The Mang Chung period begins on June 5 or 6 and ends on June 21 or 22 of the solar calendar.

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Mang strain is one of the 24 air periods of the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean calendars. It usually begins around June 5 or 6 of the solar calendar, when the Sun is at equinox 75° (solar longitude is 75°). This is a concept in the calendar work of East Asian countries influenced by ancient Chinese culture. The meaning of this qi was, for ancient China, the Flowering of the Grain. For Vietnamese farmers, it is also when people see the constellation Tua Rua rising.

“Gear” is the antennae or stigma of wheat, barley, maize, and cereals. “Strains” are varieties of rice, maize, and cereals that can be used as seeds. Understandably, the Mang strain period is the time when the seeds have been pollinated, have grown to a mature, sturdy level and can be used to make seeds for the following season. Based on the characteristics of the first qi secretion, which is Tieu Man (that is, rice, corn, and cereal grains that have formed colostrum), then it is reasonable to secrete qi after the time when the cereal grains are firm, mushy, and mature. When the seeds are firm, the seeds can be harvested

In addition, the term Mang Chung also has another meaning “carry” which means growth, spaciousness, and prosperity. “Range” means the Sun (the nickname of King Gia Long – Nguyen Anh) also known as Noan. Strains. At this time, the Sun radiates a very high amount of heat, so it can also be understood in the second sense.

2. Time and meaning of the Mang Chung period

2.1. The start time of Mang Cung period

The Mang Chung period begins on June 5 or 6 and ends on June 21 or 22 of the solar calendar. The time when the Sun is at equinox 75° (the longitude of the Sun is 75°). Mang Chung, also known as the “Cereal flower” period, has a particularly important meaning for the lunar crop.

This is the time when the grains are large enough and waiting to be harvested. In Vietnam, due to the diverse climate characteristics, during the Mang Cung season, there are places where the harvest season begins, but there are places where new crops have been planted. Farmers take advantage of the rainy weather, high humidity during this time to plant. If it is slow, the temperature is not enough, the growth period of rice is shortened, so it is easy to encounter pests, drought, and high yield. quantity is not high. Sweet potatoes should also be planted right in the Mang Cung period. That’s why there is a saying “Tiet Mang Chung quickly cultivate”.

On the first day of the Mang Chung period, the Sun is at 75 degrees ecliptic. At this time, the northern hemisphere is completely tilted towards the Sun, so the entire Northern Hemisphere receives a very high amount of heat and light. The length of the Sun’s illumination is longer, so the day is longer than the night. There is a proverb that says:

“The night of May has not yet been laid to sleep

Dated October was not laughed at”

The closer to the North Pole, the longer the day time, the shorter the night time, even in the North Pole in a period of 6 months without night, the main reason is due to the rotation of the Earth’s axis. land. In the area of ​​the city of Saint Petersburg (Russia) there is a white night phenomenon, writer Irenbua wrote: The night of June is bright pink. Because the time of night is too short.

2.2. Some meanings of Mang Chung period

The Mang Geng period in the Calendar of Things is characterized by the phenomenon of long days, short nights, high temperature and light. In the sky at night appears a very strange constellation that is the constellation Tassel. This constellation appears at the same time as the harvest season of corn and cereals. This constellation is also known as the constellation Virgo which is the name of a Zodiac sign in Western astrology. Actually, at this time, the constellation Tassel has the strongest light, when this constellation appears, it is about 2-3 months before this gas, but because then its light is faint, difficult to observe, few people pay attention. There is a proverb that says:

“Wear Tassels with Tassels

Old ma, the field is rotten, not losing to you.”

It means that after the Lunar New Year, many people do not have time to prepare the land to plant, maybe later than other farmers, this constellation appears, but they still need to make good soil, transplant old seedlings, take good care of them. have great results.

Due to the high amount of light, temperature, and lighting time, tropical depressions, rain and storms, and storms hit the mainland. Faced with these situations, people have activities to promptly adapt to nature and weather.

The harvesting of rice, corn, cereals and other food crops is carried out quickly and urgently to avoid the early storms of the season that cause damage and affect the results of labor. Moreover, the rush to harvest can also be active in the work of tillage, preparing for the next crop.

This is the time when the sun is hot, the temperature is high, and the heat is hot, but the farm work is still carried out, taking place very urgently. Not only for food crops but many fruit trees such as lychee and mango have also given ripe fruits.

This weather in the Perpetual Calendar also has a sowing ceremony. To pray for a bountiful harvest In the fall, families together make sacrifices, offering grain, cattle and vegetables for the villagers to be safe and have a successful harvest. In some highland regions of Vietnam such as Son La, Yen Bai, etc. Mang Chung season is also the fruit picking season, the time when plum trees are ripe and harvested. Localities in the North hold litchi picking ceremonies. This fruit only blooms during the time of Mang Chung weather, and when it comes to Ha Chi, it starts to fade away.

3. Refer to the destiny of people born in the Mang Cung period

The Mang Chung period begins on June 5 or 6 of the solar calendar and ends on June 20 or 21 of the solar calendar. People born at this time are kind, gentle, and agile. Following the righteous path can be successful, but if you work with the head and the tail, if you are not patient, you will not get good. Let’s refer to the fate of the zodiac animals born in Mang Chung period below

People born in the year of the Rat will have a busy life, or have to worry, can become rich and rich, their whole life is not afraid of dreary, not afraid of hardships, independent and successful. Your whole life relies on your own intelligence and agility to strive. However, health is not good, illness is clinging, wife and children are harmed.

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People born in the year of the Ox face many difficulties and need to be careful before making any decisions.

People born in the year of the Tiger belong to the category of hands making chewing jaws. Respectful attitude, freedom-loving, all-talented martial arts, more tactful than people, self-established business. Generous temperament, kind, resilient to the point of offending others, bravely moving forward.

People born in the year of the Rabbit have a successful career, good business, are respected by others, polite and courteous, and treat people well, so they are greatly benefited.

People born in the year of the Dragon are born in the Mang Cung period, when the dragon falls into the sea, so it is peaceful, smooth, powerful, has an upright and daring temperament, and overcomes all difficulties to succeed.

People born in the year of the Snake have courage, strategize, overcome difficulties and achieve glory. According to the horoscope, people born in the year of the Snake have long-term blessings, a lifetime of peace and wealth.

People born in the year of the Horse have a prosperous family, full of blessings, but live a long life but have a difficult career.

People born in the year of the Goat have rich resources, strong will, cunning, and can command others.

People born in the year of the Monkey live a wandering life, running backwards and forwards, all their lives trying to be self-reliant, seeking self-consultation.

People born in the year of the Rooster have a successful career when they are young, but in old age they struggle with normal fame and fortune.

People born in the year of the Dog are poor, have illnesses, unexpected accidents, and rarely have peace of mind.

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People born in the year of the Pig are gentle, conservative, peaceful, and powerless.

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