Whenever images, information and certain phenomena appear on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, people often comment for “info”.

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Currently, most young people when talking to each other often insert 1-2 English words to use instead of Vietnamese. One of the most mentioned words is info.

So what does it mean? How to start a conversation, get acquainted with other people’s information on social networks? Let’s find out in this article!

What does Info mean – Artwork

What is Info?

Info is an English word that stands for informal information which means official information. Besides, it also means a database management system if you are majoring in math – information.

On a social network like Facebook, it means information about a phenomenon, thing or someone you care about.

– Ask for information: Ask for someone’s information

– in4: An acronym for info

– Ask for profile: It is similar to asking for info

– Send info: Send someone’s personal information

Content may include: Name, Facebook, phone number, home address, have a lover or not…

Do you know what the word “Info” means? – Photo: Pinterest

For example: If you scroll through comments on articles about beautiful boys and girls on social networks, you will see a lot of comments asking for this person.

3 effective ways to start a conversation when you want to get to know someone

When you want to get to know someone, to increase your chances of getting information, you can try to refer to the following 3 ways:

Change the way you start a conversation

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When getting to know other people, we often ask some familiar questions: Where are you from? What major do you study?…However, it can be boring for the listener. Instead, try changing to a new way of asking such as: When you want to ask the person’s name, instead of asking what your name is, can you replace it with is your name Hong?

You should refresh your own way of starting a conversation – Illustration

Avoid asking according to the formula

Avoid stereotyped questions – Photo: Motlmaam

Avoid asking private questions

One of the worst ways to start a conversation is to ask if the other person has a lover? Instead, we should ask some other questions related to interests, common topics…will be better.

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Do not ask about privacy when talking for the first time – Photo: Meens

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Some common acronyms on Facebook

Comment: Comment or comment.

Inbox: Inbox or private message

Ad: Site manager, page.

Add: Add friends, make friends.

Avt: Avatar or avatar.

Stt: Status or status line

Tag: Tagging

Acc: Account or Facebook account.

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(Y): “Like”, when typing this symbol in a message, it will automatically turn into a thumbs up icon.