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quality /”kwɔliti/ noun quality quality matters more than quantity , very good features, special features; ability to give a taste of one’s quality: to show one’s ability to show one’s talent to have many good qualities the best cigars a poor quality of cloth: poor quality fabric (ancient meaning), six-legged knotty, upper-class people of quality; the quality: people of upper class (physical) timbre, tonal color

nature characteristic commercial quality: characteristic commercial quality characteristic aerodynamic quality: characteristic quality quality criterion: characteristic quality data quality: data quality factor of quality: quality factor good merchantable quality goodhigh quality: high quality product: high quality productmarginally commercial circuit quality: quality assurancemeasure of the quality of service quality degradation: quality degradation quality factor: quality factor (Q factor): quality of performance: quality of performance : quality of receptionreproduction quality: quality of reproductionsecondary grade of reception quality: quality secondary of acquisitionsound of commercial quality: sound of commercial quality tonal quality: acoustic quality CAQ (computer aided quality control) computer aided quality control (CAQ) computer aided quality control (incoming quality level) quality level to National committee on quality Assurance NCQA)National Commission for Quality AssuranceQualityacceptable quality level:acceptable quality level average outgoing quality: average ex-factory quality baking quality: good quality baked goodsbottom quality: poor qualitycertificate of qualit y: certificate of qualitycertification marking of product quality: marking for inferiority of quality: claim for inferiority commercial quality: commercial quality contractual stipulationscooking quality: cooking qualitycriterion of quality fair and marketable quality: good quality and easy to sell quality: high quality high quality goods: high quality materials: high quality materials hypothetical standard quali ty: presumptive standard quality inferior in quality: low qualitylanding quality: unloading quality landing quality terms: discharging quality termslanding quality terms: unloading quality terms: low quality: poor qualitymanufactur”s certificate of quality: producer certificate of qualitymanufacturer”s certificate of quality: producer quality certificate : grinding qualityoff quality: low quality ordinary quality: normal quality output quality differentiation: product quality differentiation quality and quantity assured: quality and quantity assured quality and quantity unknown: unknown quality and quantity e: quality assurance acceptance acceptance quality assurance acceptance standards: quality assurance assurance operating procedure: quality assurance operating procedures. quality audit: quality audit : quality control, inspection, quality control quality control: quality control quality control: quality control quality control (qc): quality control quality control chart: quality control chart control department: quality control roomquality control group: quality control group: quality control machine: quality control mark: quality control mark incongruity: disagreement, difference of opinion on product quality quality factor: quality factor quality factor: quality index quality first: ch quality firstquality goods: quality goodsquality index: quality index quality inspection : quality of assetsquality of design: quality of designquality of earnings: quality of earningsquality of earnings: quality of earningsquality of earnings: quality of profitsquality of goods: quality of goodsquality of life: quality of lifequality of material : quality of materialsquality of passenger service: quality of customer servicequality of products: quality of products quality test quality test of merchandise: questionable quality: questionable quality settling quality: sensory qualityshipped quality: quality when loading, quality when loading : quality technical smoking quality: smoking qualitystandard of quality: quality standardstandard quality: quality quality: technical quality terms of quality: quality condition, quality top grade quality: supreme quality top quality: highest quality, optimal top quality fish: high quality fish optimal total quality control: total quality management total quality management: total quality controluneven quality: uneven qualityuseless quality: inconsistent quality g wantuseless quality: variable quality: variable quality Warranty of quality: quality assurance : graded according to quality prime quality (of …): goodrefining quality able to store whipping quality: puffiness quality: good quality arrival quality terms: condition of arrival quality outgoing quality: quality through averagebad quality: poor quality best quality: best qualitychecking of quality of goods: quality testing of goodschoice quality: superior qualitycontractual quality: quality according to contract regulations excellent quality and reasonable price export quality: export qualityextra best quality quality: fair average quality: fair average quality: first-rate quality: excellent quality : good quality, complete, salable graded by quality: graded by quality guaranteed quality: guaranteed quality high quality: superior qualityinferior quality: quality testedlanded quality: arrival quality: Products Landed quality term”s: incoming quality terms Landed quality terms quality: bad qualitypool quality goods: poor qualitypoor quality: poor qualitypoor quality goods: poor quality as per buyer’s sample: quality as per buyer’s sample” sample: quality as per seller’s sample quality as per seller’s sample: quality assurance as per seller’s sample quality assurance quality quality mark: quality mark per sample: quality must be true to the samplerejectable quality level: quality level that can be rejected quality: quality when unloadingsuperfine quality: excellent qualitysuperior quality: superior qualitysurvey report on quality: quality inspection certificate fodderhealth giving quality: medicinal properties certified of quality certificate of quantitychoice quality selective breed o quality; properties § antiknock quality : anti-explosion property § burning quality : combustion quality § filtration quality : filtration quality (of drilling mud) § ignition quality : igniting quality (of fuel) § keeping quality : preservation quality § water loss quality of mud : filter properties of drilling mud

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