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Slider is one of the elements you often see on your website. Easy to deploy, beautiful, and very eye-catching is the reason why so many website owners use it. All you need is a good photo. You can also animate to transition from one image to another.

Sliders is not a built-in WordPress function, so you need to install a plugin to add it. There are 3 steps to create a WordPress slider:

Install the WordPress Slider, add the images you want to use.Configure the WordPress Slider.Put the slider in specified location.

Also, at the end of the post we also introduce the top WordPress slider plugin, giving you more options to choose from. Let’s get started!

When you need a WordPress Slider


Sliders has simple features, but if you choose good images, it also makes an impression

Sliders (or carousels) are A pretty simple feature. Slider is a collection of several images that can be moved, moved automatically or through a single button. It’s like a slideshow.

You can do many things with the WordPress slider. You can add fun photo transitions, adjust the text displayed on it, create a special button, and so on. In short, there are many ways to make the slider not boring and make your web page look more interesting and unique.

So when when < /em>should use sliders? It depends on your website and your goals. Many websites use ‘hero’ sliders, which span the top of the homepage, acting as a header, as you can see in the image above.

In addition to hero sliders, you can create testimonials and reviews. client, like this:


In short, the slider is a perfect highlight for any website. It often performs best when used for practical purposes, like displaying multiple images in a small space rather than just for decoration. They can also make a website more visitor-friendly, which is a good way to increase user engagement.

How to Create a WordPress Slider (in 3 Steps)

< p>In this section, we will show you how to create a WordPress slider using Master Slider. We chose this plugin because it’s easy to use, has lots of cool features, and helps you create as many sliders as you want.

After that, we’ll cover other slider WordPress carousel plugins you should consider. use. Now go ahead and install the Master Slider, then you can start following the instructions.

Step 1: Install the WordPress Slider and add the images you want to use.< /h3>

Once you activate the Master Slider plugin, you will see a tab called Master Slider in the dashboard. There, you can see a list of WordPress sliders (it will be empty when installed). Please press the button Create New Slider:


Plugin will ask you what kind of slider you want to install. You have a total of 8 categories to choose from, including horizontal sliders with or without thumbnails:


In this article, we will install the simplest slider so you know the whole installation process. Select the simple custom slider and click the CREATE.

Next, the plugin will take you to the SLIDES tab. Here you can add all the images you want to the slider using WordPress media upload or select an image from the gallery:


Once you’ve added your images, tab SLIDES will look like this:


You now have all the images. Don’t close this tab yet, go to step 2.

Step 2: Configure WordPress Slider

Now you can configure how the WordPress slider works. To do so, scroll down to the Background section in the SLIDES tab. For each Image Slide you will need to configure For each of your slides, you can configure a unique background using a chosen image, along with whatever colors and text you like:


Right now you have You can create a simple WordPress slider using your uploaded images. When scrolling down you will see each image appear on the slider. There are also Preview, buttons for you to view the WordPress slider like that which:


When done, switch to the SLIDER CONTROLS tab. There, you can choose how to control the slider. The default configuration for image shifting is with the Arrows, arrow buttons as follows:


Of course, you can choose any type of slider control. Then you go to the SLIDER SETTINGS tab to adjust a few more parameters of the WordPress Slider.

You will see the width and height customizations. Name it so it shows up in Master Slider:


If you scroll down a bit you will be able to add a transition effect. Note that the free version of Master Slider has only 2 effects: Normal and Fade. We recommend using Normal format to make your WordPress slider less complicated:


Finally, you can try using skins in the Appearance section.

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These are slider templates, you can customize how it looks.

The above is the default skin, but there are many more interesting options. You can also add custom CSS to WordPress if you like:


Once you have finished customizing the style of the WordPress slider, click the Save Changes button to continue to the next page. step 3.

Step 3: Place the slider in the specified position

Slider WordPress is now ready, all you have to do is place it in the correct position. The process is also simple, as Master Slider already generates the shortcode for each of your sliders.

To get the WordPress slider shortcode, go to the Master Slider tab in the dashboard and copy the code in column Shortcode:


Now paste it in the page or post where you want to place the slider. Like the example below:


If you do the same, it will look like this:


Very nice isn’t it, you can create multiple sliders by with the Master Slider plugin. If you want to delete the sliders you no longer use, go to the Master Slider tab, select the delete button next to the slider you want to delete:


Time , you can go ahead and create the best WordPress sliders for your site! Before ending the article, please refer to the best WordPress slider plugins available today.

5 Best WordPress Slider Plugins

Above we have introduced The best WordPress slider plugin yet. But we haven’t had a chance to explain its features to you yet. We’ll do that later and make it easier for you to compare options.

1. Master Slider


We will tell you what you didn’t know about Master Slider because in the above you already know some information. Besides installing WordPress slider, this plugin also supports responsive feature. It works well with touch. And built to be search engine friendly.

Main Features:

Create as many sliders as you want.Add sliders to your WordPress site with shortcodes.Customize Adjust slider style and transition effects.Slider is fully responsive, no extra configuration required.Ability to optimize slider content to be search engine friendly.

Price: You can either try out the free version of Master Slider or opt for the full premium version.

2. Smart Slider 3


Smart Slider 3 also has many features as Master Slider. It also features a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to build your own sliders. If you are someone who prefers to customize web page elements with a page builder rather than a list of parameters, then this plugin is more suitable for you.

Also, Smart Slider also supports default responsiveness. . Moreover, it has many beautiful slider templates that can help you create slider quickly.

Main Features:

Create a WordPress Slider by drag and drop.Can be combined using 3rd party tools such as Divi and Beaver Builder.Create default responsive slider.Choose from many different templates to quickly create sliders.Add different fonts for slider content.

Price: Smart Slider 3 is free version, it also has a paid plan for more features.

3. MetaSlider

*< /div>

There are many WordPress slider plugins, but few like MetaSlider. With over 1 million installs at the time of this writing, it is by far the most powerful, most popular of the plugins.

Although pluginMetaSlider doesn’t have the same beautiful interface as the two above, but it’s very attractive in that it’s handy. Adding slides is easy, arranging is simple, adding text, and optimizing metada is not difficult. With plugins it will take a while to get used to, but with MetaSlider you will be able to get to work quickly as the creation process is very direct and simple.

Key Features :

Create multiple WordPress sliders.Quickly add slides and organize them.Add text to slides and tweak search optimization (SEO), right in the same screen.Adjust image transitions .Add sliders to any page with shortcode.

Price: MetaSlider is also free in WordPress Official Directory, you can also purchase its premium license with many extra features dominant.

4. Slider by WD


If you are a technical person who likes to deal with many details of a website, then Slider by WD can become your ally. It has the most functions by far, supports a wide range of slides, responsive interface.

This plugin stands out in that it has a lot of customizations for a single slide. For example, you can resize, color, effect, import and export sliders. You can also copy from one site to another. Finally, this plugin has an option for you to add watermark to your images, to protect your images.

Main Features:

Automatically set sliders WordPress for mobile.Lots of rights to customize your slides.Watermark your slides to protect against theft.Export and import slides, you can also copy sliders from one site to another.

Price: The free version of Slider WD is also great, and of course, you can upgrade to the premium version at any time.

5. Slide Anything


4 slides above focus mainly on images. This WordPress slider plugin focuses on testimonials raousels, displays comments, reviews, and more.

Slide Anything plugin helps you to set up sliders with any type of content. In addition to images and text, it also allows you to use HTML code and shortcode. So if you know the combination, it will create a very interesting slider. Moreover, this plugin has cool features like endless scrolling (so the slider repeats the original image on its own), a set of unique effects, and much more

Main Features:

Set up the slider with any content type you want.Choose from many transition effects for slides.Use the shortcode right in the sliders themselves.

Price: You can use Slide Anything Pro for free, or get access to a few other great features (like popups) with the premium version.


Slider is popular for a reason. Just select an image, add effects, insert text and other elements, and you have an interesting and attractive display on your website. With WordPress, you can also easily create a slider with the plugin you like. We recommend Master Slider for its many features, but of course, there are many other great options as well.

Do you have any questions about setting up your WordPress slider? Please leave a comment below!

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