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Watching: What is a Pot


pot /pɔt/ noun warm, jar, jar, pot, jar, jar, ca (drink water); kettle (full), pitcher (full), jar (full), pot (full), jar (full), ca (full)a pot of tea night pee) flower pots silver vases, gold vases (for sports and athletics awards); (slang) solve the chimney pot ((also) chimney pot); (slang) big hat ((also) lobster pot) 39 x 31.3 cm large amount of paper to make a pot; make a pot of money racehorse hopes to winto put the pot on Epinard: bet money on the E-pi-naa big pot keep the pot boiling (on the boil) to make the pot boil at all times make a living, the pot calls the kettle black eel short but slanders long, slanderously distorts his mouth, slams his mouth, watches pot never boils (proverb) the longer it takes to come, the more impatient it becomes, the more impatient the verb becomes, (usually) past participle put (fish, meat, salt…) into a jar (save…) (save…) (snooker balls) in a net pocket (hunting game…) die (game, bird…) by a close shot intransitive verb (+ at) shoot, close shot

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metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid


plant in a pot

He potted the palm

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. Acronym for Plain Old Telephone Service. Basic dialup telephone connections to the public switched network without any added features or functions. A POTS line is nothing but a phone line connected to a simple, single-line telephone instrument.

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

pots|potted|pottingsyn.: Mary Jane batch bay window can commode corporation crapper deal dope flockpot gage good deal grass great deal green goddess hatful heap jackpot kitty locoweed lot mass mess mickle mint muckle peck pile plenty potbelly potentiometer potty potty quite a little raft sens sess sight skunk slew smoke spate stack stool throne tidy sum toilet tummy wad weed whole lot whole slew