We’ve probably all heard the fashion term “suit”, but not everyone knows exactly what a suit is?

Not everyone distinguishes a suit from other similar suit items. There are many people who may still confuse suit, blazer and vest. Suit, vest and blazer are all items that are very familiar to both the “strong” and “the weak”.

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Although they have the same “smooth” appearance. But each type has its own distinct points, different distinctions, as well as usage in different purposes. So let’s learn about the suit withFashion Minh Thu right away in the following article.


What is Suit? learn about this term

Suit is not a specific item at all, suit is an “outfit” consisting of a complete shirt and pants such as suit jacket and trousers, casual pants, vest or blazer with trousers, jeans, casual pants.

A suit will be sewn with the same fabric, texture and color (ton sur ton). People often mistakenly consider suit, blazer and vest as the same thing. Remember, a suit is a complete outfit and a vest and blazer are just a single item, a vest or blazer is one of the three pieces of the suit.

How to wear a suit to look good

Here,Fashion Minh Thu will show you what a beautiful and fitting suit is.

When to use a suit

Suit is a polite, elegant and formal garment that can be used by both men and women. It is suitable for business appointments, signing, business meetings, business meetings, family meetings, when receiving customers or simply going to the office.

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Men always become much more luxurious and elegant when wearing suits. Suits are often used by men a lot. However, it is not impossible for women to wear suits. Depending on the situation, women wearing suits are also very beautiful and appropriate.

How to distinguish a suit from a vest and blazer

Just 3 most basic lines to distinguish between suit, vest and blazer, which are:

Suit is a set of items including shirt and pants, shirt can be vest or blazer, pants can be casual pants, trousers or jeans.

Classification of popular suits

Classification by origin there are 3 types

Italian-style suit: A traditional suit without a slit in the back with a slim fit shirt design, high shoulders and slim waist. American-style suit: A suit with a back slit with a loose-fitting form design. British style suit: A suit with 2 back slits with a comfortable youthful form design and body hugging.

Sort by button type:

Single-button suit: Use this button to fasten when standing and take it off when sitting. Two-button suit: Use the top button and always leave the bottom button unbuttoned.3-button suit: Use the top 2 buttons and always leave it unfastened. bottom button.

A brief history of the birth of the suit

Suits were considered a symbol of standard in the seventeenth century. Until the nineteenth century, the suit was improved in design to become a must-have for every man. After that, the suit quickly spread throughout Europe and arrived in the United States.

Up to now, the suit has been changed with a simpler design. It omits the vest and tie, creating a new style that is simpler and more elegant.

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