What is Wanderlust?

“Wanderlust” – love of travel, teleportation. In German, Wanderlust means longing to go again and again. Obviously, somewhere in us always exists a place that we always aspire to go to once. It can be a specific place, resting on hundreds of years old streets, but it can also be simply a place with ash trees, a flock of pigeons, or the backdrop of a love story ever read. So, why don’t we sit down and express our thoughts about that one place?

10 signs you are a Wanderluster :

1. It is you, not the material, that creates the value of experiences

While others are dreaming of lavish mansions and splurging on $100 million dollar bills, you find the idea that success and a fulfilling life will come from moments Quietly appreciating the simple things in life – the sun, the cool morning exploring a snoring city, and eating breakfast croissants with no regrets.

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2. Your first question is “where are you?” Not “How are you?”

Perhaps by chance you meet someone in a bar and immediately ask them where they’ve come from, where they’ve traveled, and where both of you have traveled and discussed it.

3. You completely overcome the fatigue after the trip

You really are a wanderluster when you avoid people who complain about little things like fatigue after a flight. You make it an art and it consists of a simple rule… be more mindful of the problems.

4. You know currency conversion without looking up

See an item you love quoted in US dollars? Nothing to twist. You’ve done this conversion many times already

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5. Know how to say “Hello” and “thank you” in many languages

You know how important it is to greet someone and thank them in their own language and you think it makes sense for you to respect them by doing so. You disagree when your friends say harmful words like “I don’t have to” because of “common English”…..

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6. You answer the question “Where did you get that from? ‘ with a country name instead of a brand name

“The scarf is so beautiful, where did you buy it?” … “Barcelona” you replied. “From what company?” … You smile to yourself and reply in a sarcastic tone of “just a little shop I stumbled across down an alley” – aka you’ll never get it la la la la la la.

7. You plan your trips right away and google everything

You’ll know you’re super touristy if you know how to get around London in the most economical way without ever having visited the city. Friends ask where you should go to Thailand but you’ve never actually been there… you just know a lot of knowledge to prepare for the trip you know you’ll one day make

8. You count down the days to the next trip

You bombard your social media with an update countdown to your next trip and you know it’s a little annoying to your friends…. so you do it even more often..

9. No matter what you do, you will see the map image

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Attention: you have reached a severe case of travel mania.

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10. You start most of your stories with the catchphrase “When I was at…”

Last but not least, you know you’re a traveler when you start all your stories with ‘When I’m at…’. You find true happiness in retelling your travel stories and anecdotes, and you gravitate towards people who have visited the same countries as you because you have a common and shared interest. topic of discussion.