As everyone knows, humans have five senses, hearing (hearing), sight (seeing), touch (feeling through the skin through touch, touch), taste (smell), smell. (scent) … When stimulating the above senses will generate signals transmitted to the brain, thereby deciding to react, think and act.

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Before talking about suggestion, let me talk about the mechanism of perception and thought. This is a very common concept but at the same time very important. With this analysis, suggestion and hypnosis are based on that concept. As everyone knows, humans have five senses: hearing (hearing), sight (seeing), touch (feeling). through the skin through contact, touch), taste (smell), smell (smell). When stimulating the above senses will create signals transmitted to the brain, thereby deciding to react, think, and act. In psychology there is a concept called “Absolute Threshold”, I would like to roughly translate as “Absolute Threshold”. Not any stimulus can produce a signal that is transmitted to the brain, the stimulus must reach a certain level for the brain to be able to recognize the signal and analyze it. In simple terms, the Absolute Threshold is the lowest limit a stimulus must reach for the brain to recognize, analyze, and decide. Each person has a different absolute threshold and it takes experiments to determine the Absolute Threshold of each person. The process of analyzing and classifying information is “thinking”. Information through the senses is transmitted to the brain, is “perceived” by the brain, and then undergoes a screening process.

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Consciousness and subconscious mind are like icebergs with what we see as perception – the process of thinking, filtering information. But the subconscious is like a “garbage dump” with all kinds of information we receive every day through the senses. (Photo: why we reason)

The human cognitive thought process can be compared to the iceberg in the image above. All stimuli pass beyond the water and, are received by “perception” into the process of thinking and classifying information. The remaining stimuli do not exceed the absolute threshold, ie below the water level, do not disappear but still exist in the subconscious. It can be said that the subconscious mind is unlimited, but it has an important role, affecting behavior and thinking. Suggestion, in my opinion, is creating stimuli below the absolute threshold, bringing information to the brain. for storage, but because the stimulus has not yet reached the absolute threshold, the brain has not had time to analyze, list and compare. So the dangerous suggestion is that the brain cannot classify bad and good information but keeps storing it, continuously, day by day, month by month, year by year, signal superimposed on signal, creating effects are difficult to explain. Hints and perceptions related to the idea of ​​mind control. This means that an individual or a group of people can be manipulated without their knowledge. Messages are received below the absolute threshold. Suggestion occurs when the message, or thought, is below the absolute threshold, the threshold of cognitive stimulation, affecting thoughts, feelings, and actions. A message, idea, or other stimulus is sublime and subconscious when it is only on the sensory level with no cognitive process. When stimuli from the environment (words, symbols, sounds) are sensed and registered, the “representative” part of the brain kicks in, making things related to it such as the nervous system. System, goal, behavior tends to increase, easily penetrate into memory. As a consequence, messages below the absolute threshold can “suggest” the behaviors that are triggered in the mind because it enhances influence and increases the rate of action. There are two basic ways to do this. That suggestion is through words and sounds. By mixing up a little bit of persuasive information to the brain, people are controlled by the language they use. An example of an audio hint goes back to the 1920s when the BBC first started broadcasting radio. People of that time considered the radio a bad omen and considered it the voice of the devil. The BBC, of ​​course, wants to change this mindset. So they mixed up a backstory under a short piece of propaganda. When it aired, the propaganda sounded clear and didn’t seem to make any difference. But when turned upside down, it carries a literal message: “This is not the devil’s noose, no, it is not.” The BBC believes that the subconscious takes in this information in a conventional way. And of course the BBC still exists today, so must that propaganda have done its job well? Stimuli in the form of sounds and images can be subconsciously absorbed in all kinds of things. different events. Images are hidden under intricate designs, words masked by noisy sounds may not be easily discernible, but the songs Testing of these messages or signals shows that it is registered in the subconscious. Studies on the effect of suggestion on key behaviors are often done by swiping through words or images on a computer screen for 100 to 300 milliseconds—too fast to get to. cognitive level. In the 1970s, psychologist from the University of Cambridge, Anthony Marcel went ahead and performed experiments on suggestion and control. While performing the experiment, he ran through, very quickly, some color words such as red and blue below the absolute threshold. In this way, he achieved complete invisibility: each participant in the experiment said that they actually saw no words. Even when told there is a hidden word, they still don’t recognize it. When asked, those people still could not answer if it was an English word, or some meaningless word. However, Marcel was still able to demonstrate that the brains of the participants in the experiment absorbed all the information. After flashing the words about the color, he asked the participants to choose a piece of cloth of the corresponding color. For those who had already flashed color words, choosing a color was 1/20 seconds faster than those who were blinking unrelated words (eg watermelon, table, etc.). Therefore, the word color, which they do not see, can cause them to tend to choose similar colors. This seems to be proof that the subconscious can absorb all the hidden information. In 1922, General George Squier invented Muzak, music transmitted from vinyl records to the workplace via electrical wires. Muzak is programmed with great care, and has been proven to promote performance, high sales, and theft prevention. More than twenty years ago, many office stores in the US and Canada installed what was called a “small black box,” which was music mixed with some anti-theft message. The messages “I’m honest, I won’t steal” repeated 9,000 times in an hour at barely audible volume helped a store’s theft rate drop by 37% in the past year. a nine-month trial. In 1973, Wilson Bryan Key’s book, “The Seduction of the Subconscious,” sparked public interest in the suggestion that was widely used in advertising in the U.S. As a result, the federal spokesman asserted that the use of hidden messages in advertising was a form of active deception, against the will of the public. As a result, advertisers generally agree that the use of suggestion in advertising is illegal and can have disturbing social consequences if left undetected. Except for these, the Research also shows that the suggestive level of the allusion is limited to words, images or sounds that are extremely familiar, simple and abstract. The meaning of the received message cannot work at the potential level. consciousness unless there is a “representative” in the brain that is already active. Therefore, words, images, or concepts can hardly influence thought and behavior while it is still on a subconscious level. For example, a strange brand will be difficult to “suggest” you to buy if you do not know anything about it. That is, the image/concept/message must already exist, then the suggestion can increase the likelihood that you do the behavior related to it. Otherwise, it will remain in the subconscious and go unrecognized. Suggestion and hypnosis are both based on capturing a Threshold and providing stimuli below that level. Hypnosis is about getting you to lower your psychological barriers, put your guard down, let the hypnotist’s commands go straight into your brain and follow them. This is the suggestion by hypnosis, which in my opinion is also the type of direct suggestion, the command is given clearly, the time needed to complete the direct suggestion is faster than the indirect suggestion, but provided that the person being Suggestions must be completely trusted by the suggester. However, suggestions can only influence people to do relevant actions. For example, the subconscious message of Coca-Cola may bring the thought of “drink” or “thirst” to the brain’s perception, but the drink you buy doesn’t have to be Coke. Therefore, suggestion should be “suggestive” but never mandatory. A famous British psychologist, Derren Brown, performed an experiment that showed the relationship between Absolute Threshold and suggestion, the way you put messages into other people’s brains, invisible control, make people follow and produce the same results as you want. Derren invites two advertising people from the US to design advertising posters for any store or company they like. The poster must have a signboard, a title symbolizing the product or slogan or brand. When the two asked Derren what products they had to base their posters on, Derren pointed to a series of stuffed bears, deer heads, dead cats… Derren had his own design. And he was sure that the ideas of the other two would be similar to mine. Indeed, when two houses Advertisers compare their drawings with Derren’s, they are surprised to find that the drawings match the idea 90% of the time. The two of you made a poster for a place that takes care of your pets when they die. Both drawings feature a bear holding a harp, angel wings, a gate with a Zoo sign and the words Heaven (best place for dead animal). The only difference is the position of the images. They didn’t understand how Derren could read their minds and make a drawing that looked exactly like that. In fact, Derren uses the concept of Absolute Threshold to insert messages into their brains. When picking up two people from the airport, he intentionally drove around the street, hey, a group of people wore blue shirts with the image of the gate with Zoo as a sign, hey, the store displayed a harp right next to it. glass door, this is the picture of wings with the words heaven below, this is a whole bear statue in the office. Derren intentionally left those images where they were most visible but not too prominent, just enough for them to have the image in the dataset and produce the results he wanted. Here are some pictures of the haunting. used in advertising. Usually sex is the most suggested word.

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