In the App Store app

, you can discover new games and play with friends using Game Center.

Watching: Game Center

Tap any of the following tabs:

Games: Discover new releases, view leaderboards, or browse by category.

Arcade: See the games available in Apple Arcade.

Search: Type what you’re looking for, then tap Search on the keyboard.

To buy a game, tap the price or Get if it’s free. If the game is included in your Apple Arcade subscription, tap Play.

If you see

instead of price, it means you bought the game and you can download it again for free.

Play Apple Arcade games on your other Apple devices

All games in Apple Arcade on iPhone are also available in Apple Arcade on other devices. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you can access game progress on devices signed in with your Apple ID.

See the Apple Support article Access Apple Arcade gaming data across all your devices.

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Connect a Game Controller Wirelessly to iPhone

See the Apple Support article Connect a game controller wirelessly to your Apple device.

Play games with friends in Game Center

You can send friend requests, manage public profiles, and track high scores across Apple devices using Game Center.

To create a Game Center profile, do any of the following:

Choose a nickname: Tap Alias, then enter a name or choose one of the suggestions. Friends see your nickname when playing games together.

Personalize your profile picture: Tap Edit at the top, then create a new Memoji, use an existing Memoji, or customize how the initials appear.

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In your friends list, tap a friend to see recently played games and their achievements. You can also report cheating users, inappropriate photos or nicknames, or other issues. To delete a friend, tap Remove Friend.

Set Game Center Limit

You can set limits for multiplayer games, add friends, private messaging, and more.

Go to Settings

> Screen Time > Enable Limits, then turn on Enable Limits.

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Tap Content Limits, scroll down to Game Center, then set limits.