Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software, services, applications, and connections that enable the integration of data from multiple sources for the purposes of aggregating, reporting, visualizing data, and publishing data reports to the web. Web environment is easy and convenient. Power BI is a collection of online features and services that enable you to find, visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in new intuitive ways.

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Power BI focuses on, an online service in which you can quickly create dashboards, share reports, and connect directly to (and combine) all your important data for myself. Power BI also introduces Power BI Desktop, a dedicated report authoring tool that allows you to transform data, create powerful reports and visualizations, and easily publish to Power BI services . Power BI also extends to all your mobile devices.

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What can Power BI do for businesses?

Put the information of an entire business on a table (Dashboard): With Power BI, all important data from the business will be tracked through applications that allow displaying as a dashboard. control or general reports, graphs over time.Create highly interactive reportsPower BI gives you the tools to transform, analyze, and visualize data. Share reports in seconds.Stability analysisWith Power BI, it’s very easy to create reusable data models to ensure consistency across reports, execute predict future trends based on current and past data.Embed reports in your appsIntegrate your apps with Power BI, interactive reports and charts Real time will easily be shared to other users or your customers.

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How much does it cost to use Power BI?

Currently Microsoft has two options for Power BIM users Free for Power BI plan (Plans limited to some features)$9.99/user/month for Power BI Pro plan (Pack of all features)Some Features have certain limitations to be aware of:Data size limit, free plan is 1GB/User, Pro plan is 10GBs/User Refresh data, free plan is daily, Pro plan is hourly Level Consumption in data stream (Data streaming) free plan is 10K rows/hour, Pro plan is 1M rows/hour.

Power BI includes 3 main environments

Power BI Desktop: Windows desktop application

Download and Setup Power BI Desktop here: