You are passionate about modeling !You dream of becoming a professional model !You don’t know where to start and how to develop !

Join the model training course at Tay Nguyen Phim.

Watching: What is a Catwalk

Here you will experience a quality and professional training environment, combined with a team of instructors with many years of experience in the modeling industry. Orientation to develop professional models.

Students of the Central Highlands Film at a professional fashion show


What is the standard way to go on the catwalk?

This is a question that many of you are facing, this article will guide you in an easy to understand way.

First we need to understand what is a catwalk? Catwalk is a fashion word that says in your steps you need to be light, flexible and skillful. Sometimes this is also a noun referring to a professional fashion show.

Photo: Central Highlands students Practical film in class

To walk the catwalk properly and beautifully, most of you have to have a gentle transition between your shoulders and hips, especially your hips must be slightly open to get a straight, comfortable but not too restrictive posture during the move. transfer.

Photo: Central Highlands students Film at the Miss Entrepreneur 2019 contest

Pay attention to the stops of your steps and gait, keep an eye on your arms, choose a suitable standing position with a stop. Practice walking the catwalk, imagine the force of balance with books, pens, etc. Combine heels and big toes by catching them. The beginning and the end The legs are wide and steady in the pose The eyes are focused on the heart Those are the basic elements to help you in going to the catwalk, for more updates you can contact directly to Tay Nguyen Phim for more information. be supported.

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Photo: performing at the professional catwalk

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Duration: 3 months / course. Tuition: 3,500,000 VND / course. Schedule: Every Sunday morning.

Special: At the end of the modeling course, Central Highlands Film Center organizes fashion photo shoots for students as a souvenir. At the same time, images can be used to cast ads for the modeling process.

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Note: Register quickly, applications are limited.

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