Packing List, also known as packing slip / manifest / detailed goods list, is one of the indispensable documents of the import and export documents. The packing list clearly shows what the seller has sold to the buyer, through which the buyer can check and compare to see if it is the same as the order placed.

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Usually, on a packing list, it only shows the number of goods, the method of packing, but not the value of the shipment. However, some (few) share both packing list and invoice. The following is a summary of a sample packing list


Classification & Model Packing List

Basically, currently, the world and Vietnam are using 3 packing list samples, to identify which type is simply by stating the title very clearly, specifically as follows:

Detailed packing list: Detailed packing list. With the corresponding title line “Detailed packing list”, this type of packing list has very detailed content for the shipment, usually buyers and sellers directly use this type.

Sample Detailed packing list

Neutrai packing list: Neutral packing list, the seller’s name is not shown on this packing list. Packing and Weight list: Packing list packing list with weight list

Effect of Packing List

Packing list (packing slip) has the following uses, looking at the packing list, we will have the following information: – How many goods are in that container? How much weight? – Number of packages, number of pallets? How many goods or small packages are packed in the big box or box? – Will we unload by hand (manufacturer load directly, need many people) or unload by forklift (less people required)?

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Packing List effect

– How long is the estimated time of unloading and from that, it is possible to calculate the number of goods that can be unloaded in 1 day (For example, a container has 20 packages, pallets can be 1 container within 30 minutes, 1 hours, 8 containers can be unloaded in a day, but if the container has 1000 unloading packages, it may take 1.5-2 hours/container and only 4 containers can be unloaded in a day). This is important for buyers in arranging unloading staff and preparing warehouses. – Find out which product is in which package, which bag, which pallet. If the product is defective, we can complain to the manufacturer and with the above information, they can trace the production shift, machine number, person in charge and check for us.

Main contents of Packing List

A full Packing List usually has the following main contents: – Top title: Logo, name, address, tel, fax company – Seller: Name, address, tel, fax company selling. – Number and date Packing List: This number is quite important – Buyer: Name, address, tel, fax company of the purchase. – Ref no: Reference number. This can be the order number, or a note about Notify Party (The party notifies you when the goods arrive. Usually, only L/C payment is required to add this Notify Party information). – Port of Loading: Port of loading (Example: Hai Phong port, Vietnam; Incheon port, Korea…). – Port of Destination: Port of destination (Example: Manila port, Philippines; Port Klang port, Malaysia…). Vessel Name: Vessel name, trip number. – ETD: Estimated Time Delivery – Estimated date of train departure. – Product: Description of goods: Name of goods, symbols, HS codes… – Quantity: Quantity of goods in units below (Example: 100000 pcs is 100000 pcs…).

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Sample Packing List

– Packing: Number of cartons, boxes, and bales packed in the units below (For example, the unit is bales – bales, for example, there are 100000 pieces, packing is 500 pieces/bale -> Packing is 200 bales). – NWT: Net weight – Net weight (Only counting the weight of the goods) – GWT: Gross weight – Gross weight (Including the weight of the lanyard, nylon sheath, crate, outer box). In fact, we don’t need to be too meticulous and precise about this GWT, just calculate the corresponding GWT and not exceed the weight that the shipping line allows to load in 1 container is ok. – Remark: Additional notes (for example, if there are 200 packages in total, the parcel number 1 – 100 is for A brand, the number 100-200 is for B brand…) – Confirmation of Seller: Sign, stamp.

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In addition, for a variety of complex packaged goods or a shipment consisting of many containers, we must also provide a Detailed Packing List. In essence, this is a more detailed list and is sent with the Packing List. Packing List is used for customs declaration and general quantity review, and Detailed Packing List is used to check the actual quantity of goods when unloading and entering the warehouse.

The Detailed Packing List must clearly state the number of containers/seal and the quantity of goods in each package, each pallet, the specific type of goods, and the signature and code.

In addition, in many cases of exporting retail goods or full containers, but the type and packing are simple, the seller can combine and combine the Commercial Invoice + Packing List into one form as illustrated below:

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Invoice and Packing List

Sample Container Packing List of the company train

Here is a sample of Container Packing List from 29 shipping lines in Vietnam. Note that this is the Container Packing List used by shipping lines.

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Download Sample Container Packing List


Through the Packing List (Detailed Packing List), we can understand the type of goods, the quantity of goods, the packing specifications, thereby calculating the unloading time, arrangement, and place in the warehouse. Packing List is usually sent to the buyer right after the goods are packed so that the buyer can check the quantity of goods delivered and make a timely production and business plan. In addition, in many cases, it is possible to combine both Invoice and Packing List in the same form for easy tracking and checking for buyers. You can refer to the article What is Invoice in my previous article. Thank you for reading the article about Packing List. Wishing you every success in your career and life.