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The MOU is usually the first of the following formal Contract formations. The term MOU is very popular and is used for purposes and agreements within or between countries. However, this concept is still quite new in Vietnamese business society.

What is MOU?

MOU is an acronym for the English word Memorandum of Understanding or in other words, a memorandum of understanding. An MOU is a non-binding agreement between two parties (bilateral) or many parties (plurilateral), detailing needs and responsibilities as well as understanding between the parties involved. MOUs are often used in situations where the parties involved do not want a legal claim or where the parties cannot agree and create a legally enforceable agreement. An MOU can become a legal bond if the following conditions are met:

The parties to the contract need to be specific. Your purpose & content is the form of the guarantee. It is necessary to recognize the provisions of the contract, authenticated by the parties involved, have all the signatures of the parties involved

Although the stakeholders are responsible for and put their heart into the MOU design style, the steps in the operation of the MOU are quite easy to play.

But the MOU holds more or less target health because of the time & energy stakeholder spends planning and setting up the memo version. They need the parties to come to some common agreement, & in order to do that, they must capture the requirements & needs of both parties into an agreement on books and papers.

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In these types of situations, MOU is one of the options that attract because of its ease of play and directness, without the sophisticated standard terms and conditions of Contract law. It can be said that the MOU does not require either party to invite lawyers and invite judges to evaluate when there is a dispute.

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So on that is the global share of MOU? similar to the operating method of MOU in business. MOUs play an important role in Trade in Services transactions, even in government orders & politics. Minutes don’t forget an exposed written version provides a youthful and energetic means to promote business-critical projects in business.

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