Gemini (May 21 – June 22) has the English name Gemini. Gemini people are usually gentle, kind, handsome, beautiful people with intelligence and quick adaptation. Gemini is considered an interesting zodiac sign, their life is full of colors with many good intentions.

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General understanding of Gemini

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General knowledge about Gemini

Basic Information Gemini The 3rd Sign of the Zodiac Born May 21 – June 22 Zodiac Star Mercury English Name Gemini Symbol Twins Element of the Five Elements Air Lucky Number 3 , 4 and 7 Body Parts Lungs, Arms Color Green, sky blue, purple Dating Libra, Aquarius Befriends Virgo, Pisces Unsuitable Sagittarius

The Legend of Gemini

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According to Greek legend, on Mount Olympus, 12 gods reign, in which the Lord of the 12 gods is Zeus who married the queen of Sparta and had two twin sons: Castor and Pollux .

These twins showed a resilient and brave personality from a young age, entwined with each other. Growing up, together they made many resounding feats, including the journey on the great Argo ship. The brotherly affection is extremely strong, there is an invisible invisible wire connecting them so that they are very good with each other, fighting together.

However, in a certain battle, Castor died from his injuries, and Pollux inherited his father’s immortal blood and was lucky to survive. Having to witness his brother’s death firsthand made Pollux extremely miserable, beyond his tolerance, so he decided to commit suicide.

But no matter how many times Pollux tried to commit suicide, it was still unsuccessful because the immortal bloodline prevented it. So the guy asked his father to die in his stead, Zeus relented and decided to take them to the sky to turn into the constellation Gemini, they would take turns living every day. Therefore, the constellation Gemini becomes a symbol of sacred and eternal brotherhood.

Symbolic image of Gemini

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From the above legend, the symbol of Gemini is the image of twins standing next to each other (that is, Castor and Pollux) with completely opposite personalities from both appearance and personality, but striving for the same cause. a strong ideal and always coordinate well, unite, love each other, willing to sacrifice their lives to save the other.

And so this Gemini never shines all at once, as they take turns coming down to earth each day, the stars that remain will become bright, a symbol of sacrifice and connection.

Decoding Gemini personality

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Gemini is the perfect combination of the two sides of yin and yang. According to horoscope science, the personality of Gemini people will also have a lot in common, but it depends on gender. As follows:

Personality of Gemini Male

Gemini man has the following outstanding personality traits:

Humorous, sociable: Gemini man is always loved and respected by everyone because he is always sociable, open, ready to share and comfort those around him. Besides, they also have the charm to tell jokes, say witty sentences that make people interesting and strangely attracted. Alternate: In love affairs, Gemini man can make girls find it difficult to understand because personality can change suddenly. Even though before, there was a sweet, romantic surprise to give you flowers, then suddenly became indifferent, turning into an unusually heartless person. Therefore, they have unusual changes in behavior like people with multiple personalities. Friendly: However, you will not be able to stay angry with a Gemini man for too long because of that indifference. As soon as you feel uncomfortable, the Gemini man will immediately use friendliness to comfort you, give you a warm feeling, and deftly dispel your anger. Impatience: They are fascinated by new things and impatient to wait, they are quite hasty in everything so they are really impatient. Therefore, this is a major weakness of Gemini South but can still be overcome.

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Personality of Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has the following outstanding personality traits:

Intelligence: The Gemini woman’s intelligence can be shown through education, they have the ability to work very well with their minds and are skillful in communicating with people around them. Their intelligence is also reflected in modern thinking, humor and wit, and the ability to solve problems quickly and rationally.Frankness: In love affairs, Gemini women often conceive “If you are hungry, you must eat, if you love, you must speak”. That’s why they’ll usually be the first to confess if they’re already turned on the green light but the other half still refused to speak. In addition, the Gemini Woman can’t stand the things that make students uncomfortable, but frankly presents them. However, thanks to their intelligence, they can skillfully handle everything. Generosity: Gemini Woman always treats her relatives, friends and even those around her well. They have no mercy on those they deem worthy and always give their best. For unfortunate situations, they will be ready to give without needing to receive in return Love freedom: Gemini woman is very independent, can often eat dinner alone and study, also does not feel lonely, does not want to be tied When they are young, they will not want to get married because they feel constrained. However, after deciding to get married, they will devote all their hearts to their family.

Which sign is Gemini compatible with?

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If you are looking for the answer to the question “Which sign of Gemini Man/Female is most compatible with in love” please continue to follow!

Which sign of Gemini male is compatible with

?Pic 5: Gemini man is suitable for which female sign? (Source:

Which sign Gemini is compatible with when in love is a matter of great interest to many people.

Gemini male and female Aquarius

It can be likened to this is a genuine “case” couple, although it looks like they have nothing in common in terms of personality, it is difficult to pair up, but in fact, this is an amazing combination! It is because of this contrast that they can easily recognize and compensate for each other’s shortcomings, helping each other become more perfect.

Gemini Male and Female Gemini

Contrary to the pair level above, Gemini Men and Women combined will also bring great harmony because their personalities are so similar. In fact, these couples all have interesting experiences with wit, humor, always looking for ways to change so that the relationship is not boring.

Male Gemini with Female Leo

This couple promises to bring a very interesting and lovely love story by combining a strong, extremely patient girl with a creative, clever guy. This predestined relationship makes both feel full of life by adventurous games.

However, love in the early stages will have many disagreements because of the heat of the Leo Woman and the pride of the Gemini man. However, they will increasingly understand each other, yield and improve themselves to help this relationship last for a long time.

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Which sign does the Gemini woman match

?Pic 6: Which sign does the Gemini woman match with the guy? (Source:

With an open personality like the Gemini girl, who is the right person for these girls?

Gemini Female and Male Libra

This is a couple with a high probability of coming to each other thanks to the love of lightning because of the “love with eyes” personality. Although they may initially be attracted to each other by their looks, they increasingly realize the attraction from their personalities and match each other to each other. That’s why love can go on for a long time.

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Female Gemini and Male Sagittarius

With strong and interesting personalities, both bring each other very interesting love experiences. Besides, the hobby of traveling is also a topic that makes them able to confide and talk to each other more, helping them to get closer and create a good and lasting relationship.

While they are different, this couple will tend to openly share their displeasure with each other. However, not because of this that they broke up, on the contrary, they accepted each other and modified to have a happier relationship.

Female Gemini and Male Aries

This couple will be attracted to each other by the other’s humor and their love story will have many new and interesting experiences. They can chat with each other all day without getting bored. His leadership will be the cause of many disagreements in this relationship. However, the two gradually get along and work together to overcome their own shortcomings.

Gemini’s conception of love

Photo 7: Gemini is the zodiac sign that is always devoted to love (Source:

The diversity in love also creates some diversity in social activities. Family is also something very sacred and important to these people. Gemini always fulfills their own obligations and responsibilities no matter how difficult and strenuous the work is.

Gemini man

Gemini man when in love is also quite interesting and interesting. Their recognizable distinguishing features are their sense of humour, thoughtfulness, and devotion while in love.

Careful and dedicated: Once in love, the Gemini man always gives the best to his other half. The male Gemini will always prepare carefully for the date of the two, often creating surprises such as giving flowers, giving gifts and sharing the problems she encounters, looking for ways to help and support her best. .Always ready to flirt: Once hit by love, the Gemini man is always ready to actively approach, get to know and flirt with the object. If it’s been a long time, but the other half is still Before falling in love, sometimes the Gemini man also feels discouraged because of his impatience. But with determination, there is a high possibility that he will conquer her right away. Humor in love: Humor and wit are the very effective medicine that Gemini Nam uses to seduce his girlfriend. mine. Not only makes the relationship not boring, but he also creates a strong attraction in the other half’s eyes thanks to this sense of humor.

Gemini Woman

If you fall in love with a Gemini woman, you are indeed lucky. Because the girls of this zodiac are very selfless and they always put their feelings first.

Rich in forgiveness: When the other half has problems and makes mistakes, the Gemini woman will openly share, ready to help him and overcome all obstacles in life together. The selflessness of the Gemini Woman is a strong attraction that helps the couple’s relationship to be strong. However, if she doesn’t feel worthy, Gemini woman will definitely not try to hold on. Put love first: Although she always has liberalism, once she has a lover, Gemini woman always puts her feelings first. affection above all else, sometimes distracting friends around. Because they always do their best, sometimes they will be disappointed and hurt.

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Friends of Gemini

Photo 8: The ability to make great friends helps Gemini have many friends (Source:

Thanks to their sociable and outgoing personality, Geminis are favorable in the process of making friends with people. However, those who want to attract and have a lasting friendship with Gemini are usually intelligent people who love adventure and wisdom.

An important factor that helps Geminis find a companion is also the ability to communicate. Gemini loves to learn interesting things and experiences from their friends. Therefore, if you are a somewhat reserved person, it is very difficult for you to accompany the people of this constellation for a long time.

According to horoscope science, Gemini people are very suitable for making friends with Virgo and Pisces. Because of their personalities can play, complement and help each other. Although Virgo has some opposite personalities with Gemini such as quiet, introverted, … but has a very good combination of talking, sharing and working.

Gemini, too, is introverted but has a lot of great ideas. Sharing the same creative ability is the endless conversation of this pair of friends and colleagues.

The path of fame and career of Gemini

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Gemini can be invaluable for companies that love the new, want to keep up to date with the latest ideas and information for their company. Because, somehow, Gemini always captures all that is new and interesting in front of everyone.

Gemini man

With his innate creativity and humorous communication style, attracting the attention of many people, Gemini man will be suitable for careers such as:

ProgrammingTeachersFreelance entrepreneursSocial activities…

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman with her intelligence and bravery and ingenuity can be suitable for art-related jobs such as:

Fashion designer Writer of stories, novels Journalist…

Gemini’s family path

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With family, Gemini with their young, modern personality will tend not to be too strict with their children, see them as their friends and therefore they are extremely respectful to their parents, obedient and friendly. obey.

Male Gemini

The family path is quite smooth, with a friendly and witty personality, the Gemini man always creates a warm and happy atmosphere for the whole family. However, Gemini men tend to get married quite late because they love to fly, freely with the current life. In the aftermath, the more peaceful, the family has property and wealth, the children are harmonious and happy.

Gemini Woman

With Gemini Woman, who loves freedom and independence, she does not want to get married early. However, being a smart and skillful person, they will also make a wonderful mother and wife when they want to.

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It is also thanks to this wing that they keep the fire of love and unity in the family, wholeheartedly devoted and fulfilled their daily lives.