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Drug test strips

American bath salts – horrible illusions

Is a powder similar to salt crystals, called American salt but mainly produced in China, and in the US it is called “bath salt”. In early 2011, Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi could not believe his eyes when he witnessed at Pottsville Medical Center (Pennsylvania), many people were brought to the Emergency Department in a state of hysteria and madness, causing the hospital to call mobilize a whole team of staff to come to keep them still. Those people took a drug called “bath salt,” and for some of them, even strong doses of bleach failed to clear it up. “They were really crazy,” Narmi said. “Bath salt” began to spread in the US in 2010 and has become so popular that doctors have to sound the alarm about the extremely dangerous and long-term harms of this drug. People use it by snorting, smoking, or injecting it into the body. Currently there are 28 states that ban the sale of this “bath salt”, because before the ban, people could buy it in supermarkets and stores under the name Aura, Ivory Wave, Loco-Motion or Vanilla Sky for from 25 up to 50 USD per pack of 50mg. Its users will experience complications similar to those with hallucinogenic drugs.

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The “bath salt” contains Méhédrone and MDPV, chemicals found in the qat plant, a stimulant native to the Arabian Peninsula and Central Africa but banned in the US. These substances are similar to synthetic marijuana, which has recently caused a series of serious emergency situations. Louisiana Addiction Center Director Mark Ryan also expressed concern: “If you combine the harmful effects of amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, LSD, ecstasy, you get what some patients are having, which is bath salts.” Before appearing in the US, “bath salts” were raging in the UK and banned since April 2010 . Much of this drug is produced in China and India, where chemical factories are not strictly controlled. A drug-drug: Mephedrone

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The brand name Mephedrone, which is approved for therapeutic use, also known as M-cat or meow meow has recently attracted a lot of attention in the UK because it has been linked to the following series of deaths. when using this drug. The drug is becoming increasingly popular and occupies fourth place in the UK after cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine. Currently, many social activists in the UK are lobbying for a legal action for the government of this country to put Mephedrone on the list of banned drugs. Mephedrone is extracted from the leaves of the thirsty plant, also scientifically known as Catha edulis. mainly in east Africa is also a plant that contains narcotic substances. Its composition contains the addictive substance Cathinon. They are up to 500 times more toxic than opium. Mephedrone or rather 4-Methylmethcathinone is the most common synthetic form of cathinone. It is usually produced in the form of a white powder or capsules to be taken directly. Much of the compound is produced by pharmaceutical companies in China and supplies the European market at around £4,000/kg. Online resellers retail to consumers for around 10-15 per gram and offer bulk discounts. According to the experience of people who have used posted online in a social survey, Mephedrone has the same harmful effects as Ampheramine or Ecstacy. It includes symptoms such as euphoria, feeling more energized, more open-minded, talking more but eyes becoming more blurred, can cause hallucinations, anger easily, sweating a lot, heart rate. increases and libido also increases. It is warned that it becomes more dangerous when used in combination with alcohol or other drugs, but there is no specific scientific program to support this danger. However, it is certain that Mephedrone has directly caused many deaths. Mephedrone is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, Finland, Israel, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. It was first mentioned on world internet forums in April 2007. A month later, the French police announced that it was present in the country. Israel, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands have introduced legislation banning the sale and use of Mephedrone. Some Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand… Meows medicine has also been present and sold a lot on online forums. The US has also announced a ban on a similar addictive compound meow is MDMA. Vietnam has also appeared Mephedrone in the community of players in Ho Chi Minh City, but it is not popular because the supply is limited. However, be careful with this dangerous drug.

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Within the last 1 year, cocaine powder has started to be transported to Vietnam again, by a new route. It’s hidden in postal packages. Interpol Vietnam Office confirmed, there have been at least 2 cases of transporting cocaine by post from abroad to Vietnam. Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca tree, a shrub, with the scientific name is Erythroxylon coca. , commonly grows as a shrub or tree in tropical climates (at altitudes between 500 and 2,000 meters above sea level). According to documents from the Drug Prevention and Control Committee, scientists also found cocaine’s very strong addictive and paranoid effects. Cocaine powder can be used by inhalation (it takes effect after 1-3 minutes and lasts about 30 minutes), used by injection with heroin, some people also use cocaine powder mixed with alcohol to drink. Therefore, cocaine is classified as a drug and is prohibited by the laws of most countries from illegally storing, trading, transporting and using. The representative of Interpol Vietnam Office warned that cocaine is still quite strange in Vietnam. But, through the detected cases, there are signs of being illegally transported into our country. The vast majority of addicts in Vietnam today have never known this new drug. But if it is not prevented in time, when cocaine enters Vietnam, it is easy to become a new “food”, stimulating the curiosity of a part of the population and becoming a popular drug. serious consequences.

“Sweet Honey” – Flakka

The newest addition to the list of “research chemistry” is a synthetic drug known as flakka, a Spanish slang word for “thin girl.” Flakka is quite famous in South Florida, USA, a synthetic addictive drug originating from China, sold online, led by drug gangs. Flakka is a drug that can be inhaled through the nose and smoked. , inject or swallow. It can be combined with other milder drugs such as marijuana. Flakka is mainly purified from the alpha chemical PVP, which synthesizes amphetamine into cathinone. Cathinone is a chemical extracted from the leaves of the addictive khat tree that is widely grown or grown in the Middle East and Somalia. In 2012, after taking flakka containing cathinone, a Miami drug addict bit off a man’s face. The immediate and long-term effects of cathinone may be stronger than meth and cocaine. Jim Hall, professor of epidemiology at the Center for Applied Medicine and Health Research at Nova University, Florida, for CBS News know, cathinone is even more dangerous than the other synthetic drug Molly. Since 2013, 126 people have died from flakka in Florida.

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Spice – The herb of death

Spice and synthetic drugs from marijuana are sold in pharmacies to use smoking as an alternative to marijuana. However, because the chemical ingredients used to marinate in Spice are constantly changing, it is difficult for users to know what they are putting into their body when smoking.