What are reports? Reports are reports that users can use on the internet to notify administrators about bad behavior being performed on social networking sites, including Facebook.

Regarding the reporting function on Facebook, it is still being used quite commonly, but most Facebook users often pay little attention to its function and meaning.

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3. Instructions for using the Facebook Report feature

How to Report someone else’s Facebook, fanpage or any post

1. What is a Report? What is Facebook Report?

Report understood in the original sense is a report about something.

Report Facebook is a feature used by Facebook to support users to send reports and feedback about bad behavior of Facebook accounts.

After receiving the report and confirming that the response is correct, Facebook will immediately handle it, and the worst case will be the reported account will be locked.

More specifically, you have the right to send a Report to Facebook for the following cases:

+ Personal accounts spam, send spam messages, annoy you.

+ Personal Facebook account fake your information.

+ Feeling violent, untrue content, depraved photos, bad behavior…

+ Show Facebook ads that aren’t right for you.

+ Any information on the Newsfeed that you feel is inappropriate.

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+ Any information that violates Facebook’s user policies.

Upon receiving a bad report for the content on its page, Facebook will begin to check and provide a penalty solution if the bad content is correct.

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So what is the real meaning of Facebook Report feature? I will explain in the next part.

2. What is the meaning of the report feature

? Meaning:

Using the report feature, you will easily notify Facebook’s support team about bad content, so that Facebook can quickly resolve and remove bad content and bad accounts.

Help the Facebook algorithm determine what content is relevant to you and adjust accordingly.

Report Facebook helps prevent bad information that negatively affects users and business people.

Report makes content on Facebook healthier for all users.

When choosing to report a certain content or account, you need to give a reason for reporting bad news for these content or accounts.

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Facebook’s task is to purge the content on its page, based on the reports that users submit, give reviews, and review it within 24 hours.

Based on the seriousness of the violation, Facebook will provide a handling direction for each case:

– The account will receive warnings

– The account is locked from sharing content for a certain period of time