By definition, whiplash is an energy transfer to the neck in an acceleration-deceleration manner. Studies show that about 1 percent of the world’s population will experience chronic problems due to whiplash.Think About whips that occur during an accident, in most cases, symptoms are not felt immediately.

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When people get into small car accidents where the vehicle sustains little or no damage, the first thought is that there’s nothing wrong with the body. However, if it’s a rear-end collision, the engine will could experience 7 G force in a quarter of a second traveling at just 8 mph.

So, after the adrenaline has subsided and some time has passed, people who have been in a car accident may begin to feel some of the effects of the whip. That’s why many people won’t accept it. medical treatment on the scene, but then the next day or the next day, they go to their GP or to the hospital for care. Symptoms associated with whiplash include:

Headaches Neck pain Nausea Limited range of motion Lower back pain Tingling arms and legs Sleep problems Dizziness Dizziness Post-concussion syndrome Leads to psychological trauma Fibromyalgia Travel anxiety Carpal tunnel syndrome

While some of these symptoms will fade over time as the body heals itself, others will persist for years. Some people will have to deal with whiplash symptoms for the rest of their lives as a permanent problem. One study found that after 20 years, 50 percent of patients followed up after an accident were still dealing with whiplash symptoms.

Along with these symptoms, patients with whiplash injuries may also be susceptible to spinal cord injury either immediately or even after some time has passed. The neck is stretched at such a force that it can overwhelm the spinal cord causing damage, or it can lead to leaky blood vessels and nerve deficits.

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Causes of primary spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can happen for all sorts of different reasons. With car crashes claiming 32,000 lives each year, it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. With most car crashes, especially with a rear-end collision, trauma and subsequent spinal cord injury are inevitable.

Some other reasons a person may have a spinal injury include:

collisions with others Motorcycle accidents Bicycle accidents Sports injuries Pedestrian accidents Medical and surgical complications Injuries Diving Bullet wounds

Diagnosis of spinal cord injury

Your spinal cord is the central nervous system for your body, and it works with your brain as the command center. With excessive stress on the neck as mentioned earlier, there can be damage to the whiplash nerve in that area of ​​the body. Nerve damage that occurs can affect the way messages are sent and information processing is disrupted.

It is important to understand that a spinal cord injury is not always noticeable, even for someone who has already had one. That is why when a person has a head injury, a broken pelvis, a penetrating injury. penetration in the spine area or a fall and injury, medical professionals are sure to fully stabilize and immobilize the spine before transferring to the hospital. Even the slightest movement can cause a lot of damage. problem than what already exists.

After an accident or injury where spinal cord damage is a possibility from a neck tear, doctors will perform various CT and MRI scans of the cervical spine to determine if there is any ligament damage. no. Most people will feel pain from an already damaged facet joint. The facet joint is placed directly to the right or left of the center of the back of the neck.

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For some people, it is very tender and is thought to be painful in the muscle due to overstretching of that part of the neck. The only way to know if there has been damage to the facet joint is through a test called a bundle branch block. intermediary or MBB.

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Research has shown that people with whiplash-associated disorder (WAD) are also likely to have partial damage to the spinal cord. One of the symptoms of a whiplash spinal cord injury is weakness in the legs. There are several other indicators that a spinal cord injury has also occurred.

What are the main symptoms of spinal cord injury to watch for

?When someone has been in a car accident or suffered a whiplash from another event, there are specific factors. to consider that help in determining whether there is a subsequent spinal cord injury.

The cervical spine is connected to the rest of the spinal cord, so if the cervical spine or neck is damaged, it can travel down the spine and cause problems in other areas of the body. The ligaments, muscles, and other structures in this area have different nerve supplies, so if one of them is damaged, it can cause pain in a variety of other parts of the body. One of the most common symptoms is lower back pain.

Other symptoms of a spinal cord injury include:

Decreased or loss of movement Loss of bladder or bowel control Spasms Changes in sexual function Pain or stinging Difficulty breathing Inability to balance when walking Weakness

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After a car accident where whiplash is suspected, if any of these signs or symptoms occur, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible for a complete medical evaluation. Bleeding and Swelling that can occur around the spinal cord is not visible and it can lead to either immediate paralysis or over time. The severity of complications only gets worse without medical treatment. produce.

Treatment options after whiplash and spinal cord injury

Of course, immediately after any injury or accident that causes whiplash, you need to go to the emergency room or medical doctor to get a proper assessment of your health. Experts This can take X-rays and scans to see exactly what’s going on inside your body. Most of the time, pain medication will be prescribed along with therapy to strengthen and heal your neck.

For people with acute whiplash, a flaccid neck is often recommended to keep the neck and spine stable and immobile for a specified period of time to prevent further damage. Some people benefit from having the neck and spine fixed. spinal injections as part of their treatment program. In very few cases surgery is needed. It is also the most invasive and final option offered.

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After you visit your medical doctor, you have the option of seeing a chiropractor for more natural treatment options. An appointment for an evaluation should be made immediately, as spinal cord injuries need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent further problems and even paralysis in some cases. After the initial examination, most chiropractors will recommend waiting about six months or so before starting rehabilitation to give the neck and spine time to heal and stabilize.