to digital platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Facebook) is being promoted by businesses in recent years. Being creative, but not forgetting to catch up with new trends is what brands need to do, to take advantage of TVC’s strengths in brand building and development.

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Hopefully, the above article has helped you learn about TVC – Television Commercial, a method of marketing and advertising media. Read more articles on Marketing at Uplevo Blog.