Terminology in SEO is always rich and diverse, knowing all these SEO terms you can control the effectiveness of an SEO campaignThis article will provide you with website SEO knowledge in 2 indexes, PA and SKIN

What is PA, DA?

If you do not know what SEO is, learn from writing articles What is SEO?

What is PR? (PageRank)

Please also remind about the PR index of the website, the PR index announced by Google has a scale of 0-10. Previously, people competed to do SEO to choose forums with high PR, but this index has been completely removed by Google, so we may not need to care about this index anymore.

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What is PA? (Page Authority)

This index is used to evaluate the quality of a page, ie different pages on the website will have different PA. The PA index scale is from 0 to 100. The higher the PA score, the better the quality of that page. , SEO is easier

Toilaquantri has PA=22, DA=11

Similar to PA, DA is an indicator of quality for an entire website instead of a single page like PA.

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So when creating a new website, you can think of the option to buy a domain name that has been around for a long time to facilitate development instead of buying a new domain name.

Domain popularity, the popularity of your domain name on the internet, often taking backlinks as an assessment, the more backlinks containing your domain name flocking to the website is your DA.

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DA is an indicator of the quality of the entire website, so backlinks do not necessarily flow to the homepage, but can be many different subpages and articles.

Or maybe the number of content on the website, the number of articles that are indexed by Google. The more articles a website has, the more quality content it has, the higher the DA of that website will be

In summary: To evaluate a website’s quality, people will normally measure the amount of 3 important information, namely DA, PA, and Content Indexed by Google (that is, the website has many articles).

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