HF: Pisces constellation also known in English as Pisces. Belongs to one of the three zodiac signs of the water element. As the last zodiac sign, Pisces converges many different personalities of the previous zodiac signs. A person is gentle and gentle like the surface of a calm lake, but his heart is still as strong as waves. Bringing in her great creativity and dreamy soul, Tieu Ngu always has ideas that sound absurd but are very convincing.

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What is Pisces? General information about the Pisces zodiac sign:

Zodiac sign: The last of the 12 constellations Pisces birthday: February 19 – March 20 Features: unstable, changeable Five elements: water Zodiac star: Neptune ( symbols of dreams, fantasies, music, mystery and poetry) Constellation: fish Day of the week: Tuesday Metal: tin Pisces: purple, gray, blue Symbolic flower: lotus, iris, camellia, jasmine, lily (lily) Body part: feet Animals: elephant, dolphin, dog Lucky number: 1, 3, 4 and which sign is most compatible with Pisces: Cancer, Scorpio Companionship: Gemini, Sagittarius Compatibility: Virgo Lucky stone: red heliotrope, red coral, turquoise, turquoise sea, moon-shaped rocks

Guardian of Pisces

Those under Pisces will be protected by the sea god – Poseidon. According to ancient legend, Poseidon was the brother of the supreme god Zeus. He rules over the oceans, seas, islands, horses, and earthquakes. It was this god who created the estuaries, straits, islands, and maintained the continent. If the waves are calm and the sea is calm, everything on earth will be at peace. Poseidon’s anger is enough to engulf everything with storms and storms.

People born in this month usually have warm hearts and enthusiasm. But also very sensitive, vulnerable, pessimistic.

Pisces Guy Personality

Male Pisces converges all the factors to become a handsome man from a love novel. Romantic, dreamy, gentle, sincere and especially passionate about art, he makes girls’ hearts sob. Sometimes this guy possesses two personalities that are both gentle and strong, and at the same time gentle and callous. In fact, his inner self and personality have many conflicting points. Looks like this is an unpredictable guy.

The Man With Natural Talents

Ngu is very charming with art. Possessing a creative ability beyond him, he likes to transform from one character to another. Have you ever been surprised by his ability to sing as good as a singer or his outstanding painting ability? Pisces just needs to be taught a few basic steps, he will promote his natural ability.

If you ask which Pisces is suitable for, it is definitely art. Ngu’s works are always poisonous and strange. Besides being predestined to work as an actor, singer or painter. Being a writer or film director is also a great idea. He has a bit of dreamy, sweet flight, sometimes he also has “bold” ideas that will help him create masterpieces.

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The Generous Guy

The Pisces guy is not the stingy type. Sometimes you will be shocked with his tolerance. Fish loves people like he loves himself, just seeing you sad, he will take you out to eat and drink freely. Especially for families, our fish is willing to spend at 5-star restaurants or high-class resort trips. The guy is only thrifty with himself. As for others, he will give up all his long-term savings.

He’s Pretty Cruel When Angry

The inherently gentle, patient, and loving Pisces people often become the focus of excessive jokes or bullying. He rarely shows his anger, but if anyone has witnessed this guy get angry, it will surely haunt him.

Different from his usual image, he reveals himself as a different person: cold, decisive, cold-blooded with intelligence and the ability to see through others’ weaknesses. He will make the opponent feel a chill down the spine because of the cruelty in his eyes and actions. His anger is likened to a tsunami capable of engulfing everything.

Pisces Personality

Dream Girl

Tieu Ngu belongs to the top of the dreaming soul, soaring in the 12 zodiac signs. They always look at life through beautiful rose-colored glasses. For them, life is always filled with love, only good things and evil do not exist.

This girl is imaginative, sometimes “crazy” thoughts like the dust on the street also make her dream like she is sliding on a sand hill. Seeing the murky water in the pond makes her feel like she is enjoying the clear blue water at Nha Trang beach. Dogs that can sing well are sometimes cows that can dance as advertised.

Their imagination has reached new heights that ordinary people can hardly imagine. They often They are said to be souls hanging upside down, but this is what helps them to have great ideas and succeed on the artistic path.

Lovely Girl

From her appearance to her personality, she is very gentle, gentle and considerate. She has a lot because she is very sociable, friendly, soft and rarely fights with anyone. Being a good listener, sensitive, understanding the emotions of others, having Pisces as a friend is a treasure.

With the family, Pisces no matter how old they are, is still the little daughter of their parents. Just a slight glare from her parents makes her cry. They always have the most sincere love for their family. Take care, take care and give the best for your loved ones. As for the more difficult situations, Tieu Ngu is willing to help wholeheartedly. Seeing others hurt she feels sympathy and pain.

The Weak Girl.

Unlike other zodiac girls, Pisces is easy to show weakness. Not the type of people who live according to reason, they live more emotionally, so they are easily emotional and wet. They may shed tears while reading a novel or watching a romantic movie.

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She always lives in the thought that life is pink, so it is difficult to face the cruel realities of life. In the case of being abandoned by a lover or being cuckolded for “Little Fish” is unacceptable. They fall into an unconscious state, lose their temper, and it will take a long time to re-balance their lives.

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Which sign is suitable for the male Pisces sign

Pisces Male and Female Cancer

This couple pair up like the law of nature. Their love is just right, not too intense but also not cold, delicate and gentle. They both possess intelligence and acumen, they have a bond with each other. Both have the ability to see through each other’s secrets, but they are smart enough to know which secrets can be unearthed to create an unhappy atmosphere.

Pisces always lives in romantic thoughts, likes to be cared for and cared for. Coincidentally, the Cancer woman always likes to take care of every inch of her “other half”. Bringing in their natural artistic ability helps both of them to be in tune with their souls. Their relationship is built with respect, love, care and understanding.

Pisces Male and Capricorn Woman

Pisces and Capricorn are the typical couple in which no one is born compatible just for the sake of each other. Their love is like a glass of wine when they wake up and get drunk, one is real and the other is a dream.

Besides a guy who always shows his face when happy or sad, the Capricorn woman learns to express her feelings frankly to help them get closer. The gentleness, thoughtfulness, and thoughtfulness of Gemini helps Capricorn to relieve stress in life, because she is a person who lives in a framework and places a heavy emphasis on work.

Through the ups and downs, their love is nurtured by trust, which makes others admire this couple. They reached the realm of just being next to each other, without saying a word, and also feeling the warmth. It’s lucky that Pisces and Capricorn make a couple, a peaceful and sweet love.

Man Pisces and Aries Woman

Romantic, caring, liberal Pisces can meet all her needs, like to be pampered like Aries. Her dynamic, vivacious, strong personality brings new energy to the guy.

Whenever there is a sad story, Aries will be the emotional support for him to feel more excited. Both are sensitive people, they tend to find safe relationships, which makes them feel loved even more. One is water, one is fire. There will be conflicts but they understand that everything has its price. And the price of eternal love is the sacrifice of each person’s ego.

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Which sign Pisces woman matches

Female Pisces and Male Taurus

This couple’s little love is gentle and delicate. Both zodiac signs are not very strong so their interaction is slow, but steady. Taurus gives her a sense of security and tenderness, while Pisces gives him a feeling of happiness.

The Taurus man teaches the Taurus how to stabilize his over-sensitivity. And Taurus learns to think positively, more flexible from her. The more they are together, the more perfect they become. Although the couple has a disagreement, they rarely raise their voice, but they find a way to resolve it peacefully. The common goal of both of them is long-term happiness, so they will not let their feelings be broken because of small things.

Female Pisces and Scorpio Male

The couple seems to be made for each other. These two zodiac signs belong to the element of water, harmony and flexible combination is a dream couple. Two people, two different worlds, but there is always a connection and understanding between them.

Pisces is likened to Scorpio’s spiritual medicine, because he is an unpredictable person who needs someone as thorough as “Little Fish”. After success Pisces always has the shadow of “other half” behind, he has great merit in helping her find her goal and strive to strive.

Scorpio tends to “fall down” on a girl with a gentle, gentle and caring personality like Tieu Ngu. He is a strong and safe support for “Little Fish” – that’s what she needs. The couple is also in tune with each other’s interests and ways of sulking. The cold wars never last long, because they know how to heal each other’s wounds. Perfect are the two most suitable words for this couple.

Female Pisces and Pisces Male

This couple is known as the most dreamy couple of the 12 zodiac signs. A romantic, dreamy and sweet love is what they have for each other. With the same zodiac sign, the two easily find a common voice and feel comfortable together. Both have artistic abilities that make them more connected.

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Working together to create great masterpieces is also not a bad idea. The biggest minus point of this couple is the lack of reality. They should learn to accept reality and be honest with their feelings. If we have found each other, cherish what we have. Not everyone can find the true half of their life and finding it is not necessarily forever.