Does Vinaphone currently include Vinaphone numbers? Which network number 081? , 082 what network? What’s the first number 083 and what network is the first number 088? , prefix 084 which network? The number 085 belongs to which network do you know? Currently, it is very hot how to convert 11-digit sim to 10-digit sim according to the decree of the Ministry of Information and Communications, from September 15, all network carriers across the country will begin to change the number to 10 numbers for subscribers.

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Therefore, subscribers with 11-digit numbers will be transferred to the first 10 numbers, specifically Vinaphone 0123, 0124, 0125, 0127, 0129 will change to 083, 084, 085, 081, 082 sim 10 numbers of Vinaphone.

The number 081, 082, 083, 084, 085 of Vinaphone

What network are the new Vinaphone numbers 081, 082, 083, 084, 085, 088?

? The above numbers 081, 082, 083, 084, 085, 088 belong to the specific Vinaphone network:

The number 081 is a new number converted from the beginning of 0127 of the Vinaphone network. The first number of 082 is the new number converted from the beginning of 0127 The first number of 083 is the new number converted from the beginning of 0123 The first number of 084 is the newly converted number. from the beginning of the number 0124 The beginning of the number 085 is the new number that is converted from the beginning of the number 0129

For reference now: Prices of 4G Vinaphone packages for new first number sims

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Update the latest Vinaphone number now:

Up to this point, Vinaphone has provided the market with all 8 mobile phone numbers, including 11-digit numbers that change to 10-digit numbers as follows:

The new number of Vinaphone 088 means that Song Phat or Dai Phat will bring you good luck and fortune.

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The remaining network operators Mobifone, Viettel, Vietnamobile, Gtel will switch to the new 10-digit number

? Subscribers of 11 numbers of MobiFone network including the prefixes 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 will changed to 070, 079, 077, 076, 078 respectively. Subscribers with 11 numbers of Vietnamobile and Gtel will change to subscribers with the first 10 numbers 05x. Subscribers with 11 numbers 0188, 0186 of Vietnamobile will be changed to the number 056. 058.

So here you know the number 081, 083, 083, 084, 085 belongs to which network Vinaphone, right? If you have any questions, please contact Vinaphone 9191 for support.

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If customers have a need to use 3G Vinaphone/4G Vinaphone packages with great incentives, please refer to the most used 4G Vinaphone packages in the following table for the following 10-digit Vinaphone sim card:

Package Rates (VND) Register Register via SMS High-speed capacity Usage time MAX100 100,000 VND Register DVMAX100 send 1543 Free: 5.8GB Free arising 4G usage 30 days 30 days D30G 90,000 VND Sign up subscribe DVD30Gsend1543 Free: 30Gb (1GB/day) Out of data continue using 3G/4G normal speed 30 days D60G 120,000 VND Register DVD60Gsend1543 Free:60GB (2GB/day)1550 minutes on-net calls 50 minutes off-net calls End of data continue to use 3G/4G with normal speed for 30 days VD149 149,000 VND Register DVVD149 send 1543 Free on-net calls ≤ 30 minutes. Free 200 domestic SMS. 200 minutes off-network. Donate 4GB/day. Stop connecting 4GB/day. 30 days

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Service registration fee via Vinaphone1543 switchboard is completely free, thank you for using Vinaphone’s service.

Register for 3G Vinaphone 2020Send MAX100 Vina 5.8GB

Let’s see how to register 4g Vinaphone – use 4G Vinaphone to use 3G, save more with

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