POS is a fairly common term in business circles especially retail and service stores. The skillful application of POS in sales will bring professional experiences to customers at your store and also contribute to large revenue from the convenience of POS and the application of POS in sales promotion. . In this article, let’s bePOS learn what POS is and how to apply solutions for the POS system.


1. Concept

POS stands for Point of sale – smart sales management software that integrates many features to support store owners in tracking and managing.

POS systems include a combination of software, hardware, and special scanning devices to help manage payments, track stock availability; Store employee and customer information and track business activities.

Today, many businesses are using their sales management software to complete a large amount of work related to sales and marketing of goods in their stores.

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2. Applying POS system to management

Using sales management software is very simple, can be used to calculate employee salaries, payments, system management, inventory, etc. Usually, to use sales management software, you need to set up a setup. through the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Set up sales information

Step 2: Set up customer management features

Step 3: Set up appointment management feature

Step 4: Set up sales management feature

Step 5: Set up reports on Back-office

3. Effective

Some sales management software can help cut management and personnel costs and make business management easier. In particular, bePOS – Providing 4.0 sales management solutions for specific industries such as Spa, Salon, F&B and Retail can help increase revenue by 30% and reduce management costs by 50%. bePOS is helping chains like Nevada, Kay Spa, Legend Beer, Gemini Coffee, Holywood nails, etc., which are big chains in the Spa/F&B/Retail industry, increase their revenue by 30% per year.

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4. Why should you use Sales Management Software

?– Sell quickly with simple operation

– Superior technology controls all activities such as revenue, inventory, goods import, sales in the phone, or ipad, storing all information by cloud computing.

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– The ability to store data is endless, you no longer have to worry about the risk of losing your books.

– The calculation of costs, reports quickly and easily, easy file export.

– Cloud sales management software helps you synchronize goods quickly if there is a sudden loss of life, still selling easily. – – – – Customer and supplier debt management

– Ability to accumulate points to create customer stimulation programs.

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– Security features with decentralized mode. Helping you to control employees or all activities more secretly than traditional management.

Currently, bePOS has a free program for businesses to experience the software within 1000 customers and 2500 transactions. With only 1 application installation, you have completely owned the best management software for your business, restaurant and store operation.