Sanskrit ANDRA translation is precious. That is, the possessions and objects in this world, which always bring benefits, pleasure, desire, and joy to sentient beings, are called precious things. For example, Gold, Silver, Jade, Ivory, Pearl, Agate, Coral, Amber, etc.. for example. The Nhon thing is a precious thing, worth finding, storing, collecting, cherishing. On the contrary, in Buddhism, it is not considered precious. Because, even though all the treasures in the world have many things, many types, it will not help sentient beings escape from birth, old age, pain, and death, especially beyond the Three Realms, the Three Realms, and the Six Realms. religion… give it. And the Three Jewels means the three precious thrones that must be a place to rely on. It means that sentient beings who believe in it, then try to follow it, can go from Fan to Saint, leaving Dark to Morning. Fall into Enlightenment, escape from Suffering and return to Joy.

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Buddha Treasure Dharma Treasure Sangha

Buddha: Buddha is the “first treasure” or Buddha said, because he is the one who found the source of the Way of liberation, has gone beyond the cycle of birth and death, Samsara, ends Suffering, Ends Suffering, and is Happy, is the first enlightened one, who has sought find out the truth and practice methods to lead to liberation, alleviation and eradication of suffering inherent in this life. It is from that meaning that Shakyamuni Buddha is honored as Buddha, because this noun is originally a Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit word Buddha, which means “enlightened one”. Gods and Humans.

THE BATTLE: The truth of enlightenment and the method of practice taught by the Buddha is called the Dharma. In that sense, the Dharma is the means by which we can practice properly and reach enlightenment, attaining Buddha-like liberation. The Dharma is a miraculous remedy, capable of curing the mental illness and afflictions of sentient beings in the Three Realms. That’s why the Dharma is called the “second treasure”, or the Dharma treasure.

Sangha: Those who leave home life to spend their whole lives practicing the Buddha’s teachings, aiming for liberation, enlightenment, are called monks. These monks practice together in a collective called Sangha (from Sanskrit Sangha) or Sangha. In their own practice, the monks also set a good example of following the Buddha’s teachings and teaching them to many others. Because they are the representatives of the three Buddhas, they have the duty to do so. guide, guide and lead sentient beings out of the Dark and Maze path, practice until the end of Suffering. Therefore, they are called the “third throne”, or Sangha.

MEANING AND Layout of the Buddha statue in Tam Bao: Divided into 3 rows

THE FIRST LINE: The Tam The statue is the three statues sitting side by side at the highest place on the altar, representing the Buddha in three times of the past, the present, and the future (there is a theory saying Buddha Amitabha) -da is the Buddha in the past, “three worlds are interrelated” is not correct.Remember in the Pure Land Sutra, his title is “Now he is teaching the Dharma” to lead sentient beings in the ten directions to be reborn in the world. the realm of ecstasy, besides, he was also born in this Sa Ba realm).

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The Three Worlds Buddhas at Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh)

Three Buddhas:

The word The can be understood as Time. So Tam The Buddha is the Buddha of 3 times: past, present and future. The Buddha of the past is Amitabha Buddha representing the Buddhas of the past. The present Buddha is Shakyamuni Buddha The future Buddha is Maitreya Buddha statue. Representing future Buddhas Broadly speaking, Tam The Buddha is the Buddha of all three times: the past, the present and the future, which means immeasurable, boundless, and infinite number of Buddhas in the ten directions. The word The World can be understood as the World. , including the East is the Pure Luu Ly world of Medicine Buddha, the West is the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha and the center is the Sa Ba world of Shakyamuni Buddha…. In this sense, the Three Worlds Buddhas are the immeasurable space of the world of Buddhas from East to West, from right to left, from top to bottom,…

Buddha Statue

The set of three Buddha statues This set of statues includes 3 identical phoenixes, the body proportions are the same, only the difference is in the mudra. Usually carved in the sitting posture of sitting in full lotus. We often call it the “Three Worlds” statue. In fact, this is just an abbreviation according to the habit of Vietnamese people, to refer to the Buddhas in the Past, Present and Future. The full name of this set of statues is many, but the most common is “Three-Three-Three-Thien Thien”. Buddha” means 3,000 Buddhas, 1,000 each time, or “The Three Worlds Eternally Wonderful Dharma Body” is to worship the true, bright, and wonderful appearance of the virtues, which always exist throughout space and through time. Buddha.

SECOND LINE : Tam Ton Amitabha statue: The statue is also known as the “Western three saints” placed in the second row from the top, including:

Amitabha Buddha (seated in the middle). Amitabha Buddha is carved in a meditating position, sitting cross-legged, with his hands placed between his thighs, his face is kind, his eyes are looking down in thought, his mouth is smiling slightly. according to the framework of each temple. Amitabha Buddha the Buddha of the Western world of bliss, where there is only joy without suffering, leading people with merit to the world The Western Blissful Western Bodhisattva Dai Shi Chi holds a blue lotus branch and stands at the right hand of Amitabha Buddha. This is the guardian of the Dharma, helping to save Amitabha Buddha, teaching sentient beings, accumulating virtue, doing good, eliminating evil. Bodhisattva Dai World Chi represents diligence and light of wisdom, thanks in wisdom has the power like a bright lamp, illuminating the false hopes of good and evil, clearly seeing the depths of evil in the world. Power of Great World Chi Bodhisattva, Great Effort Bodhisattva or Boundless Light Bodhisattva. The titles of Bodhisattva Dai Shi Chi express the vows of great heroism, great strength, great effort, and boundless light of wisdom illuminating all sentient beings, able to destroy ignorance, subdue greed, hatred, and delusion, and transform Turn defilements into bodhi. The Bodhisattvas all have the same compassion, wisdom, and will to attain Buddhahood. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara holds a willow branch and a vase of pure water standing on the left hand of Buddha Amitabha. . Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with a number of other forms and titles fearless Avalokitesvara, Avalokitesvara Nam Hai, Avalokitesvara with thousand eyes and thousand hands: the one who always listens to the earnest cries from the hearts of all living beings in the world. but come to the rescue. Bringing compassion, kindness, forgiveness and holiness without discriminating anyone, that is, someone who loves all beings in the world.

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The Western Three Saints have infinite magic power

THIRD LINE : Shakyamuni Statue: The statue is placed in the third row, in the middle. Characteristic shape: Shakyamuni Buddha’s hair can be in a bun or have spiral clusters. Shakyamuni Buddha wears a yellow or brown robe or robe over his neck, if he has an open chest, there is no word “swastika” in front of his chest. The Buddha can sit on a lotus, with the humerus on the top of his head, his eyes three-quarters open. Shakyamuni statue is carved in 4 positions in 4 different stages. According to the legend about the life and career of Shakyamuni with the following name:

Cuu Long statue (Newborn Shakyamuni) Shaking body in the posture of having stepped out and then stopped, one hand pointing to the sky, one hand pointing to the ground, there are 9 dragons bending around, the statue of Cuu Long leans on Buddha said that, when Shakyamuni was born, nine dragons sprayed water to bathe him. After taking a bath, he walked 7 steps forward by himself, his right hand pointed to the sky, his left hand pointed straight to the ground, and immediately said that “Heaven, the world, the only one” (meaning in the sky, below) earth, only “I” is precious) (I am the “Great Self” of the true nature of Chan Nhu, not my own personal Little Self, imparting the seal). The two sides of the Cuu Long statue are two statues of De Thich and Pham Vuong, the subject of the world, so they should be carved in the style of a king sitting on a throne.

Tuyet Son statue depicts Sakyamuni in the period of ascetic practice on Tuyet Son mountain with a thin body, only skin and bones. Folk used to call the statue “fasting to wear”.

Statue of Sakyamuni preaching the Dharma (also known as Shakyamuni teacher): The statue is carved in a sitting position on a lotus, wearing a Dharma robe, one shoulder is bare (the statue holding a lotus flower is a statue of the World Honored One holding a flower …) . On either side of the statue of Shakyamuni, there are two attendants: Manjushri Bodhisattva (helping with intellectual knowledge) and Universal sage Bodhisattva (helping with personal vows). There are pagodas that replace these two statues with two statues of disciples Ananda and Kassapa (belonging to the trinity of Hinayana).

Shakyamuni statue entering Nirvana. Normally, the Nirvana statue is in a comfortable lying position on the right side, with the right hand folded against the head, eyes closed. Statues of Shakyamuni Buddha – Ca – Mau – nirvana are rarely found in Buddhist temples of the Northern sect, while in Buddhist temples following the Southern sect, they are common.


According to customs and habits, Vietnamese people in all parts of the country still go to the pagoda every year, go to the pagoda on holidays, New Year, weekdays, squirrels, hope and festivals, to show respect and admiration. grateful to the Three Jewels, with the sages, and gods… The temple, along with the transmission of the magic of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, sages, and gods, has in many cases entered the spiritual life. of human. Places of worship are also places of spiritual and religious activities. People hope that through religious acts, they can pray to you to bless themselves, their families, and the community with good health, success and prosperity, peace, turning evil into sand, and liberation. except sin…

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According to traditional customs, when viewing the day of going to the temple, the offerings can be big, small, many, few, luxurious, as small as you like. Although in these places worship Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, sages, gods, etc., people can still buy vegetarian offerings such as fruit incense, incense, etc. to offer. – Lent ceremony: Includes incense flowers, tea, fruit, products … used to worship Buddha, Bodhisattva.


After finishing vows and ceremonies at the altars, while waiting for a week of incense, you can visit the landscape of the place of inheritance and worship. When burning a week of incense, you can light another week of incense. After lighting the incense, make 3 bows before each altar, then bring it to a place to turn it into gold. After the completion of the ritual, another offering ceremony is held. When the ceremony is lowered, from the outermost board to the main board.


Namo Amitabha Buddha ! Namo Amitabha Buddha ! Namo Amitabha Buddha ! (3 prostrations)

My disciples sincerely bow to the Buddhas of the Ten directions, the Bodhisattvas, the sages and the Sangha, the Dharma protectors, the gods, the Heavenly Dragons and the Eight Bodies.

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Today is ….. month ….. ….. Creditor (we) I am: …………………….. Residing at: …………………….

Sincerely offer silver offerings and status to the door of the ten directions. We respectfully pay homage to:

– Amitabha Buddha is the ruler of the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss.- Shakyamuni Buddha is the master of the Saha realm.- The Medicine Buddha Luly is the master of the Eastern realm.- The Heavenly Hand, the Heavenly Eye,- Five Hundred Days of Search for Suffering and Rescue, a hunch of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.- I respectfully bow to the good Dharma Protector, Gods and Bodhisattvas. Sincerely ask for your compassion, protection, and protection for your children, please …… …………. (public name, fortune, term release, peace…).May you, accept the silver festival, sincerely (state of mind) prove and testify for your child to be able to overcome the accident, the good things will bring. evil dissipates, prosperity develops, family is healthy, above and below is peace, prosperity and prosperity. We mortals make many mistakes. Praying to Buddha, Holy Compassionate Mercy, for me (and my family) to get over the accident, everything is good, my desires are fulfilled, my desires are wholehearted. With sincere heart, I bow to you. Amitabha Buddha! Namo Amitabha Buddha ! Namo Amitabha Buddha ! (3 prostrations)