Unique is a term that is used very differently in many different fields, especially in branding and in the field of SEO. But now it seems that not everyone working in the field of Marketing understands clearly what Unique is? If all products and services on the market are the same, customers will not know which brand is right for them, then businesses cannot win the trust of consumers. However, when your business has uniqueness in the products and services you post, consumers will trust your business more and make more purchasing decisions. In addition, the Unique application in the field of SEO also helps you improve keyword rankings. So what is the term unique, what is Unique in SEO and how to create a unique selling point for the brand?

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2 What is Unique in SEO? 3 How to create Unique Selling Point for the brand?

What is Unique?

Unique means the uniqueness of the brand, the uniqueness can come from the product, service and brand being provided, or it can come from the brand’s positioning in the market. Unique is the essence of what makes your product or service better than the competition. In online marketing, the distinctiveness of your brand is one of the keys to increasing conversion rates on your website.

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Uniqueness defines your company’s position in the market, being the central audience of your business: the value you provide and the problem you solve for your customers. Strong uniqueness clearly demonstrates a specific benefit – one that other competitors do not offer – that makes your brand stand out in the marketplace.

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What is the concept of be unique? – Brands need to understand everything about the target customer file (Image: Behance)

Explain how you can solve your customer’s problem

Consumers do not necessarily want to buy the product – they want to use the product to solve their problem. Take the cosmetic industry as an example. Companies in this space don’t just sell products that help consumers put on makeup – they sell lifestyle ideals; attractiveness, confidence for women. Think about this in the context of problem solving; Some people may not feel glamorous, confident or stylish if they use a particular product. This is at the heart of most cosmetic advertising, and the concept also applies to many other industries.

To create a strong USP, you must examine the profile of your ideal customer and then market the product in a way that shows how it can meet their needs and solve their problems. . Brands need to appeal to customers by using their own voice. If potential customers choose your product, how will their lives be improved? What makes your business so different that potential customers should choose your product or service? The answers to these questions will form the basis of a brand’s USP.

Make customers feel “irresistible” with the product

Now that you know who your ideal customers are and the problems they face, it’s time to tell them exactly why they should choose your business over your competition.

FedEx is the perfect example of this principle. Sure, there are dozens of package carriers to choose from (Ups included), but FedEx’s tagline that “If you need it, we’ll deliver even midnight” has transformed the business. The company has become a leading global brand in the market.

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Another USP best practice you should think about at this stage is to make a promise to your own customers. FedEx, for example, ensures customers can get any package (from anywhere) to where it needs to be, even overnight. This not only meets the specific needs of customers (reliable package delivery) but also offers the promise of delivering their packages carefully, on time and at any time.

What is the noun of Unique? – Make customers irresistible to the products you offer (Image: Behance)

Simplify the product you offer

So you’ve found out who your perfect customer is, explained how your business can solve their problems, and told them why they should choose you over the competition. However, you rarely get the chance to get your audience to read lengthy articles about you. Just as an ad only takes a few seconds to capture a consumer’s attention, your USP needs to be immediately obvious.

Being minimalist about the product you offer is a great way to condense what makes your business different and how you can use it as the foundation of your marketing efforts.

If someone asked about your business, would you? You can use short, concise good slogans to explain what your company does, what represents your brand. Thinking about your business or product this way allows you to focus on what really matters — your ideal customer — and identify any obvious problems with your USP.


So above are the sharing to answer about what is the term Unique and what is Unique in SEO? As well as some issues surrounding this term. Use every strategy and every ad to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. By emphasizing the benefits of your service, you need to be mindful of your customers’ feelings and experiences. Because it is they who promote the success of the brand.

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In addition, if you are doing SEO for your website, pay attention to the Unique content factor in SEO. Hope the above article has helped you to understand what Unique is and how to apply Unique effectively in the field you are doing. I wish you success and good luck.