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Performance (Econ) Results.

performance automatic implementation p. automatic performance performancecinema theater performance hall: cinema performanceoverall system performance: overall operating qualityperformance index: quality criteriaperformance of a circuit: quality of circuitquality of performance: relative performance score: structural performance of pavement characteristics: performance characteristics performance characteristics: performance characteristics performance characteristics of materials: characteristics of materials buildperformance characteristic: usage characteristic receiver performance characteristics: receiver performance characteristics of pavement: pavement specificationhigh performance characteristics: high performanceperformance range: effective performance rangehigh performance: high efficiencyCoefficient of performance (COP): coefficient of performanceEPSS ( electronic performance support system: electronic performance support system NETPARS (network performance analysis and reporting system): network performance analysis and reporting system NPA (network performance analyzer): network performance analyzer (NPA) : network performance analysis program VHPIC (very high performance integrated circuit): very high performance integrated circuitfan performance: fan performance performance curve: fan performance curvehigh performance: high performanceinternal performance: performance in machine performance: performance of machinemaintenance support performance: network performance analysis and reporting system performance ETPARS): network performance analysis and reporting system network performance analyzer (NPA): network performance analyzer (NPA) program: network performance analyzer overall performance: total performance partial performance: partial performance performance analysis : performance analysisperformance class: performance evaluation class: performance evaluationperformance improvement: performance improvementperformance management: performance managementperformance option: performance optionsperformance zone: performancerated performance area: rated performancespecific performance: specific efficiencytransmitter performance: generator efficiencycooling performance: refrigeration capacityejector performance: injector performance: ejectorevaporator performance: evaporative efficiencyfurnace performance:furnace performance:furnace performance : high performance high performance milling : productivity milling highjet performance: jetjet performance: ejectorpart-load performance: partial-load yieldperformance characteristics: performance curves performance: peak cooling capacity top-refrigerating performance: peak cooling capacity operational performancebudgetary performance: budget execution performance field: electronics & telecommunications function control performance: control function high performance: high capacity field: electrical performance characteristics achievements technical features Field: mechanical engineering & engineering machine characteristics Field: refrigeration practice Field: umbrella carnot ideal coefficient of performance carnot ideal coefficient of performance carnot ideal coefficient of performance IPS (installation performan ce specification) implementation specification company performance: company performance performance evaluation report: performance evaluation report performance evaluation performance monitoring: performance testing performance (of equipment) performance evaluation performance evaluation: performance evaluation analysiscompany performance: company performancemeasuring performance: measuring success integratedpast performance standard: performance against objectives work performance check the status of implementation of the plan complete performance fully implement the contract date for performance date of performance date for performance date of performance date when performance due date performance due date delay in performance performance need for performance performance failurefailure of performance

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noun o performance o characteristic § functional performance : performance § performance coefficient : performance coefficient § performance curve : tracking curve § performance-type leasing : complete lease

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