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reference /”refrəns/ noun to refer to (a person, an authoritative organization) to consider, to assign to solve (a problem); jurisdictionoutside the reference of the tribunal refer to the dictionary book of reference relating to in (with) reference to: about (something…); related towithout reference to: has nothing to do with; regardless of referrals, certifications (resumes, qualifications, work…); referrers, certifiers (resumé, qualifications, work…) to take up someone’s references: find out aito’s background (qualifications…) get goodto give someone as a reference: give evidence to someone; ask someone to recommend a reference marker (in a book)

Power difference in dB between any point and a reference point (DBR): Power difference in dB between any point and a benchmarkconcentration of grid of reference points: concentration of reference points for planning: reference point planning reference point character reference point reference standard meter: reference standard meter reference pressure: reference stake pressure: reference tape: reference point spread range temperature: temperature t datumstate reference geodetic net: national geodetic landmark grid file forward reference: prefrequency reference: frequency reference input/output reference: input/raline reference: line reference programming reference: programming reference reference type: reference type R1C1RRL (remote reference layer): remote reference classSRC (system reference code): system reference codeTRC (table reference character): table reference characterURC (unit reference code): device reference code absolute cell reference: absolute cell referenceabsolute reference: absolute cell reference backward reference: backward reference bibliographic reference: bibliographical reference: directory reference built-in function reference: built-in function reference built-in function reference: built-in function reference by reference: by reference call by reference: call by reference referencecall by reference: call by referencecharacter reference: character referencecharacter reference point: character reference point circular reference: circular referenceconcentration of grid of reference points: concentration of reference points content reference attribute: content reference attribute reference: dB above a reference noise (DBRN): dB above reference coupling (DBX): DBx-dB above reference coupling data reference line: data reference linedecibels above reference coupling: dBx above document reference edge: document reference edge downward reference: downward reference element reference list: reference list element reference EXTRN): external reference external reference formula: external reference formulaexternal reference formula: external reference formulafield reference file: file reference fieldfile reference: file reference file reference: file file reference function: function reference file reference font reference: reference fontforward reference: forward reference forward reference: forward reference forward reference: forward reference frame reference clock: frame frame reference functiongeneral entity reference: generic entity referenceglobal reference: global referenceidentifier reference list: identifier reference listidentifier reference value: identifier reference value : input/rakey of reference: key knowledge reference: knowledge reference line reference: line referencemagnetic stripe reference card: magnetic stripe reference card magnetic stripe reference card: magnetic stripe reference card message reference block: information reference block leomessage reference key: message reference key mixed cell reference: mixed cell reference named character refere nce: named character reference reference: named entity reference note reference mark: numeric character reference: numeric character reference on-line reference: online optical reference plane: optical reference planeparameter entity reference: entity reference call function by reference reference address: reference address reference bit: reference bit reference block: reference block reference capacity set dimension: reference size reference edge: reference edge reference edge of tape: reference tape pressreference electrode: reference electrode reference format: reference format reference frequency: reference frequency reference instruction: reference command reference language: reference language reference reference page: reference pagereference parameter: reference parameter reference path: reference path reference picture: reference image reference plane: reference plane : reference record reference reserved name: reference reserved name reference retrieval: reference seismometer reference table reference signal: reference table reference tape : reference tape reference time: reference time reference tone: tone reference reference type: press reference patternrelative cell reference: relative cell reference : remote reference class xasingle reference: singlestructure reference: structure reference structure reference semantics: structure reference semantics structure reference syntax: structure reference syntaxsubordinate reference: secondary referencesuperior reference: high-level referencesymbol reference: system reference: system reference code (SRC): system reference code unassigned reference: undefined external reference: undefined external reference unit refere nce code (URC): device reference codeupward reference: upward referencevalue reference name: reference value nameview reference coordinates: display reference coordinatesview reference point: display reference pointvolume reference number: block reference numberweak external reference: non-zero transmission level reference point: zero transmission level reference point reference datareference data: reference datareference ellipsoid: ellipsoid reference reference file: reference filereference library: reference library reference lot: commodity reference reference manual: reference book reference manual: reference reference materialsreference mark: reference mark reference reference parameter: reference parameter reference recording: reference recording reference reference work modem.retrieval Field: standard construction Field: chemistry & datum materials Field: measurement & control datum reference Field: reference electricity Field: refrigeration reference body CCIR reference pattern CCIRDBRN original standard graph (decibel above reference noise) decibeldexibel on standard noise : credit reference: credit reference pattern for reference: pattern (row) for referencepattern for reference: pattern for reference Reference point: Reference price “trade reference” account posting reference list “bank reference” banker’s reference reference)cross reference (a passage from the same book)cross reference list collation table frame of reference frame of reference. frame of reference reference pole reference magnets : reference magnet § reference point : reference point, waypoint § reference section : bacterial cross section § reference seismometer : standard receiver

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Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): referee, reference, referral, refer, referee