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What is SOW? Definition, concept

Statement of Work (SOW):

The Worksheet (BKCV) helps different purposes in different organizations depending on the common project-dominating theoretical formula. In any use case, however, a checklist is a vital step in project planning. In this section you will look at the components of the job list and the different ways it is developed in different organizations.

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The to-do list will relieve you of the stress of answering the who, what, when, where, and how long questions with a guide to bringing together all the tough details about the job you love. required to build the transferable part of the project.


The Statement of Work is a project control ebook that can be used like a legal contract, scope document or control document but should generally outline some important details:

The work is done.Date, time and place the work is done.Who is responsible for performing the work.Materials and techniques used to perform the work.Cost of performance.Criteria. accept the job.

In order to complete SOW, the following basic factors must be ensured:

The main goal of the project is that the process of reporting the work as well as the business’s problems needs to be ensured and what has been done. The important milestones of the project need to be clearly listed in each column. Important milestones and stages of a project that businesses need to monitor and check regularly. Individual tasks are what employees of the whole business need to quickly accomplish. Payment information needs to be projected. Fully account for reporting costs to meet deadlines. Project results in terms of increase and number of visits or conversions in terms of sales and business goals to be achieved and reported. fully report these matters. These terms and conditions should be clearly defined and used within the scope of Sow’s work.

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Why is it necessary to have SOW

?In simple terms, in the project activities of enterprises, many jobs are difficult to control in general. Therefore, many businesses have applied Sow to projects to control. It is because of this that many people need to take it seriously and clearly. In particular, the language is set up specifically and in detail to promote and distribute all activities.

Using the Sow scope of work will help businesses easily manage external projects such as:

Avoiding deviations and confusion affecting the scope of work.Optimally supporting the interpretation of deviations and expectations, the goals of the business for the project.Ensure the business before the stakeholders regarding the idea and point of view of a project.

The strengths of Sow in business activities in enterprises have many strengths that bring many benefits and realities to the business, so Sow is widely believed and applied in outside corporate projects.

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