What is Wholesale? Can be understood as all activities aimed at selling goods and services to buyers for resale or for business. Wholesalers must clearly define their target market in order to make appropriate marketing decisions.

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What is wholesale? 1. What is the concept of Wholesale?

– Wholesale in English is called Wholesale. What is wholesale?

– Wholesaling includes all activities aimed at selling goods and services to buyers for resale or business.

2. Wholesalers have many characteristics that are different from retailers:

Firstly, because they deal mainly with commercial customers, they pay little attention to the advertising, location and atmosphere of the store.

Second, wholesalers usually have a wider range of trades and a larger volume of goods traded.

– Third, they are subject to different tax and legal requirements than retailers.

Difference between distributor, wholesaler and retailer

A supply chain usually consists of many different intermediaries that stand between the producer and the consumer. The most popular of which are 3 objects Distributor (NPP) — Distributor, Wholesaler (NBB) — Wholesaler and Retailer (NBL) — Retailer.

The difference between these 3 objects lies in a few factors, but it can be said that the difference lies in the QUANTITY of 1 PRODUCT they have on hand.

A distributor is a manufacturer’s direct point of contact for potential buyers of certain products.

– Wholesaler buys large quantities of products directly from Distributors.

A retailer that buys small quantities of an item from a distributor or wholesaler.

– What is a Distributor working with a Wholesale Manufacturer?

1. Distributor (NPP) — What is Distributor Wholesale?

Distributors often have a business relationship with the manufacturer they represent. Many distributors maintain exclusivity commitments, limit the number of participating members or allow distributors to locate in certain market areas.

NPP is a direct point of contact for potential buyers for some products. However, NPP rarely sells NSX products directly to consumers. What is Wholesale?

Because of the sheer volume of products they have on hand or can procure from manufacturers, NPPs often work with a number of representative Wholesalers, purchasing certain quantities of a product. Or sometimes, the NPP works directly with the retailer.

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2. Wholesaler (NBB) — What is Wholesaler Wholesale?

Wholesaler (NBB) buys a large amount of product directly from NPP. Large order values ​​often improve a Wholesaler’s position. Many distributors offer discounts for certain products or for the total value of goods. What is wholesale?

Wholesalers import all kinds of goods, from phones, TVs, computers, to bicycles, clothes, furniture, food. Goods are usually sold to retailers, which are stores or businesses selling online.

3. Retailer (NBL) — Retailer

Retail journalists include for-profit businesses, small and large, specializing in selling products directly to consumers. To be profitable, retailers look for products that match their business goals and find suppliers at competitive prices.

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In general, a retailer can purchase small quantities of an item from a distributor or wholesaler. For example, a retailer purchasing a dozen light bulbs might contact a bulb distributor to negotiate a price. What is wholesale?

What are the wholesale points to pay attention to? 1. Wholesale points need attention?

– The transition of materials into the final product is an important aspect of a manufacturer’s operations, but the sales process must be at the same pace as the production schedule, otherwise the NSX may save too much inventory.

– Distributors often place large orders for a few items, such as bicycles, car seats. What is wholesale?

– The main difference between these 3 objects is based on the business model and objectives related to the goods.

Some businesses may both manufacture and retail products directly to consumers. Cutting out some parts of the supply chain, like distributors and wholesalers, can save time and money, but also distance the rest.

It is important to carefully define what business model to follow and why. Using market research, communication skills and business relationships, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers can create a successful business strategy.

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2. What are the forms of wholesale wholesale?

There are two main methods of wholesale goods: wholesale goods through the warehouse and wholesale goods in direct shipping.

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The method of wholesale goods through the warehouse is the method of wholesale of goods in which the goods must be exported from the enterprise’s storage warehouse. Wholesale of goods through the warehouse can be done in two forms. What is wholesale?

What is Wholesale of goods through the warehouse in the form of direct delivery of Wholesale

Here is the picture The buyer sends a representative to the warehouse of the commercial enterprise to receive the goods. A commercial enterprise exports goods and delivers them directly to the buyer’s representative. After the buyer’s representative receives the goods, pays the money or accepts the debt, the goods are determined to be sold.

What is wholesale goods through the warehouse in the form of Wholesale delivery

This is the form in which, based on signed economic contracts or orders, commercial enterprises export goods, use their own means of transport or outsource, and deliver goods to the buyer’s warehouse. or a certain location specified by the buyer in the contract. The goods remain under the ownership of the commercial enterprise until the buyer confirms, pays or accepts payment, then the delivered goods are considered to be consumed.

Shipping costs are borne by the commercial enterprise or by the buyer as a result of prior agreement between the two parties. If the commercial enterprise bears the cost of shipping, it will be charged to the cost of goods sold. If the buyer bears the shipping costs, it will be charged to the buyer.

What is the wholesale method of goods shipped directly to Wholesale

This is a form of commercial enterprise after purchasing, receiving purchased goods, not bringing them to the warehouse, but selling them directly to the buyer.

This method can be done in two forms: What is Wholesale?

Wholesale of goods is transported directly in the form of direct delivery, also known as the form of three-way delivery, which is a form in which a commercial enterprise, after purchasing, delivers directly to the buyer’s representative at the seller’s warehouse. . After the buyer’s representative signs to receive the goods, the buyer has paid for the goods or accepted the debt, and the goods are confirmed to be sold. What is wholesale?

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Wholesale of goods is transported directly in the form of shipping, which is the form in which a commercial enterprise, after purchasing, receiving purchased goods, uses its own means of transport or outsources the transportation of goods to the buyer in the locality. agreed points. Goods transferred for sale in this case are still under the ownership of the commercial enterprise. When payment is received from the buyer or a notice from the buyer that the goods have been received and accepted for payment, the goods that have been shipped will be determined to be sold.

Marketing decisions of wholesalers

The major decisions made by wholesalers are about the target market, the mix of goods and services in which they trade, price, advertising, and business location. What is wholesale?

Wholesalers must clearly define their target market by size, customer type, service need or other criteria. In the target market, they can select the most important customers, serve them more priority to build a good relationship with them.

A wholesaler’s product is a mixture of products they sell. Wholesalers must trade in all items and must keep inventory for immediate delivery. They must also consider which services are most important to customers and which need to be dropped or charged.

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Wholesalers’ pricing is typically based on their purchase price plus costs and profits, combined with a variety of other pricing methods. What is wholesale?

Most wholesalers don’t pay much attention to advertising. They also often set up locations where cheap, low taxes, low costs for display as well as for the office. They are interested in storing warehouses and building modern warehouses.

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