History E3 is a fairy tale about the biggest game fair of the year, where game studios introduce to gamers the products they have cherished for many years.

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Since many of you recently asked what E3 Game is, we’re going to make a summary of everything you need to know about the biggest game fair of the year, as well as the history of E3 for everyone to understand.

Birth of E3

Before E3 appeared, the game village had 2 main events for developers to promote their products, namely the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the European Computer Expo (European Computer Show). European Computer Trade Show). By 1995, when the game industry was growing at a rapid pace, they realized they needed a fair for developers, not just following the two fairs mentioned above.

One of the reasons for E3’s birth was the story of Sega, which was personally told by Tom Kalinske – CEO of Sega America: “The organizers of CES directly pushed the gaming industry back down. In 1991, they threw Sega into a dingy shack and viewers had to go through a row of pornographic stalls to find us.

When it was pouring rain and water was dripping through the holes of the tent into the company’s latest Genesis, I was really angry with the way CES was run and realized we need to be treated. much better than that.”

Sega’s humble booth at CES 1990

Sega then dropped out of CES, did not continue to participate in the following events anymore, other game companies in turn also absent from CES in a bored way.

At this time, another event occurred, which was that Mortal Kombat released by Acclaim achieved great success and soon faced opposition from American social organizations because of its level of violence. The US Congress held a hearing gathering a series of major game studios present in the US to explain the problem of controlling violence in game content at the end of 1993. However, Sega and Nintendo took advantage of the time. This opportunity denounced each other in front of the US Congress and the hearing went nowhere.

As a result of this lack of solidarity, the US Congress declared that if the game industry did not come up with an institution to manage the content of the games they produced, the government would do it. Game studios are now startled awake because if the government controls game content, it may be a censorship disaster. Giants such as Sega, Nintendo, Atari, 3DO, Philips and Electronic Arts quickly put aside the years of competitive conflicts to sit together to form a general association called Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) in 1994, money later ESA body. Since then, they established a game rating system called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) under the management of IDSA and submitted to the US Congress. The US Congress later approved the use of the ESRB as the official and legal game content control and rating system. The gaming village breathed a sigh of relief after the risk of government control was resolved peacefully.

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After the IDSA association turned to the game industry development work and immediately, the CES grudge was raised. IDSA realized that they needed a fair of their own, where gamers and customers could experience the real thing, thereby making smarter shopping decisions when interacting directly with publishers. At the same time, it also coincides with the time when a series of legendary new consoles such as: Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Virtual Boy and Neo-Geo CD are about to be released. So the history of E3 was opened with the first fair that was planned by IDSA and actually took place in 1995, attracting more than 50,000 thousand attendees and marking the historic milestone of a fair that only specializes in technology. About the world’s first game.

The first E3 in 1995

How is E3 organized

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, this is an exhibition to introduce products of game companies in the game industry. This is an exclusive event, organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), where game manufacturers around the world will introduce their most favorite products and spearheads. business that they cherish all year. These products include game titles, game consoles, gaming-supporting technology devices, game-related consumer products, etc.

According to the tradition of the fair, game studios will have performances and presentations in front of the press (press conferences) to introduce the achievements they bring to the fair in the main stage of the venue or a stadium. stage nearby. After that, they will open their own booths to welcome the audience to visit, experience and learn about important products of game companies. Another tradition in E3 history is the Game Critics Awards, where games introduced at E3 will be judged and awarded by a panel of 35 judges from reputable gaming magazines after E3 ends. Have about 20 award categories for the best games by genre, by system, by sound graphics, etc.

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Up to now, E3 has experienced more than 22 successful events since 1995, being the biggest and most anticipated game fair of the year. It brings all the news, information on blockbuster games and the latest platforms that fans have been waiting for all year. It can be said that if you are a true gamer, there is no event as worth looking forward to as E3. Fair E3 is usually held in late May or early June at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the city of Los Angeles – USA. E3 2018 next year is expected to be held from June 12-14.

Why is E3 so awaited by the world

After 22 years of organization, E3 has become an annual game event that is expected and welcomed by all fans around the world. While there are other game fairs held every year like the Gamehay Casual Games Association, they still can’t match E3 and its professionalism and importance. Especially the legitimacy when E3 is an event managed by ESA, a supreme organization created by the most powerful companies in the gaming industry.

The number of viewers attending E3 sessions is always in the range of over 40,000 and peaked in 2005 with 70,000 people, that is not counting tens of millions of gamers watching online as well as on television, as well as tens of thousands of gamers. Thousands of news, articles of all kinds are continuously updated during the event.

The grandeur of E3 2016

Big companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Ubisoft, Nintendo… are always regular “customers” at E3, this is also where they introduce their annual flagship products such as new games, systems. my latest console. That’s not to mention long-time game publishers such as: EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda, 2K Games … to independent developers around the world all gathered at E3 to introduce their products. .

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At E3, audiences will have the opportunity to access the latest blockbuster titles coming soon, and even get to play hot demos, which are only available at E3. Usually there will be around 70 new games introduced at E3, most of them blockbuster products from famous developers. At this E3 2017, there are prominent names such as BioWare’s Anthem, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, Sony’s God of War or Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil 2…

Trailer Anthem

Spectacular press conferences are also where the big guys introduce new generations of hardware themselves. For example, 2010 is Nintendo 3DS, Kinec and PlayStation Move, 2013 is Xbox One, and 2016 is Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality headset and E3 2017 has just come to Microsoft’s turn to launch a new generation of console Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X at E3 2017

The above is a summary of the history of E3, providing information about its formation as well as its development process, there are many things that we cannot say all about the grandeur of the gaming community. this. If you are a true gamer, you certainly cannot ignore the information announced at E3, because it is a pity to only hear information about your favorite game being reported somewhere after it is too late. It took many days right?

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