IDK – An English acronym commonly used on social networks, in online games both abroad and in Vietnam. What is IDK? What does IDK stand for? Below the article will answer immediately for you.

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What is IDK?

IDK stands for the phrase I Don’t Know, translated into Vietnamese means “I don’t know” (Very familiar, right)

IDK is used to express ignorance in a surprised, unexpected way, not knowing a bit of information at all.

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A: Do you know why it got such a high score?

B: IDK (I Don’t Know)

IDK is mainly used when texting on the phone, on social networks, online games between people who are quite intimate or of the same rank. Do not use IDK when talking to the elderly because it will not be polite.

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In addition to the above meaning, IDK is also known as an acronym for the phrase Itegration Development Kit – Integrated Development Kit (A device with many different functions) or Interface Development Kit – Interface Development Kit.

Seemingly simple, but IDK stands for many different phrases. You should base on the field and context to use IDK reasonably.

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