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The General Meeting of Shareholders of Saigon Ground Services Joint Stock Company (SAGS, code: SGN) approved the profit plan of 10 billion dong and elected the director of Tan Son Nhat airport as the chairman.

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“Try not to lose money”

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, SAGS’s leadership has set a plan that this year’s total consolidated revenue is only about 820 billion VND and 10 billion VND in consolidated profit after tax.

“We try to make this year’s business results not suffer a loss but reach about 10 billion dong of consolidated profit after tax,” Mr. Hua Kien Trung, SAGS deputy general director reported at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders this year. 2020 will be held on the morning of June 4.

SAGS’s 2019 annual report announced that this unit provides services for more than 60 domestic and international airlines, with an average market share of more than 50%.

SAGS’s leadership in the period 2015-2019 brought this business to achieve continuous business growth.

Compared to 2015, revenue in 2019 increased by 2.6 times, profit after tax increased by 4 times and total assets by the end of 2019 increased by 3.8 times.

In 2019, SAGS recorded positive business results in 2019 when total revenue increased by nearly 12% compared to the plan (reaching VND 1,600 billion) and consolidated profit after tax increased by 21.4% (reaching VND 346 billion). .

This unit provides ground services for about 50% of total flights operated at Tan Son Nhat international airport; provides ground service package for more than 15 domestic and international airlines at Da Nang port and 17 domestic/international airlines at Cam Ranh port.

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For many years, SAGS leadership has mentioned the strong competition challenge from VIAGS (a wholly owned subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines) at the 3 airports they are providing services to: Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang and Cam Ranh. .

In 2019, VIAGS achieved total revenue of VND 2,204 billion and pre-tax profit of VND 198.25 billion, ROE ratio reached 62.9%.

The new president is the director of Tan Son Nhat airport

SAGS Board of Directors for the term 2020-2025. Mr. Dang Tuan Tu, born in 1963 (third from left) was elected President (Photo: HP).

With the rank of lieutenant colonel, Mr. Dang Tuan Tu used to work at the Political Protection Department 3- General Department of Security (Ministry of Public Security) before moving to work at the Southern airport cluster.

Mr. Tu has held the role of Director of Tan Son Nhat International Airport since 2016 and is one of the four candidates nominated by the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) to be on the Board of Directors and Board of Directors of SAGS for the 2020 term. -2025.

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The Chairman of SAGS Board of Directors in the previous term was led by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung and in this term, Mr. Hung was elected as General Director.

In addition to Mr. Tu, the representative of ACV’s capital at SAGS is Mr. Nguyen Nam Tien (born in 1963), Deputy Director of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, a member of the Board of Directors of Tan Son Nhat Airport Services Joint Stock Company. Son Nhat (SASCO).

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Mr. Tien studied as an Air Force Officer at the Air Force Technical Commanding Officer School since 1981 before studying for a Certificate in Aviation Security and Airport Emergency at the Aviation University of Saint Petersburg (Russia) from 2006. …

This position started working at the flight control room, Tan Son Nhat office since 1986 and was appointed as the director of Tan Son Nhat international airport from 2012 to present.

In addition to the above two individuals, ACV also appointed Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh (born in 1970) to join the SAGS Board of Directors for the new term.

From the position of specialist in the procurement of equipment for the planning department in 2005 at the Corporation until now, Mr. Ngoc Anh is the Deputy Head of the legal department – internal audit of the Corporation.

Table: List of SAGS Board of Directors and Supervisory Board for the term 2020-2025.

No. Board of Directors Supervisory Board 1 Mr. Dang Tuan Tu Ms. Tran Quang Tam Thao 2 Mr. Nguyen Nam Tien Ms. Tran Duong Ngoc Thao 3 Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy 4 Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh 5 Mr. Luu Duc Khanh

Currently, the four largest shareholders of SAGS are ACV (holding 48.02%), SSI Securities JSC (14.97%), Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (9.11%, up 5.18%). % compared to 2018) and Port Exploitation Investment Joint Stock Company (7.6%).

SAGS has 2 main business segments including aviation services and auxiliary services.

Aviation services such as airline check-in for departures, arrivals and connecting flights; Services to collect excess baggage and last-minute ticketing at the airport; control service, guide passengers at the departure gate.

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Luggage service for departure, arrival, transfer and lost baggage.

Aircraft parking technical services include loading and unloading services, loading and unloading and transporting luggage, goods and parcels from the aircraft to the passenger/cargo terminal by specialized equipment; flight coordination services; flight tonnage balancing service; flight stowage guidance service; services to transport passengers and crew from the plane to the terminal.

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Non-aeronautical services include training, specialized training; service for VIP, F, C guests; specialized equipment maintenance and repair services; specialized information technology services; other non-aeronautical services.