1. What is Voice off?

Voice off is known by another name, advertising voice is a concept that refers to people who record their own voice, for advertising communication and information transmission. Often there will be separate names for each array such as voice acting, voice over, etc.

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Forms of Voice off – commercial recording include recording in the feature film industry, dubbing foreign films, dubbing cartoons, TV shows, advertising, radio or drama, comedy, games, etc. video games, puppet shows, audiobooks, foreign language audio and documentaries. Promotional recordings are also made for handheld audio games.

Voice recording image of a customer from abroad – foreign language audio

2. Benefits of Voice off

Audio recording helps you convey your message close to your customers. You can continuously play the recording to let listeners remember, that’s the way supermarkets do when they have promotions, gratitude or advertising new products. Take the current example of convenience supermarkets that have MOMO services to meet the needs of users. The promotional recordings are played 2 minutes apart with a young and dynamic voice from the recorder. Not only advertise professional products, but also help customers grasp the content quickly along with the voice that hits the customer segment that businesses are targeting.

3. Types of advertising recording – Voice off today

There are many different forms of commercial recording, so there are many different types of voiceovers. When playing cartoon characters, voice actors need to express the right voice with the character’s personality, personality, and emotions. While in some genres such as announcements, story readings, company introductions, voice actors just need to read in a normal, natural voice like their everyday voice. Usually, each voice actor specializes in only certain forms of reading, very few voice actors can take on the majority of different roles. Here are some common reading patterns in commercial recording – Voice off:


One of the most common uses in commercial recording is in commercials. Voice actors are hired to voice a promotional video or promotional message. In general, this is the most difficult form in advertising recording, although the voice only appears within a few seconds to a few tens of seconds, the selection of voice actors and recording is very picky and not actors. Any dub can do commercial recording. Depending on the promotional products and target audience, the producer will choose the right voice, gender, and age of the voice actor to follow the script. Commercial voiceovers must be standard, easy to hear, pleasant, and capable of conveying a high message. In many cases, the voice actors’ voices are so successful that they become part of the company’s brand, and whenever they hear the voice of an advertisement, customers will immediately associate the company’s image.

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Commercial recording is currently the most popular form of sound recording in the world. Total advertising spending in the UK is forecast to be £21.8 billion in 2017.

Dubbing used in commercials is also the only form of voice acting that uses de-breathing techniques. Breath cancellation is an interventional technique to suppress the emitted breath sounds that are recorded along with the sound during recording. This is done to prevent the audience from being distracted in any way when the advertisement is played.

Voice off automatic notifications

Voice actors were also used to record individual samples that were played back by the computer during automated announcements. At its simplest, each recording consists of a short phrase that is played back as needed, e.g. automatic fire alarm announcements, automated traffic control announcements, telephone exchange, or business standby music, Google Maps…

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Voice off recording Narrative sound

In commercials, narration is the type of voice that uses voice commentary to communicate a story to an audience. Narrative voice is usually the monotone, everyday voice of the voice actor. Performing narration does not require too much technical skill like other types of voices, and because the requirements for the number of words to be expressed are often high, the cost of recording narration is usually low compared to other forms. . Narrative style is often used for advertising recording forms such as audiobooks, memoirs, short stories, reading confessions, company introductions, product introductions, documentaries, news reports…

Voice off dubbing foreign movies

Dubbing foreign films is also a form of voice over. This is the use of the character voice acting of voice actors to recreate the voices of characters in foreign films. This form also has many different types: There are single-character dubbing (one voice actor voices all the characters in a foreign film) and multi-character dubbing (many voice actors do voice acting). perform dubbing for different characters in foreign films). There are also dubs that still have background sound, which means that the audience can still hear the character’s real voice even though it’s lower than the voiceover, and the dub type that completely removes the character’s real voice.

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Film dubbing is also done for reports and news reports with interviews with foreigners. Currently, along with dubbing, subtitles are also increasingly used to convey the actor’s message in the film. The advantage of subtitles is that viewers can fully hear the original voice of the actor without being overwritten by the voiceover. In Vietnam, subtitles are commonly used for English-language films, while films in other countries where the language is not common in Vietnam such as China and Korea often use dubbing. .

4. Voice off recording service

Recording advertising is now a type of advertising that has never ceased to be hot for businesses in Vietnam. To have an attractive advertising voice that attracts listeners from the opening paragraphs is very difficult and causes headaches for many businesses. Therefore, the advertising recording studio service Thu Am Viet is the most trusted brand when owning many famous – diverse – rich voices, ensuring quality and professionalism in each recording. advertisement.

Mc Dai Nghia at Vietnamese Recording – Voice off

Attractive advertising voices, attracting listeners always make your revenue milestones increase day by day. With attractive content with a voice that matches the content of the advertisement, it will surely make listeners pay attention from the first moment and listen to what your brand is saying.

Appropriate advertising recording voice

This recording focuses on the tone, the way of expressing the verbal advertisement to attract customers to suit the business best, so we always provide many choices for customers about the advertising MC. This report is based on gender, tone (Northern, Central, Southern standard) or language ability (English, French, Korean, Japanese…), warm or agile, dynamic nature suitable to the nature of the product and translation. service of your company.

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We’re rigorous in our vocal selection to deliver richer, more colorful voices than ever before. In order to match the content, because voice reading accounts for 60% of the success of a commercial recording, in addition, we also take care of the content so that listeners can understand the meaning but not be rough, rigid.

Besides, a professional studio team we own will edit the sound effects to best suit the content. This is a rigorous stage in the recording process at Thu Am Viet because effects play an important role in creating emotions for listeners, going deep into each person’s heart whenever it is mentioned. It is a huge success for businesses when choosing this hot form of advertising recording today.

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Professionally selected scripts and ideas

A team of experts in ideation and scripting with extensive experience in recording commercials, recording commentary, working professionally with advertising MCs with many years of experience from recording to big events. so that many big customers such as FPT, Nguyen Kim, Co.op Mart, VNPT… trust and have become our top partner for many years. (brand logos)

Following the process closely is the exchange of ideas and scripts in accordance with the customer’s opinions so that the advertising recording is more professional, besides making adjustments as required and giving positive suggestions on how to improve the quality of the commercial. Choosing an MC to read ads to mix music must match the content of the comments and the products and services of your company.