Milk tea toppings become effective assistants for the milk tea-flavored drink that is conquering young people day by day. Although it is not the main ingredient, but with attractive taste, continuous innovation, topping has brought customers who love milk tea the feeling of “drinking forever and never getting bored”.

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Milk tea with topping is both eye-catching and delicious

The success of milk tea is made up of many factors such as a complete recipe, professional preparation techniques and especially a variety of attractive toppings. Understanding topping is a factor that both helps refresh milk tea and increase sales significantly, many people begin to learn methodically about this “divine” ingredient. Let’s find out what toppings are and these milk tea toppings right now!

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Familiar milk tea toppings

3 Newest milk tea toppings4 Mixing milk tea and topping business5 Preserving milk tea topping6 How to make basic milk tea toppings

What are toppings?

Topping is generally understood as the upper part of a certain surface. Developing from this meaning, the jellies, pearls … added on top of the milk tea are called toppings. The colorful topping part and the image of a cup of milk tea filled with topping make it difficult for many young people to refuse.

Milk tea topping has a variety of flavors, shapes, and colors

Many people did not expect that topping in milk tea first appeared in the 80s of the last century. The tea culture of Asians received a big change when there were many powdered tablets in the cup of tea. These dough balls are likened to pearls, cooked from potato flour, tough and crispy. It is this novelty that is the premise for a series of pearls later. Today, topping not only has pearls but also has many different variations. Delicious milk tea – many toppings have become an inseparable “couple”.

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Familiar milk tea toppings


Black, white pearl, pudding, flan, tapioca jelly, cheese jelly, corn jelly… are topping groups that appeared a long time ago but still retain the love of customers. The 3 most popular groups and still not “usurped” can be mentioned pearls, jellies and puddings.


Pearl has been around for a long time and has become a favorite milk tea topping in many countries around the world. Black pearl is compared with bubble foam, so bubble milk tea is also known in English as “bubble milk tea”. From the basis of ingredients and traditional methods of making tapioca, many people have created recipes for crispy white pearls, flexible white pearls, golden pearls, threaded pearls or pearls filled with taro, corn, Coconut rice… In which, the most popular is still black pearl.

Black pearl was born early and is still loved

jelly jelly

Milk tea jelly is made from agar or gelatin powder. The crunchy, chewy jelly blocks make many young people excited. How to cook delicious milk tea jelly is important in the cooking step so that there is just the right amount of water, so that the powder does not clump.

Cheese jelly

You can cook jelly once and then divide it into many small molds, inside the mold prepared cheese, or fruit to make fruit jelly, cheese jelly, raisin jelly.

Or make fresh fatty cheese jelly. How to make cheese jelly is as follows: you coat cheese with tapioca starch, boiled is okay. If you want a thick layer of tapioca flour, coat the cheese with tapioca starch, boil it, and then continue to coat with another layer of flour, repeat about 3, 4 times!

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Video tutorial for making cheese jelly

Turkey jelly

Besides jelly, you can learn how to make other milk tea toppings such as tapioca jelly, corn jelly, taro jelly, coconut jelly… How to make tapioca jelly or other similar jellies. You just need to cut the tapioca seeds, separate the corn kernels, cut small squares of taro and copra, then coat with 1 or more layers of tapioca starch depending on your preference and then boil it. Then, soak in sugar water to have a delicious milk tea jelly that is hard to resist. In the jellies, the crunchy and crunchy tapioca jelly makes many milk tea devotees fall in love.

Create different shapes of jelly according to each type of mold


Fragrant fatty flan has become the favorite milk tea topping of many young people. The way to make flan is simple, so you can prepare it at home to add more flavor to your cup of milk tea. How to make this milk tea topping is as follows: you separate the egg yolks, beat them, then add fresh milk, stir to combine the ingredients. Put sugar in a pan and cook until it turns the color of cockroach wings, then pour it into a cake mold. Then, you pour the egg-milk mixture into the mold, steam it for 45 minutes to complete.


Pudding has a similar texture to flan but is soft, smooth and melts right on the tip of the tongue. There are different types of pudding like egg pudding, cheese pudding, chocolate pudding, green tea pudding…

White song

Another very popular pudding-like topping is Khuc Bach. Although Khuc Bach costs slightly more, it is still very popular thanks to its delicious taste and can be combined with many types of milk tea.

The latest milk tea toppings

The menu of milk tea toppings is increasingly diverse with many new varieties appearing. From the basic way of making milk tea toppings, they are varied in many different forms, some big brands even blur the border, bringing famous pearls and jelly from the “milk tea empires” to Vietnam.

Black Sugar Pearl

The duo of fresh milk and black sugar pearls has created a big craze among young people. The pearls are soaked in wavy black sugar, sweet and fragrant, quickly melting the hearts of milk tea and sweet lovers.

Black sugar pearls have been and are a favorite topping of many people

Okinawa Pearl

A relative of black sugar pearls, tapioca pearls are soaked in brown sugar from the Okinawa region of southern Japan. This type of sugar has a sweet taste, a light aroma, so when combined with tea or milk tea, it will create a harmonious and easy-drinking feeling. The Okinawan pearl topping version is suitable for customers who like to drink milk tea that is not too strong.

Fresh Lotus Seeds

Lotus milk tea combined with fresh lotus seed topping is the first choice for believers who love the natural cool taste. Lotus seeds are soft and sweet, both helping to make milk tea not boring and bringing many health benefits. How to make fresh lotus seed topping is not too fussy, you can do it every day to add to the shop’s “best-seller” topping list.

Fresh lotus seed topping brings a refreshing taste to a cup of milk tea

Aiyu Jelly

In the comprehensive list of milk tea toppings, Aiyu jelly originates from Taiwan. Aiyu when translated into Vietnamese means cotton grass, that’s why many people also call this topping with the cute name of grass cotton jelly. Aiyu jelly has a gentle aroma of herbs, easy to combine, easy to eat. In addition to being used with milk tea, this Aiyu jelly can also be combined with fruit tea, juice, lemonade…

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Fresh fruit

Fatty milk tea mixed with natural sweet and sour taste of fruit helps customers enjoy forever. Fresh fruit can be diced or scooped into balls to add. From fresh fruit ingredients, you can also learn how to make fruit jelly to increase the variety of the milk tea topping menu of the shop.

The fresh fruit jelly is the favorite topping of the girls (Photo: Internet)

Business combining milk tea and topping

Topping is an ingredient that significantly increases sales for a cup of milk tea. With the milk tea menu with topping, customers often order more to meet their enjoyment needs. Understanding this mentality, many places have increased both the quantity and quality of topping.

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Many customers don’t hesitate to order a full topping milk tea right away because it’s hard to refuse the appeal of shiny pearls, soft jelly, pudding…

Make your own or buy a ready-made milk tea topping

?You can absolutely learn how to make your own bubble tea topping at home. However, if doing business in large quantities, you should choose to buy pre-made toppings from reputable brands. Ready-made toppings both save time and ensure easy cost control. Moreover, with a large number of types of pearls, jellies, glass beads… the store is fully capable of meeting the needs of drinking milk tea with topping or creating impressive super topping milk tea combos.

Jelly is a milk tea topping that can be made at home

Where to buy milk tea topping

?The strong development of the milk tea industry led to a series of brands providing toppings, ingredients, and tools. This poses a challenge for milk tea shop owners in the matter of where to buy toppings, both ensuring quality and optimizing the cost of ingredients.

If there is a need, you can go to supermarkets that sell reputable, quality ingredients to buy milk tea toppings. Many supermarkets often have delivery policies, incentives, discounts … suitable for business people.

You can refer to some milk tea toppings or milk tea topping ingredients at DVP Market.

Ready-made black pearls are easy to find in stores and supermarkets

Price of milk tea topping

You can buy ingredients to make your own topping at home or buy delicious and quality finished toppings at supermarkets and milk tea ingredient markets. Cheese, jelly powder, black sugar… prices range from 10,000 VND to 200,000 VND.

The selling price of milk tea fruit jelly, black pearl, white pearl, caramel pearl… is about 50,000 VND to 170,000 VND. Prices may vary depending on the brand and quantity you need to buy. You should buy at reputable addresses to both ensure the cheapest price compared to many other places and keep the quality.

Price list for reference of some toppings and ingredients at DVP Market:

Items Selling price Black pearl 2kg 55,000 VND Pearl caramel 2kg 165,000đ White pearl 2kg 160,000VND Crispy/soft jelly powders From 10,000d to 20,000d/pack Tapioca 400gram 15,000đ Silicone mold for making jelly 32,000 – 60,000VND

Preserving milk tea toppings

How to preserve homemade topping

Pudding, jelly, after making, can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Pay attention to use a lid or cling film to close the food before putting it in to avoid the smell of other foods.

Many people wonder, what to do when stored in the refrigerator, if the pearls are hard, what to do. The popular way to preserve boiled pearls is to soak them in honey and sugar water to help them stay overnight without hardening. Sugar and honey both help preserve the pearls for a long time and have a special delicious taste.

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Pearls soaked in sugar water to preserve

How to preserve raw pearls

The way to preserve unboiled, prepackaged pearls is quite simple, after buying, you keep the bag intact, keep it in a dry place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Ready-made pearls after boiling are preserved in the same way as homemade pearls.

White pearls, glass beads… keep them in the bag and then put them in the fridge. For unfinished products, you should still cover them, store them in the refrigerator, use a separate, clean spoon each time you use them, avoid using a spoon to scoop up many ingredients.

How to make basic milk tea topping

How to make pearls not hard

To save time and money, to avoid buying a lot of ingredients but not making the finished product, you should buy ready-made and boiled pearls according to the instructions below.

Boiled black pearl

How to boil pearls without hardening as follows:

When the water in the pot boils, add the pearls, let the water boil, cover, continue to boil over medium heat for 30 minutes, then turn off the heat.

Incubating the pearls for another 30 minutes is a way to make the pearls not hard. Next, the pearls are taken out, rinsed in cold water to create a crunch, and then soaked in sugar water to create shine and sweetness. With the above method of boiling pearls, you will immediately have the pearls that are not mushy, soft, crispy, fragrant, sweet and attractive.

Black pearl has a beautiful shine

How to make crispy tapioca jelly topping


Fresh tapioca (if you don’t have tapioca you can replace it with tapioca, it’s also delicious) Tapioca

How to make tapioca jelly:

Peel the beetroot and cut it into cubes. If you want the tapioca jelly to have color, then soak the tapioca with a mixture of pandan leaf juice, butterfly pea flower water or red artichoke syrup for 30 minutes, then take it out. Sprinkle tapioca starch evenly on the tapioca and then put it in a pot of boiling water. until the tapioca is floating, take it out immediately. Add tapioca starch and bring it to boil a second time, similar to the first time. You can repeat this operation one more time depending on your preference if you want a thicker layer of dough. or not. Soak the boiled tapioca jelly in sugar water and then use it for your milk tea.

Pineapple and butterfly pea flower jelly

Milk tea still holds the top spot after many years of launch, perhaps thanks in part to the topping. Each time a topping is combined with a milk tea flavor, a new dish will be added to serve customers. Therefore, learning and accumulating many ways to make delicious milk tea toppings is the key to helping you maintain business activities and conquer many customers.

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Understanding drink ingredients is a way for bartenders to create drinks that are not only delicious but also new, unique and attractive to people to enjoy. If you are a beginner, the article on ingredients for making milk tea will help you better understand this important ingredient.

The milk tea making course at Eurasian Teaching School will provide you with more recipes for topping as well as for making milk tea. Sign up for a milk tea making course with an expert today!