What is SM?

S stands for Sadist S, meaning sadism.

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So what is sadism? The meaning of sadism is an act that takes place in sexual relations that likes to cause pain and punish others (lovers) while making love.

M stands for Masochist, meaning lustful. M means someone who likes to receive pain in love, likes to torture despite being intoxicated during sex, wants to have sex wildly.

Common SMS actions

– Likes pulling her hair back

Using hands or sadistic toys to hit the buttocks like a dog.

– Acts of contempt for the lover such as slapping hard during sex, squeezing the mouth.

Coercive behavior to practice actions according to your will despite the other’s feelings.

– Calling with offensive words like happy bitch or vice versa is an asshole.

– Bite, the bites are your taste as a way of marking territory.

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– Interested in poses that possess a ‘dominant’ character.

– The passionate position of your hand is to talk around the neck of the opponent.

– Likes to use blindfolds and other binding tools.

Masturbation and Lust or Sm say they are abnormal physiological behaviors or sexual perversions. Some feudal ideologies create such actions and it spreads through movies or takes place in domestic violence to create such perverted physiological people. And when a pervert meets someone who likes to pervert, it’s called SM.

Meaning of S&M

S is a person who violently beats and tortures M. M is considered an animal who is ruled in the process of having sex with the distinction of master and servant. S has the right to do all actions that despise M and cause pain to M.M who craves to be tortured and likes to feel physical pain. And that is the only way to be able to prove that you have absolute love and unconditional dependence on your partner.

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Love SM sadism and deadly tragedy

In some cases of sadism, liking SM too much is a manifestation of mental illness. Recently, there has been a lot of press coverage about cases of sadism leading to death. During the sadistic relationship around a sharp object, a man could not control himself and grabbed a beer bottle and hit his head and stabbed the victim many times in the neck. According to our assessment, this perverted man is mildly mentally ill and only manifests when he has bizarre sex acts his way.

Many articles talk about sadism as the cause of death

Masturbation is not bad but addiction to sadism is extremely dangerous, when you can’t control your own beast, you will become a murderer at any time with increasing frequency of sadism for sexual satisfaction. self.

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In addition, there are some cases where 1 in 2 people have other weird perversions in sexual intercourse, you should advise your partner to go to a neurologist because sadism is a strange act of mild or mentally ill people. Ordinary people, they have good restraint and see it as a game, but for people who are mentally unstable, it is extremely dangerous for that family.

Bd sm sadistic hotel pictures

However, market managers often visit these aggressive business models, so most of them are suppressed and cannot hold out for a long time.