If you are NAMman born in 2011, please see the 2021 horoscope explanation at New Year’s horoscope in 2021 namman

I. Information about the horoscopes of the year of the new year 2011 female network in 2021

– Judging by the Five Elements of Destiny: The person with the Moc destiny who meets the Earth year is carved out – on average, the owner has a lot of hardship in life.

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– Judging by the celestial: People who can Tan meet the year of the New Year is the future, in 2021 you will meet many favorable things.

– Judging by the location: People who meet the year of the Ox are peaceful, the owner of advantages and success in life.

The star of the zodiac in 2021 is Van Hon (Mars): The ferocious planet belongs to the element of Fire, about hot-mouthed mouth, in case of scandals and unfavorable lawsuits. The worst in the 2nd and 8th lunar month, in case of official affairs, the house is restless.

– The age limit of 2021 is Thien Tinh (Bad): Ladies and girls who have encountered this year’s Thien Tinh drought should beware of poisoning, go out and pay attention to words and words, and beware of bad luck.

– Departure direction is suitable for age: On the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, you should depart to Chinh Dong direction to welcome Tai Than. Head to the west to pick up Hy Than at 11am to 3pm (local time).

– The year of the year in the horoscope in 2021, the year of the new year, the woman born in 2011 is the Tiger Entering (Interpretation: Tiger on the plain): In 2021, your business or your family may face difficulties, if you persevere. If you maintain it, you will get rich, do business with others, don’t take risks. Must keep the virtues of humility, selflessness and benevolence to others. Preventing misunderstandings that are difficult to explain.

II – Changes in the horoscope for the year of the new year 2011 female nether in 2021

– The small fortune zodiac has fixed stars: Trang Sinh, Tuan, Triet, Long Tri, Quoc An, Thien Phuc, Quan Phu, Thien Khoc – The master star set about business is not satisfactory, go out and meet. it’s a matter of the gate.

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– The zodiac has fixed stars: Sick, Dieu Kha, Thanh Long, Thien – You must pay attention to vehicles and move carefully and watch out for limbs.

– The second sign has fixed stars: Lam Quan, Da La, Thien Hy, Long Duc – Attention is not good health, business has a sad story.

– The three-pointed constellation has fixed stars: Thai Tue, Mu, General Quan, Giai Than, Thien Quan, Phuong Cac, Loc Ton, Bach Ho, Ton, De Vuong, Doctor – There is a sad story in the house, uncle. There is a family member who has a bereavement from a close relative.

Conclusion: The change of the star set corresponding to the minor luck signs, the three unions, the two unions, and the pulses on the horoscopes for the year of the new year of the year of the Rat year of the year of the Rat year 2021 also more or less affect the luck and life of the quarter. grandchildren. In 2021, you will face many disadvantages, poor health, and not achieving the desired results in your studies. In addition, this year, in your family, there is a remodel of your home, a grave or a careful thing that brings sadness.

III. Horoscopes for 2011 female age in 2021 in terms of life

Feng shui expert Duy Linh discusses horoscopes and predicts changes in two important aspects for women of the New Year of the Rabbit year as follows:

– See the horoscope for the year of the New Year of the Rat 2011 female network in 2021 about studying: In 2021, the education of the children of the Tan Rabbit age is not good because they are busy playing but neglect their studies. Therefore, the results of study are not as good as expected. You should focus on studying to avoid affecting the results. At the same time, don’t play around, rush to buy a lot of things and waste money. Your finances this year have been spent a lot on studying, playing and buying a lot of things for yourself.

– See the female horoscope of the year of the New Year of the Rabbit 2011 in 2021 on health: The health of the ladies born in 2011 must pay attention to the prevention of traffic or broken limbs. In 2021, women born in the year of the New Rabbit should use yellow and brown colors to help improve their health, do not use red and pink colors for everything that is insecure. Therefore, you should use yellow and brown colors when choosing costumes, jewelry, feng shui items and limit the use of pink and red colors.

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Conclusion: In 2021, this female networker wants to be convenient, everything goes well, so she should focus on studying, don’t spend a lot. When going out, you should pay attention to your health, vehicles and limbs to avoid scratches.

IV – The horoscope interpretation of the year 2021 of the new year of the female zodiac according to the 12 lunar months

January: The Tan Mao-year-old grandchildren have a good time with their family, but pay attention to the traffic. February: Your parents’ business is not good at this time, however, uncle pay attention to study, avoid affecting exam results.March: There is a lack of harmony in your family, the relationship between the members is not good and there is a sad story.

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April: This month should pay attention to your family’s business in April is not good. You yourself must pay attention to poor health. May: You born in 2011 when going out, women should pay attention to their words and words and beware of harm caused by words and words. June: You go out should pay attention to health Poor health, illness and disease can’t be cured for a long time.July: Your grandchildren are not doing well this month, so it affects learning more or less. Moreover, studying is also facing many disadvantages.August: The Tan Mao-year-old grandchildren must pay attention to the family that there is a sad story or an elderly person who is sick and difficult to survive.September: There is a lot of good news coming in this time. During this time, you may also have to travel a lot. The family is not good and should be wary of the loss of wealth.December: Your money will be wasted a lot and pay attention to your eating habits.

V – What’s the new year 2021 and how to solve it

1 – For the zodiac star Van Hon (Mars)

If you want to neutralize the murderous spirit of the star Van Hon, at the beginning of the year, you should perform a ceremony to pray for peace and release the term every month or the taboo months are 4 & 5 of the lunar calendar, so worship on the 29th day of the lunar calendar every month from 21 to 23 o’clock. At night, light 15 lamps and place them in the West direction for the ceremony.

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– The card with the hidden pink sign says “Nam Phuong Binh Dinh Hoa Duc Tinh Quan”.

– Pray “request to Thien Dinh Minh Ly Palace Dai Thanh Hoa Duc Van Hon Tinh Quan Vi Money”.

Van – It’s so good to have to prevent it. At the beginning of the year, worship to escape the circle of calamities

Pull out nine red flags. Lights up seven lights, bow to the west

At the same time, ladies born in 2011 can also use items belonging to the Earth element to secrete gas for Mars, such as wearing brown and yellow gemstone jewelry: Amber brown ghost quartz, golden hair quartz, Amethyst, amber, etc. Or you can consider using ⭐ Sim feng shui age in daily communication so that all aspects from work, love, fortune … increase luck and convenience.

2. How to solve the term Thien Tinh in 2021, the female network Tan Mao

In order to neutralize the evil caused by the term Thien Tinh in the year of the New Ox, when going out, pay attention to your words and words carefully and take care of your health. In addition, to neutralize the influence of bad zodiac signs, when going out in 2021, you should pay attention to your words, words, and vehicles.

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Summarizing the horoscope for the year of the New Year of the Rabbit in 2021, the female network can see that 2021 is not a good year for the New Year’s grandchildren because their studies have not achieved the desired results. In addition, the family love story and the parents’ business have many disadvantages, there are many sad things that lead to them. It’s best this year, you should focus on your own studies, don’t be busy chasing after your friends. Wishing you all good health and good results in the new year. See the New Year horoscopes for friends and relatives at full details of the term for each age.