Learn what a manufacturing enterprise is and its characteristics, processes and management processes

Along with commercial enterprises with the role of promoting the development of goods, it is impossible not to mention manufacturing enterprises.

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So what is a manufacturing enterprise? These are enterprises specializing in the production of goods to supply to the market. Are key businesses in creating products and goods to provide to consumers. Play an important role in the economy of each country and region.

What is a manufacturing enterprise?

Features of manufacturing enterprises

Business decisions: based on the requirements of the market to make decisions about how to produce consumer goods, what to produce to balance supply and demand in the market .Production process: based on a combination of materials, labor and equipment to create products. Production costs: are costs incurred in the production of goods, including cost of labor and raw materials for operating goods to serve the production of goods.Product cost: the total cost to complete a certain quantity of goods in a certain time.

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What is a manufacturing process

?A manufacturing process is a process for creating a finished product that can be used in the market. In which, manufacturing enterprises play the role of perfecting these products to provide to consumers.

There are two types of production processes commonly used today:

+ Product-focused production: only good when producing goods in small quantities and have been standardized

+ Process-focused production: producing a variety of goods in small and medium quantities.

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Each type of product has a different production process. These production processes depend mainly on each type of item with completely separate costs of raw materials and labor.

Manufacturing process management

Management activities in manufacturing enterprises (Manufacturing process management) have the participation of all departments at the factory (factory board of directors and subordinate departments and divisions), with the following tasks: following sequence:

The production department inherits the “production plan” from the sales department and builds detailed “production plans” according to the production stages. Based on the production plan, the available material inventory will be prepare raw materials for production Technical inspection and sending to the purchasing department. Based on the appropriate plan and resources, proceed to make “production orders” and transfer them to the workshops and production stages in the factory to proceed with the production process. progress monitoring, detailed production statistics according to production plans. Coordinate, check and evaluate the quality of finished products.

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Manufacturing enterprises are enterprises directly responsible for the supply of goods on the consumer market. Especially essential goods for people’s daily use. Hopefully, the above information will help you understand what a manufacturing business is and what its duties are in supplying goods to the market and the regulations applicable to each manufacturing enterprise. Export is applied to each industry separately.