One of the current burning issues is the distinction between real milk and fake milk between the “mixed gold and brass” market. This has opened up opportunities to earn money for investors who want to become reputable milk agents. Below are the answers for customers who are wishing to open a milk store, Vinamilk’s milk agent about the issues to be prepared, how and conditions to be an agent, to open a Vinamilk milk store like that. any? Will there be a high profit?

*Note: VINATECH is a supplier of iron shelves, not a representative or supplier of Vinamilk’s dairy products. This is just the information we refer to help you read. Therefore, customers wishing to import goods, or open a dairy agent, please contact Vinamilk’s representative for more details. Contact Vinatech to install shelves and shelves for dairy stores and agents nationwide.

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1. About Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company Vinamilk

Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) was established in 1976, mainly operating in the field of processing, manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting dairy products and other nutritional products. In 2003, the company officially became a joint stock company and occupied 50% of the dairy market share in Vietnam. Currently, the company has developed a nationwide distribution system with 202 distributors and 251,000 retail points. More than 3000 supermarkets and convenience stores distribute products.

Vinamilk’s main business products

Therefore, wanting to open a Vinamilk milk agent is quite simple and not as complicated as you think. You just need to understand the regulations as well as master the milk line that you want to sell and be an agent. Vinamilk’s policy for agents is very good, because the company’s goal is: “We want whenever consumers mention milk, they must immediately think of Vinamilk or vice versa”.

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3. How much capital does it take to open a dairy agent? Any words?

3.1 How much capital does it take to open a dairy store?

To plan the amount of capital to invest, you need to be based on the size of the store you want to open. The average capital ranges from 300 to 500 million VND allocated to: costs of importing goods, renting space, investment costs for equipment such as shelves, computers, software, hiring staff,… Specifically as follows :

Items to invest in Cost of space Rent 30 – 40 million VND (usually from 3 months to half a year) Business license registration 2 – 5 million VND Display equipment 20 – 30 million VND Management software 100 – 600 thousand VND/month Hiring staff 5-7 million VND/month Working capital 50-100 million VND Marketing 5 – 10 million VND


3.2 Is it beneficial to open a dairy agent or not

?Is it beneficial to open a dairy agent? The loss or profit of a business depends on many factors, mainly the business environment, the times and especially the human factor.

Profits from selling milk and opening milk agents mainly come from the following sources:

– Direct discount on each product: Each milk supplier will have different discount rates for its customers. If you sell a lot of dairy products with a high discount, of course the profit you receive will also be proportional. Therefore, the problem is how business people must sell many products with high discount to achieve the expected profit.

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– Profits from displaying products in the stall: In any milk stall, there are so-called “prime” locations that are easy to find, easy to see as soon as you enter the store. Therefore, many suppliers are willing to pay an extra “commission” to store owners to be able to place their products in these locations. This is a way to PR products and increase brand recognition for suppliers.

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These are the main sources of income for shop owners and milk agents. An important note for store owners and dairy agents is to calculate the profit/month, quarter, year to have accurate data, not just look at the profit/ 1 product to conclude. In short: “Is it profitable to open a dairy agent?” Only you can answer this question correctly!

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4. What do you need to be a Vinamilk milk agent

?To become an agent for this famous dairy company, you need to follow the steps below:

a. Step 1

Get information about Vinamilk’s dairy products, as well as the company’s agency policies. This you can get the company’s hotline, go to the website for advice or send an email to ask for more information about the company as well as how, documents, procedures and conditions to become a Vinamilk milk agent. Contact information is as follows:

– At Hanoi:

In Ho Chi Minh City:

– In Da Nang:

– In Can Tho:

Then you will receive the necessary information and can consider the terms, as well as whether you really want to be an agent of Vinamilk?

b. Step 2

Next, what you need to do is wait for your company’s Sales staff to contact you with you. These staff will guide you on how to become an agent of Vinamilk milk, and the two parties will come to an agreement on the contract.

Finally, you will be supported by the company during the agent opening process such as site consultation, equipment preparation, staff training, etc. to help you become their official agent. If you are still confused, learn from the successful experience of opening a milk shop of a mother of 2 to better understand and take the correct steps with this business model.

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5. Taxes that need to be paid when working as a dairy agent

This is also a problem many people when learning to open a dairy agent are interested in. Here are the taxes that shop owners and milk agents may have to pay when doing business:

5.1 License Tax

Depending on the initial registered charter capital of enterprises or individuals trading in dairy products, the scale and turnover to calculate the tax rate. For businesses, it usually ranges from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND, for individuals it is from 300,000 to 1,000,000 VND. In case an enterprise or individual registers their business in the last 6 months of the year, they will only pay half of the license tax according to the State tax schedule.

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5.2 Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is only payable when the business is registered for VAT. In case of using a regular invoice, you will not have to pay.

5.3 Income Tax

Businesses or individuals must declare and pay tax quarterly and annually. Currently, the corporate income tax rate is 28% of net sales. In case the business has a loss (net revenue > Reference: Do grocery sales have to pay tax?

6. List of some Vinamilk agents and distributors of Vinamilk milk in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City